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Where Should I Put my TV?

If you have ever heard your mom tell you that sitting too close to the TV will cause you to go blind, don’t worry, it’s not quite true. What has been proven, however, is that it can cause eye strain and fatigue. Proper placement of your TV depends on several factors. After you know where you want to place your TV for maximum viewing comfort, you will find that ImportAdvantage offers just the right TV lift cabinet for your setup, from a foot of the bed TV lift cabinet (such as the Crystal Pointe) for closer viewing or an elegant traditional TV lift cabinet (such as the Preston) for viewing from a distance.

The first factor for maximizing your viewing comfort is knowing the screen size of your television, and for this measurement you need the TV’s actual width, from left to right, not its diagonal width which is what your salesperson sold you on. Secondly, how far away will you be sitting from your TV? In order to know how far away you should be sitting from your television, use a “Two-to-Five” principle, which says that for the best viewing distance, the closest you should sit from your TV is two times the width of your TV, and the furthest you should sit from your TV is no more than five times the width of your television.

Now that you know where you want to place your TV, check out our full selection of pop-up TV lifts.

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