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Woodworking Resources

As many satisfied customers already know, an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet is handcrafted from the finest selection of hardwoods available by skilled woodworkers who have many years of experience designing and building fine furniture.

But perhaps you would like to craft your own TV lift cabinet and you are looking for a way to get more deeply involved in the mastery of woodworking. ImportAdvantage has compiled a list of useful resources for the aspiring woodworker because we know the value of fine workmanship.

So whether you’re ready to tackle an ornate pop-up TV cabinet or just want to spend time whittling on the back porch, here are a few sites that should help you get started. And take a moment to let us know what project you’re planning to start.

Woodworking Resources

Organizations and Associations

Guides and Tutorials

Woodturning and Woodcarving


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