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Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet on “I Hate Your House”

Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet

Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet

The ImportAdvantage Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet was recently featured on DIY’s television program, “I Hate Your House.” The show is very popular among DIYers who love to get their hands on projects that improve their homes and lives.

“I Hate Your House” features a brother-and-sister duo, Jonathan and Nicole O’Leary, who intervene when homeowners begin to hate their houses after living in them for a few years. The show prides itself on two things: teaching homeowners how they can improve their houses with a stronger eye for design and for featuring the latest, most innovative products available on the market.

This is where ImportAdvantage comes in – we have been providing the latest technologies and designs in TV lift cabinets for many years. It’s not hard to understand why top designers seek out the quality and dependability of our pop-up TV cabinets to pull together a dynamic and stylish room. And the Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet, specifically, is one of our most flexible designs, allowing the television screen to be displayed on the same or opposite side of the cabinets.

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