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Product Focus: Kensington TV Lift Cabinet

Kensington TV Lift Cabinet

Kensington TV Lift Cabinet

Built from richly colored Cherry veneer and select hardwoods, the Kensington TV Lift Cabinet is the definition of class and luxury. Versatile, roomy and heavy duty, the Kensington TV Lift Cabinet can accommodate a flat-screen TV up to 52” wide and weighing up to 130 pounds.

The center drawer panel can be easily switched out for a speaker cloth panel, should you want to store surround sound speakers within your pop-up TV cabinet. This TV lift cabinet, like all of ImportAdvantage’s TV lift models, includes a smart wire management system and a smooth, reliable TV lift mechanism pre-installed.

The Kensington TV Lift Cabinet is built with three separate cabinets, housing eight different adjustable shelves for keepsakes, books and media players. Measuring 75” wide, 23” deep and 39” tall, this stately cabinet will surely be the centerpiece of any room!

The Kensington TV Lift Cabinet is one of our most loved and well-reviewed TV lift cabinets, and customers who have purchased this model have used it for their master bedrooms, living rooms and smaller family rooms. And every one of its reviewers would absolutely recommend it to a friend. Reliability, attractive design and quality craftsmanship – this TV lift cabinet has it all, and more!

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