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What Makes the Rack and Pinion System the Best for TV Lift Mechanisms

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TV Lift Mechanism

A rack and pinion system is pair of gears that converts rotational motion into linear motion, and it is the reliable system that ImportAdvantage has chosen for all its TV lift mechanisms. We believe this system to be the most secure, efficient and quiet option for raising and lowering your flat-screen plasma TV on demand and by the touch of a button.

The rack and pinion system is not only used for TV lift cabinets. In fact, it was invented just about as soon as the wheel was invented, as the wheel is a nothing more than a round cog that moves along a linear surface. The rack and pinion system is used for pulling trains along steep slopes by engaging the circular pinion gear on the bottom of a train to a rack railway between the rails on a railroad. The rack and pinion system is also commonly found in steering mechanisms in steered vehicles. It is what gives a car its responsiveness and the driver a “feel” for the road.

When ImportAdvantage set out to make the best TV lift mechanism on the market, we invested our time and research into finding what will work, without fail, for our customers. It was clear that the dependability of the rack and pinion system would more than meet our needs, and after satisfying over 20,000 customers since 2003, we are more than confident in the design of our TV lift mechanisms.

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