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Product Focus: Harbor Green TV Lift Cabinet

Harbor Green TV Lift Cabinet

Harbor Green TV Lift Cabinet

How do you wrap style, warmth, convenience and versatility in one package and bring it home? You buy the Harbor Green TV Lift Cabinet. Hand-finished in rich brown, this kiln-dried hardwood and veneer TV lift cabinet is full of surprises!

Not only will it hold a flat-screen TV up to 55” wide and weighing 80 pounds, the pop-up TV cabinet doubles as a virtual fireplace. Using the free supplied DVD, you can open the cabinet doors while the TV is in its lowest position and play a virtual fireplace DVD to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

The Harbor Green TV Lift Cabinet is part of ImportAdvantage’s newest line-up of handcrafted, hardwood TV lift cabinets, and this one in particular is perfect for the family room or master bedroom. The antique brass hardware gives it a timeless touch and the fold-back cabinet covers beautifully reveal your TV and up to three pieces of electronics. The TV lift cabinet also features surge-protected on-board power, a full 1-year In-Home Warranty and a pre-installed heavy duty TV lift mechanism and remote control.

This instant classic could be one of ImportAdvantage’s new bestsellers in 2011. Check it out now, as the Harbor Green TV Lift Cabinet is currently marked 40% off!

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