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Product Focus: Restoration TV Lift Cabinet

Restoration TV lift cabinet

Restoration TV Lift Cabinet

An exquisite example of traditional styling meets modernized functionality, the Restoration TV Lift Cabinet is a multi-step stained and scratch-resistant hardwood TV lift cabinet that is sure to impress, delight and get heavy use.

The Restoration TV Lift Cabinet comes complete with a pre-installed TV lift mechanism capable of quietly raising and lowering a flat-screen TV weighing up to an impressive 130 pounds and measuring 54” wide. The cabinet itself is hand-built from American Maple, and it can be placed against any wall in your home, including a home office or bedroom. The base molding conceals non-marking feet so you can easily move the cabinet for cleaning or rearranging.

The two center cabinet doors come with interchangeable cloth speaker panels for speaker storage, and the built-in shelf ventilation will keep your media players cool even when being used at peak levels. The included radio frequency remote control for the TV lift comes ready to work, with no programming required.

For ample storage, the Restoration TV Lift Cabinet is also designed with seven media storage drawers, each placed on a premium heavy-duty ball bearing drawer glide, giving you years of quiet and reliable use.

Take a moment to check out the Restoration TV Lift Cabinet and let us know what you think!

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