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Netflix Stock Rises After Suprisingly Good 4th Quarter

Is Netflix making a comeback?  Netflix, Inc. saw its stock go up in value yesterday after the company was able to secure more U.S. based subscribers than expected in their fourth quarter.

Netflix has suffered in recent months after they announced an aggressive price increase which split its DVD mail-service from its streaming video service.  The price increase outraged many of their existing customers causing 600,000 subscribers to cancel their plans and its stock to plummet.

It looks like the company is slowly climbing its way out of the hole.  It is reported that the company added 610,000 new subscribers in the United States, increasing revenue by 47 percent to $876 million. Netflix’s plan is to offer more content for customers to stream to their TV lift cabinets.

Analysts doubt that Netflix will be able to return completely to their glory days as there is now too much competition in the market with Amazon and Hulu Plus gaining momentum.  Netflix casually dismissed their competition but it should be interesting to see which way viewers will sway.  Ultimately the winning company will be the one that has the best streaming content to offer customers.    With this in mind, Netflix is spending their money wisely to acquire more relevant movies and TV programs to their streaming business.

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