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Win a TV Lift Cabinet and 42” Flatscreen TV!

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We can only call it “The Big Game” or we’ll get in trouble with the lawyers.

But you know what game we’re talking about, right?

The one on February 1, 2015!

You could win a TV Lift Cabinet and 42″ Flat Screen TV from

Starting December 5, please post in the comments below your favorite memory of watching the Big Game with family and friends.

Fun recipes, surprises, half-time flag football…anything that makes you smile. When you post your comment below before January 10, 2015, you will automatically receive five contest entries. You can receive more entries by liking our Facebook page, or linking to this page from your blog or website.

It’s easy to enter- simply click the LOGIN button below to enter to win!

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Things you should know:

  • You must live in the Continental United States to play.
  •  The winner will be randomly chosen on January 11 and contacted by TV Lift Cabinet.
  • Shipping will occur immediately after the winner is announced and contacted.
  • Contest winner is responsible for accepting the shipment when it arrives, and installation of the cabinet in their home.
  • No purchase is necessary. Entries can also be made by sending a standard postcard to:

TV Lift Cabinet Big Game Giveaway
2295 Corporate Blvd NW – Suite 221
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Here are the official contest rules.


458 Responses to “Win a TV Lift Cabinet and 42” Flatscreen TV!”
  1. Kerry says:

    Go Green and Gold!

  2. natasha hudnall says:

    My favorite memory is from when I was about 8. I don’t remember who was playing, but I remember sitting with my Dad, just the two of us, watching the game. He tried to explain how the game was played…. I could care less. I was just happy to be there with him.

  3. Michelle Brown says:

    I went to a friends house. It was my first. I rooted for the team everybody else rooted for.

  4. Katie Contests says:

    Back in college, the Big Game was a huuuge campus event! Lots of stuff to do before the game, and then the game was projected onto the wall of the cafeteria.

  5. brittany says:

    my favorite memory was when the eagles played the patriots in the superbowl

  6. Deb Leis says:

    It’s fun to watch no matter who plays!

  7. Cherie Montorio says:

    My favorite Big Game memory is when I was 10 years old. My Mom, Dad, brother and myself were all in the living room squeezing on the sofa to watch the Giants play. We all ate popcorn. It was the last time my whole family was together. My parents were divorced shortly after that.

  8. Rebecca B says:

    My favorite is when I was little and the Bengals (our home team) were in the Super Bowl

  9. Patrycja Chudziak says:

    My favorite memory of a Big Game is when my big brother took me to my first game and he bought lots of candy in his bag and I overate and threw up all over him lol. It was so bad we had to leave early and even though it was super gross back then, we laugh our butts off every time we think of that day! The look on my moms face when we got home was priceless!

  10. KYRA GORSKI says:

    Since I move to the Pacific Northwest I got caught up in the Seahawks fan spirit around here! For some years they were not all they could be, but we cheered them on………..but now, they have come together and become an incredible team and now super bowl champions! So of course when they won that was THE BEST big game I have had!

  11. Katherine says:

    Going to a classmate’s house at my new school—I barely knew anyone there or anything about the game. Everyone was really nice and helped me to understand what was happening. Now they are some of my best friends and it’s our favorite tradition—though they still have to explain a lot of what goes on!

  12. Qiana Wallace says:

    Watching Janet Jackson expose herself to the world with Justin Timberlake

  13. Michael Chapman says:

    When the Bengals were in the Super Bowl.

  14. Scott Harris says:

    Being double teamed during Super Bowl XII.

  15. Douglas Houston says:

    I remember when the Big game was in my city, it was crazy town but a lot of fun with the street parties.

  16. Brandon L says:

    I remember watching the Steelers play Seattle in ’06 and waving my Terrible Towel around, screaming and cheering with my Dad, who was born in Pittsburgh. It was a blast and a great memory I will cherish forever. I cannot wait until my son is old enough to have some of these moments with me!

  17. Kathryn Mackey says:

    My favorite memory of the Bog Game is watching my Dad enjoying the Super Bowl even though The Detroit Lions have never won.

  18. Nora T says:

    My favorite memory is one from when I was very little, I remember sitting on my Dad’s lap. I have no idea of the particulars of who was playing, I just remember feeling happy and safe.

  19. Kim Kihega says:

    My favorite memories are when me and my dad would watch the big game every year together. We butted heads with everything, but always got together amicably for it.

  20. Allyson C. says:

    We are a military family and were stationed overseas for two years, we had a big super bowl party in England with other military families, it was so much fun to get together and feel like we were “home” for such a great part of American tradition

  21. Eric Sanders says:

    When I was younger there were a bunch of us friends that got together. We Partied and watched the game

  22. ashcat1022 says:

    I went to a friends house because they had a huge flat screen. We ordered chicken wings and onion rings. It was a good time.

  23. katerina K. says:

    It’s fun to watch people watching

  24. Brandi B says:

    My favorite memories are the games I used to watch with my dad.

  25. Laura Knoell says:

    Janet Jackson and Nipplegate

  26. shanna says:

    Just spending time with my family, eating tons of food and drinking beer and relaxing!
    Nothing Better!

  27. Jeff Kidwell says:

    The best part of any Big Game is spending it with my friends yelling at the t.v. and cheering for opposite teams.

  28. karen altman says:

    No hard feelings guys, but my best memory is when the game was over!

  29. Calvin says:

    Cheering for the Dallas Cowboys in 95′ when I was a kid with my family.

  30. Brian Kautz says:

    Watching Michigan win the Rose Bowl

  31. Alice Benter says:

    Watching the big game and our 3 year son says fumbliea!!! So funny!!!!!!!!

  32. Jessica Girginis says:

    My favorite big game memory was here at our house and every year we throw football parties every Sunday game and everyone was over and our team won by a second and the whole entire house went Crazy with screaming, hugging & flipping out it was awesome!!!

  33. Lori Laws says:

    I love watching football with my mom and dad! She would always make the best snacks for us!

  34. Bradford Martin says:

    I will always remember gathered with my fellow Marines and their wives to watch the Packers beat the Patriots.

  35. staci wells mefford says:

    love the college games in our town and high school so much competition and fun

  36. chad says:

    My favorite moment was when all my friends came over and watched the super bowl at my house and we had a super bowl party last year!

  37. mark wagner says:

    My memory… being a chef, it has always been my job to handle all the food. I was in the kitchen during the “wardrobe malfunction”. The only thing better than football is topless women, and I missed both while cooking.

  38. Ivan C says:

    My favorite memory was when I was young. My parents friends came over and had a football pool for the Niners/Chargers game. I picked 75 and my dad said there’s no way. Final score: 49-26

  39. Janice L. says:

    I remember going to the big game with all of my brothers. Never again have we all been together like that again.

  40. LINDA PHILLIPS says:


  41. Steve Steckel says:

    My favorite memory was the last year when I was able to finally visit him and he had the cash ready to pay me for prievious SUPER BOWL bets. I was happy to see my dad, not the money.

  42. Brett says:

    When the Colts won the 2006 Superbowl. After so many close calls it was a wonderful moment.

  43. Kathleen Vincent says:

    Loved the old Steelers era of dominance…it was a black and gold world at every party!

  44. Tasha Wilkerson says:

    My favorite sports memory of all: the Patriots’ win in Super Bowl XXXVI. It is my favorite sports memory for a number of reasons. It was the first championship for a Boston-area sports team I had the opportunity to witness. Even better, I got to experience it with my father.

  45. Ben says:

    The excitement around family Super Bowl parties with friends and neighbors over at the house. Tons of great food and energy.

  46. Susan B says:

    Nobody in my family is interested in football, so I don’t really have memories of any games – my father was more interested in golf. Nobody seems to make a big deal of watching golf, though!

  47. Timothy Daniels says:

    Watching the super bowl with all my friends every year is a good time!

  48. anne landwehr says:

    Would love to win tv and cabinet to watch HALLMARK movies. i am not a football fan.

  49. Chris D says:

    Watching the broncos win twice.

  50. Jackie McMillan says:

    Loved it when the Dallas Cowboys won back to back years, with Troy Aikman!

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