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Win a TV Lift Cabinet and 42” Flatscreen TV!

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We can only call it “The Big Game” or we’ll get in trouble with the lawyers.

But you know what game we’re talking about, right?

The one on February 1, 2015!

You could win a TV Lift Cabinet and 42″ Flat Screen TV from

Starting December 5, please post in the comments below your favorite memory of watching the Big Game with family and friends.

Fun recipes, surprises, half-time flag football…anything that makes you smile. When you post your comment below before January 10, 2015, you will automatically receive five contest entries. You can receive more entries by liking our Facebook page, or linking to this page from your blog or website.

It’s easy to enter- simply click the LOGIN button below to enter to win!

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Things you should know:

  • You must live in the Continental United States to play.
  •  The winner will be randomly chosen on January 11 and contacted by TV Lift Cabinet.
  • Shipping will occur immediately after the winner is announced and contacted.
  • Contest winner is responsible for accepting the shipment when it arrives, and installation of the cabinet in their home.
  • No purchase is necessary. Entries can also be made by sending a standard postcard to:

TV Lift Cabinet Big Game Giveaway
2295 Corporate Blvd NW – Suite 221
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Here are the official contest rules.


458 Responses to “Win a TV Lift Cabinet and 42” Flatscreen TV!”
  1. Shemp DeYoung (@ShempGames) says:

    1985 Bears! Need I say more?

  2. LaToya Jones says:

    My dad had a Big Game gathering. There was FOOD galore. I love to eat! Any time there is an opportunity to get good friends and family together is a great day and occasion.

  3. s riches says:

    My favorite big game moment was when the Giants beat the Bills.

  4. Vickey White says:

    My favorite memory is when I was a teen putting up the Christmas Tree I would get in the way of the TV and my Mom and Dad would be screaming at their team and I was thinking it was me they were screaming at!! I had fun decorating the tree while they enjoyed their game.

  5. Ilona says:

    My favorite moments are every time the Patriots win Super Bowl

  6. Amanda M says:

    My fav big game moment was when i was dating my husband and my husband has always been diehard chargers fan and been trying to teach me the game and it was just to confusing but something about this game it all clicked and i was sooo excited to finally understand why ive been wasting my Sunday’s in front of this darn tv lol

  7. Maureen C. says:

    My favorite big game was any that the New England Patriots were playing. Go Pats! Hope to see you in AZ!

  8. David Lockhart says:

    Watch a Seahawks game is always a enjoyable time, but last year winning the Super Bowl was fantastic and seeing them win this year on a new Tv would be awsome!

  9. Kristyna Banks says:

    My favorite Big Game was one when the Giant’s vs the Cowboy’s. We were able to buy all the food stuff’s so my sons and their friends could have a Super Bowl party. It was on a older 28 inch tv. To be able to host another party with my growing family again and see it on bigger “cool” tv would be absolutely great!

  10. Christina Cannon says:

    Watching my Saints win their 1st Superbowl. That has been the best one for me.

  11. Kelley Galyen says:

    Favorite memory is the very first “Big Game” party I went to as an adult,living in a new town, with new fridnds.

  12. Summ. says:

    Halfway through the game the power goes out.

  13. Got to see my team Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl for the first time which was very exciting for everyone in my state…Washington.

  14. Dawn says:

    Been to 1 NFL game in my life. We lost. (Browns) Otherwise, Big Game is watched with friends in the bar.

  15. Linda Short says:

    My favorite big game is the ones our hometown boys play on Friday nights! Go Big Blue!!

  16. john g says:

    Watching the Steelers take home one for the thumb!

  17. Jeff Swierbutowicz says:

    David Tyree’s catch versus New England…magic!

  18. Marisa says:

    Every year we go to our friend’s house. We play pool, share appetizers and throw back some drinks while we watch the game. So much fun!

  19. Susan Jordan says:

    When Tom Petty and then also Bruno Mar did the Halftime Show! Both were Awesome!

  20. Stephanie S. says:

    My favorite big game memory was in college when the Bills made one of their 4 appearances. We, of course, lost, but my friends – all Steelers fans – had a big Bills-themed party and agreed to hold their comments until the next day to spare my feelings. (This was a huge concession for them to make…) Regardless of the outcome, that game memory is one of my favorites since my friends were there to support me and make me laugh.

  21. Brett Ardiel says:

    My best “Big Game” memory was last year in New York, when I luckily got the opportunity to go to it!

  22. Mike S says:

    My favorite big game moment was in 2004, when the New England Patriots won their third out of the last four Super Bowls.

  23. Jennifer Silvers says:

    I was about 15 yrs old and spending the weekend with my sister n her husband. The game that came on was Cal State vs UCLA. I don’t remember who was for what team but we bet that the loser had to buy the winner a cherry coke from Bills drive in in Webb City,Missouri. My team won n I got the cherry coke.

  24. Jen says:

    I won tickets to a Patriots vs. Broncos game and it was my first attendance at a live game in stadium.

  25. Martha Blankenship says:


  26. Cathy Cole says:

    My favorite Big Game was to always watch the Dallas Cowboys play on tv i never had the money to go see the game in person but it was a joy to see them play on tv. 🙂

  27. janet kemp says:

    I remember watching a game with my Dad when I was a kid. I don’t remember who was playing and I didn’t care.

  28. Edward Davis says:

    January 30, 2000 – Super Bowl 34: The Tackle

  29. Christina Naugle says:

    Watching The Pittsburgh Steelers with family and friends, the best times

  30. Linda Jackson says:

    I’m a Philadelphia Eagles fan. My most memorable game was when they played in the Super Bowl. They did not win, but it was an exciting game!

  31. anne h says:

    While living in Germany when my husband was stationed there, we had a Super Bowl Party for the Big game in the middle of the night, kinda strange having chicken wings and dip when we’re supposed to be sleeping!

  32. Lisa says:

    One of the greatest Super Bowl games we ever enjoyed was when our church had a huge church-wide Super Bowl Party and projected it on the big screen. At half-time we had a devotion, everyone brought tons of food, we had games to play for those who didn’t want to watch the Big Game, and it was a fabulous time!

  33. kathy viviano says:

    my best big game memory is of a superbowl game that I watched with my dad and friends whe I was about twelve (I might have been eleven) — all the dads really got into it cheering and hollering and it rubbed off on us kids — we were sooo loud! it was a real blast — no other superbowl game has ever been as great as that.

  34. Jill Miller says:

    My favorite memory was the game with the 3-D halftime show (Michael Jackson, maybe?). We still have a photo of our little white dog wearing his 3-D glasses — he loved them!!

  35. peter gladue says:

    Dolphins vs Cowboys, I was a Dolphins fan my sister was a cowboys fan. We fought so much during the first half, my parents sent my sister over to a friends house to watch the rest of the game

  36. Angela K says:

    We were in Cooperstown in Phoenix watching the game and I was crocheting. It was interesting the looks I got.

  37. ELOISE W says:

    The very first 49er Super Bowl win was my most memorable. It was Super Bowl XVI and I was in High School. It was the beginning of a lifetime fandom for the San Francisco 49ers

  38. diane says:

    i remember losing a TON of money because i was betting with my friends and family. i was really uneducated about football at the time and i really thought i was going to win. i learned a big lesson that day.

  39. Jenny Willis says:

    When I was a little kid and watching a game between the raiders and the cowboys. It was a really violent game…. I miss the way the rules used to be… it used to be much more aggressive and fun.

  40. Kaye Newman says:

    My favorite Big game was when a friend invited me over to a party she was having. I met my future husband at that party.

  41. Ivette C. says:

    It was in Miami where I’m from and I was supposed to go and I broke up with my boyfriend days before! 🙁

  42. When I was a boy I watched Superbowl III with my grandpa and everyone saying the Jets had no chance of winning.But here came Joe and history was made.From thence on I fell in love with the game. When Seattle got a team love was reborn :-). Go Hawks !!!

  43. mary weber says:

    My favorite Big Game memory was the very first one – in my parents basement in Minnesota – with lots of friends and neighbors over to party and get rowdy.

  44. Fredrick B says:

    Watching Elway win his first one. The way Denver had been blown out of the last trip there I was beginning to think they would never win the big one.

  45. KIMBERLY S. says:

    Favorite all time game was Super Bowl 23, Joe Montana n Jerry Rice were absolutely awesome! Luv my 49ers!

  46. Brian D says:

    Watching the Steelers win 6 Super Bowls!

  47. Cathy C says:

    The last time the Steelers won the Super Bowl.

  48. Watching any game with my father who died in 1982.

  49. ed goldstein says:

    any time the pats played

  50. Charlotte Osborn says:

    My husband (a big Dallas fan) and I (a big Packer fan) watch the frozen Super Bowl in the 60’s..forget which year..what a great game..historic!!

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