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School’s in session. Time to get ready for family fun and Holiday Season 2015?

It’s just not possible. The new backpack smell is still lingering in the hallway. The new athletic shoes are still clean and the lawns are still green. But as the stores begin to fill up with holiday décor and television commercials are pushing layaways, it is, indeed, time to get ahead before the most wonderful time of the year is upon us.

That’s especially true if you’re planning to host some of this year’s family festivities. If that’s the case, take a few minutes to walk around your home, focusing on rooms where people gather.  Ask yourself these questions. Are things looking tired? Is there enough space for everyone to gather to watch those big games as a group?


Huntington Fireplace TV Lift Cabinet

Meal planning can come much later, but refreshing your gathering spaces may take a little time. One piece that instantly warms up a room is a beautiful TVLiftCabinet with a fireplace. Imagine adding the beauty of a hand-crafted cabinet that becomes an instant focal point for your room. When you don’t want to see the television, it’s beautifully hidden and your guests will enjoy the gorgeous warm glow of a beautiful electric fireplace. And when it’s time for the big game or holiday movie, simply push a button, and your large, flat screen television will be visible to everyone in the room. Perfection.

So – don’t put it off another day. Take that walk today and maybe by the time the holidays roll around in a few short months, you’ll be 100% ready to open your doors and welcome your friends and family in style.

Cozy up your home this winter with a TV Lift Cabinet/Fireplace combo.

It’s that time of the year again when the cold winds start to blow and leaves turn all shades of gold. There’s apple cider on the stove, beef stew in the crock pot. It’s dark when you wake up in the morning and get home from work, and every weekend is filled with football parties, holiday get-togethers and time with people you love.


The Huntington instantly warms up a room on frosty nights.

Whether it’s watching a family movie or a favorite play-off game, many of these gatherings with family and friends happen around the television set. Recently the Stylish Nest home furnishing blog featured a TVLiftCabinet with a built-in electric fireplace – referencing how much warmth it added to the room. In addition to a stylish, Amish hand-crafted cabinet, the fireplace has a gorgeous warm glow combined with a toasty heater. No need to worry about the television – the fireplace is separated from the TV and audiovisual equipment through a partition wall.

So this year, when it’s time to pop the popcorn and watch a favorite film, turn on your fireplace and enjoy the show.

Football season = Time to decorate the man cave

According to The Official Man Cave Site, the correct definition is, “A room or space (as in a basement) designed according to the taste of the man of the house to be used as his personal area for hobbies and leisure activities.”  (Yes there is an Official Man Cave Site.)

One “must have” item in the mancave (besides a refrigerator), is a large flat screen television. In fact, to be really worthy of your man cave, the flat screen television should have all the latest technology, including Internet access, 3-D and high definition. It should also be able to swivel to make sure that it’s always perfectly positioned for the big games.


Every year, TVLiftCabinet sees a huge spike in sales of Grandover models with electric fireplaces to add that certain something extra to mancaves all over the country.


Now, it’s time to add your personal touch. Time to think outside the cave walls. How about adding a fireplace to your cave? Not practical? Not anymore. It’s easy.

Check out the Grandover model by TVLiftCabinet. The electric fireplace will warm up any damp basement in a heartbeat and the TVLift Cabinet ascends with your perfect flat screen television – on your command. Your television is kept completely separate from the fireplace and you just need a simple wall outlet to plug in your unit. Easy.
So, if you’re thinking of sprucing up your man cave for the long winter ahead, don’t forget to add that special something that will keep all your buddies (and their spouses, by invitation only), coming back for the fun.

TVLift Cabinets and a roaring fire make for perfect ambiance every time

 Huntington TVLiftCabinet with electric fireplace is

The Huntington TVLiftCabinet with electric fireplace is the most popular model – simply stunning.

Every year when the temperature starts to cool, I remember how cozy it is when a fire is roaring in the fireplace. For my husband, cooler temperatures spur visions of football games for the next four months. When I saw the TVLift Cabinets with electric fireplaces built in, it seemed like the perfect way to spend time together, enjoying the fire and a beverage or two instead of spending four months in separate parts of the house.


The Huntington TV Lift Cabinet is gorgeous. It’s handcrafted from solid maple by Amish craftsmen and fits beautifully in our home with its warm brown stain. All you need is a standard wall outlet. At all times, the fireplace remains separated from your television – and audiovisual equipment through a partition wall. The television keeps cool and well-ventilated while we remain cozy and warm.

Product Focus: Harbor Green TV Lift Cabinet

Harbor Green TV Lift Cabinet

Harbor Green TV Lift Cabinet

How do you wrap style, warmth, convenience and versatility in one package and bring it home? You buy the Harbor Green TV Lift Cabinet. Hand-finished in rich brown, this kiln-dried hardwood and veneer TV lift cabinet is full of surprises!

Not only will it hold a flat-screen TV up to 55” wide and weighing 80 pounds, the pop-up TV cabinet doubles as a virtual fireplace. Using the free supplied DVD, you can open the cabinet doors while the TV is in its lowest position and play a virtual fireplace DVD to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

The Harbor Green TV Lift Cabinet is part of ImportAdvantage’s newest line-up of handcrafted, hardwood TV lift cabinets, and this one in particular is perfect for the family room or master bedroom. The antique brass hardware gives it a timeless touch and the fold-back cabinet covers beautifully reveal your TV and up to three pieces of electronics. The TV lift cabinet also features surge-protected on-board power, a full 1-year In-Home Warranty and a pre-installed heavy duty TV lift mechanism and remote control.

This instant classic could be one of ImportAdvantage’s new bestsellers in 2011. Check it out now, as the Harbor Green TV Lift Cabinet is currently marked 40% off!

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