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Is Your Home New-Home-Buyer-Ready?

As the earth takes another trip around the sun in 2019, there are a few things that are certain. Life changes (graduation, marriage, babies and aging populations) will happen. And each time they do, people make live-changing decisions, including one of the biggest changes – moving into a new home.

While the pundits are all over the map on what the market will be like in 2019 due to new tax changes and interest rates, if you’re selling your home this year, it’s critical to make your home stand out from the crowd.

Here are a few things to help you get started.

1)   Remember the “Ds” – depersonalize and declutter.  If you’ve adopted the Condo method of decluttering, you’re well on your way to a cleaner home. But, if you’re like most people, you have personal items scattered throughout your home. You want people to be able to imagine themselves in this space, so it’s time to put away all the family photos, knick-knacks and items that are taking up valuable real estate. If you have a TV Lift Cabinet, it’s easy to stash all the electronic gadgets and games (along with your flat screen television). Check it out if you don’t have one.  It’s the perfect way to have all your entertainment items in one place – accessible when you want them – and when you don’t want anything out in the open.

2)   Consider renting a storage unit while your house is on the market. Less is more when you’re trying to sell your home. In addition to remembering the “Ds” – remove all unnecessary furnishings, rarely used kitchen gadgets, totes full of clothes, etc. If people see lots of piles and totes, they’ll think there isn’t enough storage for their things and move to the next house on their list.

3)   Clean out your closets and pantry. People will open doors and cabinets. Stashing items in closets isn’t an option when people are walking through your home. They will look in every nook and cranny. If you don’t need something, get rid of it or put it in storage.

4)   Make your house shine. Wash those windows. Vacuum or wash the floors. Dust every item that needs dusting. Place fresh flowers around your home. Bake some cookies. Every little thing matters when you’re trying to sell your home.

Let’s take a moment for a little gratitude

Someone once said, “today I choose to live with gratitude for the love that fills my heart, the peace that rests within my spirit, and the voice of hope that says all things are possible.” Words to live by, indeed.

As 2018 draws to a close, we at TV Lift Cabinet would like to take a few moments to show our humble gratitude for you, our valued customers. You have allowed us into your lives for the past 15 years. We are proud of our products and grateful for the opportunity to bring beauty, style and function into your homes.

We’d also like to take a few moments to thank our employees and partners who work tirelessly to make sure that every customer is treated like a member of our family. From the person who answers your calls and the craftsmen, to the shippers and white glove experience you receive when the products arrive, we make it our mission to go above and beyond your expectations.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!


Elle Décor is out with its 2019 home furnishing trend report – hint: it will make you blush!

Each year, stylistas around the country await the Elle Décor home furnishing trend report. We’d like to share a few highlights.

Blush is officially the new neutral, taking over for gray. Rob Royer, CEO of Interior Define says, “Blush is the new neutral. It pairs with greys and naturals for a calming palette. It can be combined with bold colors like navy, forest green, or citrine, and it allows the bold color to be the hero.” If you’re considering adding blush into your home interior design, there are several TV Lift Cabinets that will help you bring this color to life. If you want a more pastel look and feel, try out Nantucket White unit. This cabinet features plenty of storage, with two bluff-cut doors creating the look of many smaller drawers. At the top of the cabinet, you’ll find an open compartment running the length of the cabinet, perfect for the addition of a sound bar or even to showcase some of your best décor!

If you choose to go with a bolder color palette, check out the Azura model in the Sonoma finish. It has a clean design that shows off the distinctive beauty of American hard maple, the perfect complement to blush colors. Plus, the cabinet is fitted with a heavy-duty, 360-degree, electric swivel lift which allows you to place the unit anywhere in a room. Perfect every time.

Cozy beds are back in style. Joy Moyler, interior designer, said, “beds are going to be womb-like. Lots of upholstered headboards and footboards will be sheathed in comfortable textiles that feel like a warm hug.” If you want to warm up the room even more, try adding an end-of-the-bed TVLiftCabinet. Lots of beautiful styles to choose from – and all work spectacularly well in your sanctuary.

Art Deco is making its return, according to Meganne Wecker, founder of Cloth & Company. “We expect the Art Deco influence to become more prominent in the coming year, inspiring both textile design and furniture silhouettes. From a color perspective, pink continues to be very strong in furniture. Given that, we expect colors that complement the blush hue to do very well—specifically, olive green, oxblood, and navy.”

For more trends, be sure to check out Elle Décor’s trend report. For more on TVLiftCabinet furnishings, go to

How to select the perfect TVLiftCabinet

Home entertainment has undergone major transformations in the past decade. Amazon, Hulu and Netflix collectively reach about 100 million subscribers with video content, original TV shows, movies, sporting events and documentaries. Traditional small-screen networks offer even more viewing options via satellite, cable and Wi-Fi.

People watch their favorite shows on smart, super-thin televisions. They listen to sound systems that are plugged into their smart televisions. Media systems are more than just a collection of electronic devices. The furnishings that house these sophisticated electronics are engineered to protect your investment for many years.

TVLiftCabinet can help you pick the perfect unit – each one safely houses your electronic media and makes everything accessible at the push of a button. But how do you choose the right one for your home? You’ll find everything you need on our website, but here are a few things to get you started:

  1.  Set the stage. What is your style? Modern? Classical? Contemporary? There are 75 styles to choose from to help you create a beautiful focal point for your entertainment space.
  2. Size it out. Determine the length, depth, and height of your TV without it’s stand. To protect your screen, ensure that your TV is no taller or wider than the maximum TV dimensions listed on each product page. We’re there to help walk you through it.
  3. Take inventory of what you need to store. How many electronic gadgets do you have? Be sure to include DVR players, cable boxes, dedicated video streamers, speakers and gaming systems. Then, select a cabinet that will house everything neatly behind closed doors.
  4. Think about speaker storage. If you are concealing or exposing a soundbar or center channel speaker, select furniture that has proper acoustic storage. TVLiftCabinet has three unique options that will help you surround yourself with just the right sound.
  5. Ability to customize. Components come in all shapes and sizes. Fully adjustable shelving makes it possible for you to have it just the way you like it. There are also options for casters and floor guides to help you make the best choice for your home. Plus, our integrated wire management passages keep all your components wires well-connected, but neatly hidden away.
  6. Security. We make sure your television is safely secured in the unit to prevent any accidents with small children or pets.

Need further help? Our design associates would love to help. Just call us at 877-377-5435, check our website or email us for free expert design advice at [email protected]

How to create a perfect space for your next girls’ night in

From book clubs to movie marathons to just plain gab fests, more women are gathering to have “girls’ night in” events around the country. How do I know?  Because I have attended several wonderful events (even before it was a thing). Throw in a few rom-coms. No zombies or car crashes, or just a little old-fashioned comedy among good friends. A little wine and fondue. Perfection.

Apparently, we were ahead of our time. There is now a Girls Night In website, complete with tips and tricks, party theme ideas and recipes. As a veteran of the concept, I can tell you exactly what you need to make your night in successful.

  • Invite a close circle of friends who are comfortable with each other. (Hint: no political conversation allowed).
  • Prepare the space to make sure everyone can see each other. Add throw pillows and afghans to warm up the room. Fire in the fireplace. Candles burning. You get the drift.
  • If it’s a movie marathon, make sure you have the room set-up so everyone can see the television screen. TVLiftCabinets with 360-degree swivels are great for this type of event. With a touch of a button, the swivel moves into the perfect position. And when the movies are done, one more touch of the button, and the television disappears into a beautiful cabinet.
  • Some flavorful appetizers and a fabulous dessert are just the ticket for a special girls’ night in. No fussy foods. Wine is always a good choice, but creating a themed cocktail to match the evening is also a nice touch. Simplicity is the key.
  • Send the ladies home with a goodie bag to celebrate the evening. It could be a copy of one of the movies you watched together, a book of poems, some home-made treats, a little bubbly – just a little something to celebrate good friends.

So, grab your gal-pals and plan some quality time together and make some wonderful memories of your own.

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