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How to Hide a TV

Most people enjoy watching television, but don’t love having a big black box take up so much space in a room.  We’ve got some great ways to disguise your TV (or hide it completely), so your personal style comes through loud and clear.

Hide it behind framed prints. There are wonderful pieces of art that fit neatly in front of the television when it’s not in use. Some people use artful screens that fold to the side when you want to view the television. Pinterest has some great ideas for you to consider

Invest in a TV Lift Cabinet to make the TV disappear completely when not in use. The hand-crafted cabinets are beautiful and have plenty of storage for all of the cords and gadgets that go along with a flatscreen television.

Hide your TV in a wardrobe – out of sight/out of mind. So many people have downsized their clothing these days, it’s easier than ever to slide in a flatscreen television.

Hang a TV Mirror. Most rooms have a mirror somewhere in the design scheme.  Simply swap out the mirror for a TV Mirror and maximize your space. It’s a flatscreen TV when you want it – and a beautiful mirror for everyone to admire.

So – get creative. It is possible to have your TV and hide it too.

Mirror, Smart Mirror on the wall

According to House Beautiful magazine, mirrors are the most searched-for products on its interiors marketplace. Guess it makes sense because most homes have mirrors in almost every room. Typically wall mirrors perform four basic functions: artistic expression, enhance the size of a room, brighten a space or to reflect specific items in the room for emphasis.

A beautiful mirror can be the focal point of a room. Designer Andreas Charalambous of FORMA Design uses extra-large mirrors to “serve as a last-minute check point as the owners head out to work,” he says. I have mirrors at each entry/exit point in my home for just this purpose.

Some people use mirrors as art. According to Daily Art Magazine, people have always been fascinated with their reflections. Many famous artists used mirrors to create their most beautiful works of art. Sometimes mirrors are used to hide something from view, but more often mirrors are used to emphasize something in the space.

A large wall mirror can also bring simplicity to a space. Some mirrors even have dual purposes to maximize impact in a small space. It’s now possible to have TVMirrors in your home that not only make an artistic statement as a mirror, but becomes a fully functioning, smart flatscreen television at the touch of a button. TVMirrors are ideal for rooms that have limited floor space.

Whatever you need, there’s a mirror that adds beauty, depth and function to any space. And if you’re one of those people searching for mirrors on

Remember the Three Cs to make your Guest Room Holiday-Ready

The kids are back in school and the leaves are beginning to fall. The stores are beginning to look a lot like… Christmas. What???? Yes – the holidays are starting to make their presence known. Are you hosting the family gathering this year? If so, it might be a good time to check a few things off the list so you can concentrate on more immediate things when things get closer.

One easy thing to check off the list is getting the guest room ready for prime time. If your guest room is like mine, it takes a beating over the summer. It’s the place where all the extra boxes, blankets and toys end up after busy weekends. In no time at all, it’s easy to clear the clutter. Then look at the room and consider the three Cs (Comfort, Convenience, Consideration) that will guarantee your guests have a wonderful experience in your home.

Comfort. Is the bedding comfortable? Do you have enough pillows, blankets and throws to warm up the room? Many stores have special sales leading up to the holidays, so make sure you have everything you need to make your guests feel warm and cozy in their room.

Convenience. Sometimes your guests hope they’ll have access to items they’re used to in their own homes. Blow dryer. Large mirror. Fresh water. Special body lotion. Even a television in the room. One easy way to add the convenience of home to a guest room is to add a TV Mirror. When in use, it’s a fully functioning flatscreen television. When it’s off, it’s a beautiful mirror. All the conveniences of home at your guests’ fingertips.

Consideration. How many times have you stayed in someone’s home and just wanted a few minutes of peace and quiet. If you’re like me, taking a few moments to meditate or gather your thoughts is critical to being your best self. Add a lounge chair and ottoman to the room, if space permits. Consider adding a wave machine, fresh flowers or organic scented oils to allow your guests to create a spa-like zone in their room.

There you have it. The three Cs that will welcome your guests when the holidays roll around.

Wide open spaces? TVLiftCabinet has you covered.

Open floor plans remain popular for many home owners. It’s a trend that’s not going anywhere. In some cases, designers have brought the outdoors inside the home by incorporating more glass interior doors which seem to disappear after opening. This makes spaces even more open to give homeowners more flexibility in how they want to set up their home. Many homeowners believe that 100 percent of the floor space in their homes should be usable and don’t like things like cut-out areas for appliances, televisions or bookcases.

Buyers now arrive at the sales office with a list of “non-negotiable” features that they want in a home. For instance, airy and welcoming living, sleeping, and eating spaces across a flexible layout are key. In an NAHB report published last year, builders responded that the kitchen–family room arrangement is completely or partially open in 84% of the homes they build, with over half (54%) being completely open to the main living spaces of the home.

This means there is a greater emphasis on thoughtful placement of furnishings that make a house a home. One important feature is an entertainment area, complete with a smart TV and innovative storage that’s out-of-site. TVLiftCabinet offers great options that provide maximum storage of all smart TV gadgets, 4-way finishing to provide easy placement wherever you decide to place the cabinet and many style options to fit any décor. For people who are seeking a sleeker, less-is-more design, check out the TV Mirrors. When in use, they’re fully functioning smart TVs. When off, they’re stylish mirrors, blending perfectly with other wall décor.

So, go ahead, find your perfect wide open space. TVLiftCabinet has you covered.

Living large in a tiny cabin in the woods

The small house movement started roughly a decade ago, but there have always been people who dreamed of living in a small cabin in the woods. It may have started when we read, “The Boxcar Children” in elementary school. Who knows? One thing we do know is that as people begin to re-evaluate their lifestyles, get closer to retirement, and seek peace, the idea of finding a quiet cabin in nature sounds more appealing every day.

For the lucky people who decide to make that move, it requires them to pare down their belongings to the basics and come up with innovative solutions to make the most of every inch. Many companies are coming up with creative ways to get dual uses (or more) out of furnishings to help make the transition easier.

Multifunctional furniture is now a category that’s getting plenty of attention from a generation who expect smart solutions, whether they’re seeking that comfy cabin or a stylish urban loft. Most Baby Boomers probably have (or got rid of) that heavy couch that had an uncomfortable bed inside. I know I did – heaviest piece of furniture we couldn’t wait to get rid of. But today’s options are amazing. Stylish convertible chair beds are all the rage for small spaces. And what about a coffee table that is also an arm chair and side table? Or a wardrobe hidden behind a full-length mirror? It’s amazing what a little innovation can do to change your perspective.

Those magic mirrors can also be smart televisions. TVMirrors make it possible for flatscreen televisions to be hidden when not in use as beautiful focal points on a wall. And then they become fully functioning smart televisions with just a click.

Whether you’re seeking a cabin in the woods, or just re-thinking your lifestyle, be sure to check out these and other multifunctional furniture to help you start down the right path.

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