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Introducing…The Glamily Room

We’re not making it up. House Beautiful listed the Glamily Room as a top trend for 2016. But what does that mean – and why should you care?


Axiom TV Lift Cabinet

Let’s face it, most families have messy kids, dogs that tramp in mud (or other crud) and all kinds of life’s little annoyances that drive most moms crazy. Yet – we all want to have a nice place to spend time with the family. You know, that picture-perfect place where the family magic happens (at least some times). For some, it’s as easy as turning to hardworking fabrics with unique silhouettes. For others, it means looking for hard-working furnishings that look great, but do double-duty as a highly-functional storage unit for all the clutter that comes with having a family in today’s electronic world.

TVLiftCabinets are perfect for a glamming up a family room because they’re gorgeous, lots of handcrafted features that instantly add value to the room. There are many styles to complement any home style – even an option to customize a unit for the perfect match. And when it’s time to declutter the space, simply use the built-in storage to safely hide all the gadgets that come with today’s living.

Whether you’re planning to give your family room a little glam this year or not, take a look at TVLiftCabinets for the perfect fit, every time.

Think spring (cleaning)

Spring has sprung.

The birds are chirping. The breezes are turning a little warmer. Green buds are starting to emerge from their long winter nap. Then you turn around and look at your cocoon, your little piece of heaven that has kept you safe and dry for the past few months. Notice anything?

If you’re like me, there’s an abundance of clutter. You know the kind. Old magazines and newspapers. DVD and CD sleeves. Piles of books. Video game clutter everywhere. Yes. It’s that time of year again – time to shake out the cobwebs and put things in order.concord_6313_3

One of my big challenges each year is finding a home for all the things you use in your family room – but don’t necessarily want to look at as you’re
passing through. That’s why I was thrilled to discover TVLiftCabinets because in a snap, the clutter disappears. Well, not exactly a snap, but with all the available storage, it just takes a few minutes to organize everything you have related to entertainment and carefully shut the doors. I also love that the flat screen television disappears into a gorgeous cabinet when we’re not watching a program.

Out-of-sight. Out-of-mind. Perfect every time, giving me plenty of time to concentrate on the beauty of the new season without stressing about my clutter.

Take the “mad” out of Basketball Madness

It’s that time of year again when all basketball fans turn to brackets to ponder, assess, strategize and contemplate which team will come out on top.

Last year, more than 23 million people tuned into the Duke/Wisconsin final game, and overall viewership was up nearly nine percent from the previous year for all the games. Whether you’re cheering on a home team or a fan favorite, it’s always a good idea to make sure your family room is ready for a few extra friends to watch the big games.

One thing that can be a problem is being able to see the television from everywhere in the room. If you have a TVLiftCabinet that’s finished on all four sides, and has a swivel bracket, you can control exactly how the television will be displayed so everyone can enjoy the show. The unit I like the most is the Crystal Pointe cabinet.

crystal_pointe_360_swivel_4471swiv_1 With beautiful mahogany veneer, it’s a stunning piece of furniture. The component drawers can be reversed so they open from the front or the back (any way you want). And with the 360-degree electric swivel, you can place the unit any where in the room. And when the games are done, you still have a beautiful focal point for your room. Talk about win/win.

Nordic Style? Clear Light and Simple, Well-designed Furnishings. Yes, Please.

What is Nordic style? Scandinavian homes are known for their simplicity, utility and beauty. They have a pure, pared back style that is centered around warm functionality, flawless craftsmanship and understated elegance. Light is extremely important.  Many Nordic homes feature earthy muted tones, honest materials and minimal ornamentation.

For those who prefer this style, there is a perfect TVLiftCabinet to help you stay true to the Nordic lifestyle. Our Crystal Pointe 360 Swivel Cabinet in weathered white is the perfect addition to a Nordic style. It features a transitional design with hand-carved corner columns, is finished and framed on all four sides, and can be placed anywhere in your home.  You could use it against a wall, as a room divider or at the foot of your bed – and have full access to your flatscreen television and all the electronic gadgets that stay hidden from view.



So if Nordic is your favorite style, be sure to check out the perfect TVLiftCabinet to complement your home. And for any Norwegians out there – Nyte.

Protect your new flat screen television with a TVLift Cabinet

Many analysts report that the average household in the USA now has three televisions, and this year that number is expected to grow. Some of the growth is attributed to new technology (quantum dot) that makes the colors on an LCD screen bolder and brighter. Others point to dropping prices as advanced technologies move into the mainstream. A story in the Wall Street Journal earlier this year says that companies are finally cracking the code of making your new televisions work better with all the other technologies in your life. Whatever the reason, there are bound to be thousands of new televisions in households this year – and families everywhere looking for the best way to display that new treasure.

carousel brown TV lift cabinet

Carousel TV Lift Cabinet in Brown

One of the smartest things you can do to protect that new television is to display it beautifully in a TV Lift Cabinet. Not only is it the best way to share your new TV with others in your home at the push of a button, it’s the safest way to have a large screen television in your home when you have children and pets who could be in danger when wall-mounted units fail. The TV lift consoles are made from the finest cherry, mahogany, pine, and oak woods and are handcrafted by Amish artisans. All pop up TV lifts come standard with a remote control, allowing you to hide and reveal your television on your terms, keeping it out-of-reach from sticky fingers. One of the most popular units is Carousel. It comes in many different finishes and can be customized for your home décor.  And there are hundreds of other options to truly make your new television shine. Check ‘em out at

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