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Turn Your Cabinet into a State-of-the-Art TV Lift

My husband would love to have everything in our home attached to his remote control. Getting up

TV Lift Cabinet

Nick Ferry’s Finished Cabinet

and messing with the television controls just isn’t necessary in a world with automatic cars. Right?

Well, the jury is still out on the auto cars, but if there’s a way to make television viewing easier, I’m all for it (because it makes MY life easier, too). So, if you have a flat screen television and a beautiful entertainment cabinet, you can easily add an electronic lift function to your cabinet with a TV Lift mechanism from TVLiftCabinet.

The company provides uplift motorized TV lift series for furniture companies and individuals who want to convert their cabinets into TVLiftCabinets. The mechanisms are easy to set up. You television snaps into the lift mechanism with two bolts. Check out how woodworker Nick Ferry built his own TV Lift Cabinet using one of these lifts!

Safety is key to the lift mechanisms. Built-in pressure sensors immediately stops movement to protect pinching hands and fingers. No worries about little fingers getting into the wrong place.

Plus the electronics are completely protected. Every lift mechanism comes fully assembles with built-in surge and thermal overload protection. TVLiftCabinet has designed TV lift mechanisms for motor homes, furniture makers, architects, yachts and tiny homes. Now, you can purchase the lift technology that the pros use.

Check it out today.

It’s Easy to Fall into the Holidays with a little Planning

I checked my Facebook feed this morning and everyone is sending best wishes for a beautiful fall. Ironically, the ads on Facebook are starting to look a lot like Christmas, and the 2016 holiday extravaganzas to come. So much for fall. But – the realities of the family gatherings to come in the next few months is hitting home, so I started looking around my home to see if there are things I need to do to get ready for guests.

The first place I check every year is my family room. Is it ready for prime time? After all, I consider our family room the heart of my home. The comfort zone. I found a great checklist to help me get it ready for guests: The Organized Home. Here are a few quick tips that really helped me get organized.

  • Take everything down off the walls, take down curtains etc. Wash, vacuum or dry clean as needed.
  • Sweep ceiling corners and other nooks in the room – tops of doorways, windows, arches, bookcases, etc.
  • Wash inside of windows and sills. Polish and touch-up stain on wood
  • Take cushions off furniture, vacuum thoroughly. Vacuum cushions, checking for wear and turning as needed. Spot treat any stains or shampoo furniture as needed.
  • Wooden furniture and anything with drawers: Empty, sort, and throw away what you don’t really need. Put the rest where it really belongs. Dust/Polish thetvl-banner piece you’re finished with, repeat as necessary. Do shelves the same way.
  • If you don’t have enough storage space to hide the clutter of everyday life, consider adding furnishings that add both style and function. TVLiftCabinets are perfect additions to your family room because they hide all the electronic paraphernalia that accompanies the entertainment center of my home, but they also hide the television when you’re trying to visit with your family and friends.
  • Clean the TV screen. Dig out and sort all the accumulated electronic equipment–games, tapes, camera parts, wires, connectors, etc. Put everything where it belongs and get rid of the rest.
  • Vacuum the entire room. Use a whisk broom to get into those hard to reach areas and around the baseboards if your vacuum doesn’t clean close enough. Yes, get help and move the furniture. There may be a wealth of lost treasures hiding under the sofa right now!

These are just a few of the tips to help you get your family room ready for the 2016 holidays, and still give you time to enjoy Indian summer.


Getting ready to live the dorm room life!

Dormitory rooms at colleges and universities usually average about 12-by-19 feet. That means students entering their freshman year at universities across the country have, on average, 228 square feet of living space. Talk about tiny living!

You can help your student get creative to maximize every inch so they have a welcoming space to live and study. And the best way to do that is to think vertical – space that is. Here are a few tips:

  • A 32” TV Mirror gives you the best of both worlds. A great mirror and a flatscreen television, perfect for any dorm room.


    TV in a Mirror!

  • Stack those beds to create more floor space. Don’t forget to use the space under the beds for convenient storage.
  • Baskets and containers can help keep things organized in your small closet.
  • Hanging shelves can also add more storage, especially for those items you use every day, like hair dryers, shoes, etc.
  • Floating shelves can go a long way toward making items accessible where and when you need them.
  • Add a few plants to make it more homey. Dorm rooms can feel unbearably sterile, so bring in some life with a few plants.
  • Add a colorful area rug to bring the space together. You can even make it out of old t-shirts.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg for dorm decorating ideas. There are tons of helpful lists online that tell you everything you’re going to need, but they don’t always offer the coolest options. Huffington Post gathered a bunch of ideas in this helpful list. Brit & Co. also has some great, inexpensive ideas to decorate a dorm room.

So, have fun. Enjoy this opportunity to help your new young adult create a space that reflects their personal style (and makes you feel just a little less lonely on that drive back home when you drop them off).

The Great Bedroom Television Debate: Yes or No?

When we moved into our home 15 years ago, I just had one rule: No television in the bedroom. To be fair, we didn’t have options for hiding the television, like the TVLiftCabinets available today otv_mirror_with_frame_02_4r the TV Smart Mirrors that actually add style and function. Back then we just had gigantic televisions that took up a ton of space. So I wondered: is it possible to get the rest you need and still have the option of a television for those great, old-time, late-night movies?

Several people have posed the question and the answers hit the full spectrum. So, I thought I’d share some pros and cons for adding a television to your bedroom sanctuary.

The Cons 
1) Removing the television from your bedroom results in more, and better, sleep, so you’ll be more productive the next day.

2) What you think about first, makes a difference in how you approach the day. Having a television creates a mood, setting the stage for the rest of your day. What you think about last also matters in how restful your sleep will be.

3) Americans already watch an average of 35 hours of television each week. Turning the TV off gives you an opportunity to have a conversation, read a book or connect more meaningfully with your spouse and children.

The Pros

1) Snuggling up and enjoying a late-night movie can provide special intimacy with your loved ones.

2) There are many creative ways to design your space. You have more options for beautiful furnishings that allow you to access a television when you want one; and hide it in plain sight when you don’t. How about at the end of the bed?Azura Swivel


3) Today’s smart televisions provide an open window to the world, giving you opportunities to connect with loved ones wherever they are, from the comfort of your bed.

At the end of the day, the great television debate in the boudoir is up to you. There are certainly more options to ensure a good night sleep than there were 15 years ago. Perhaps my hubby will finally get his “television in the bedroom” wish.

When Choosing Updates For Your Home, Make The Smart Choice

Many people will be looking at updating their homes in 2016. Some are getting homes ready to sell, as they need to downsize or upsize. Others are simply trying to make their living space more comfortable, and as the economy improves, HGTV reports that people are looking at ways to invest in their homes to get the most value for their dollars. For some people, it means major remodel projects, like new bathrooms, kitchens or bonus rooms.

For others, it means Huntingtonadding great impact with very little effort (and minimal investment). This is especially true if people are planning to move in the next couple of years. HGTV pointed out that making your décor work harder is a smart way to add square footage and impact to your rooms. One thing they noted was to shift furniture away from walls to make living rooms feel larger and more contemporary.

They suggest creating a seating area around a feature you want buyers to notice, like a dramatic fireplace or piece of furniture. One item that can add drama and function to your family room is a Huntington TV Lift Cabinet with an electric fireplace. Talk about focal point. The fireplace emits a gorgeous warm glow (combined with a toasty heater for those frosty days). Your family can enjoy all the beauty of the cabinet, the functionality of the TV Lift to protect your flat screen television and storage for all those electronics that seem to come out of the woodwork.

So whether you’re planning to do a major remodel or some updates to make your home more livable, be sure to check out TVLiftCabinets – an affordable investment that’s smart and beautiful.

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