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Getting ready to live the dorm room life!

Dormitory rooms at colleges and universities usually average about 12-by-19 feet. That means students entering their freshman year at universities across the country have, on average, 228 square feet of living space. Talk about tiny living!

You can help your student get creative to maximize every inch so they have a welcoming space to live and study. And the best way to do that is to think vertical – space that is. Here are a few tips:

  • A 32” TV Mirror gives you the best of both worlds. A great mirror and a flatscreen television, perfect for any dorm room.


    TV in a Mirror!

  • Stack those beds to create more floor space. Don’t forget to use the space under the beds for convenient storage.
  • Baskets and containers can help keep things organized in your small closet.
  • Hanging shelves can also add more storage, especially for those items you use every day, like hair dryers, shoes, etc.
  • Floating shelves can go a long way toward making items accessible where and when you need them.
  • Add a few plants to make it more homey. Dorm rooms can feel unbearably sterile, so bring in some life with a few plants.
  • Add a colorful area rug to bring the space together. You can even make it out of old t-shirts.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg for dorm decorating ideas. There are tons of helpful lists online that tell you everything you’re going to need, but they don’t always offer the coolest options. Huffington Post gathered a bunch of ideas in this helpful list. Brit & Co. also has some great, inexpensive ideas to decorate a dorm room.

So, have fun. Enjoy this opportunity to help your new young adult create a space that reflects their personal style (and makes you feel just a little less lonely on that drive back home when you drop them off).

The Great Bedroom Television Debate: Yes or No?

When we moved into our home 15 years ago, I just had one rule: No television in the bedroom. To be fair, we didn’t have options for hiding the television, like the TVLiftCabinets available today otv_mirror_with_frame_02_4r the TV Smart Mirrors that actually add style and function. Back then we just had gigantic televisions that took up a ton of space. So I wondered: is it possible to get the rest you need and still have the option of a television for those great, old-time, late-night movies?

Several people have posed the question and the answers hit the full spectrum. So, I thought I’d share some pros and cons for adding a television to your bedroom sanctuary.

The Cons 
1) Removing the television from your bedroom results in more, and better, sleep, so you’ll be more productive the next day.

2) What you think about first, makes a difference in how you approach the day. Having a television creates a mood, setting the stage for the rest of your day. What you think about last also matters in how restful your sleep will be.

3) Americans already watch an average of 35 hours of television each week. Turning the TV off gives you an opportunity to have a conversation, read a book or connect more meaningfully with your spouse and children.

The Pros

1) Snuggling up and enjoying a late-night movie can provide special intimacy with your loved ones.

2) There are many creative ways to design your space. You have more options for beautiful furnishings that allow you to access a television when you want one; and hide it in plain sight when you don’t. How about at the end of the bed?Azura Swivel


3) Today’s smart televisions provide an open window to the world, giving you opportunities to connect with loved ones wherever they are, from the comfort of your bed.

At the end of the day, the great television debate in the boudoir is up to you. There are certainly more options to ensure a good night sleep than there were 15 years ago. Perhaps my hubby will finally get his “television in the bedroom” wish.

When Choosing Updates For Your Home, Make The Smart Choice

Many people will be looking at updating their homes in 2016. Some are getting homes ready to sell, as they need to downsize or upsize. Others are simply trying to make their living space more comfortable, and as the economy improves, HGTV reports that people are looking at ways to invest in their homes to get the most value for their dollars. For some people, it means major remodel projects, like new bathrooms, kitchens or bonus rooms.

For others, it means Huntingtonadding great impact with very little effort (and minimal investment). This is especially true if people are planning to move in the next couple of years. HGTV pointed out that making your décor work harder is a smart way to add square footage and impact to your rooms. One thing they noted was to shift furniture away from walls to make living rooms feel larger and more contemporary.

They suggest creating a seating area around a feature you want buyers to notice, like a dramatic fireplace or piece of furniture. One item that can add drama and function to your family room is a Huntington TV Lift Cabinet with an electric fireplace. Talk about focal point. The fireplace emits a gorgeous warm glow (combined with a toasty heater for those frosty days). Your family can enjoy all the beauty of the cabinet, the functionality of the TV Lift to protect your flat screen television and storage for all those electronics that seem to come out of the woodwork.

So whether you’re planning to do a major remodel or some updates to make your home more livable, be sure to check out TVLiftCabinets – an affordable investment that’s smart and beautiful.

The Power of A Good Night’s Sleep

Are you getting a good night’s sleep? Every night? Estimates from the National Sleep Foundation suggest that at least one in three Americans are not getting enough quality sleep, which is having a huge impact on their quality of life. And while many people claim they get between 7-8 hours a night, 35 percent of Americans report their sleep quality as “poor” or “only fair,” and 20 percent say they don’t wake up feeling refreshed on any of the past seven days.

While some of the reasons may be health related (and people should certainly check in with their doctors for ongoing issues), other reasons include making a few changes in your home to create sleep conditions for uninterrupted sleep.

First, ensure you have the perfect temperature – not too cold or too hot. Research suggests that keeping your head nice and cool is conducive to good sleep. Some say 65 degrees is the perfect temperature for sleeping.

Next, be sure to make your bedroom as sound-free as possible. Some people try white noise machines to drown out noises. Personally I use a wave machine. There’s just something about nodding off to soothing ocean waves.

Homestead is a popular style that many customers choose to customize for their personal home styles.

Homestead is a popular style that has plenty of room for storage.

One of the most important things you can do is to make your room as dark as possible in the hours you sleep. Most people enjoy having a television in

their bedrooms, but many electronics have lights that glow, making it nearly impossible to have complete blackness. Try adding a TVLiftCabinet to your room. Not only is it functional, but when you’re not watching your flatscreen television, everything disappears into the unit. It’s also a great way to hide clutter, which can also distract you from relaxing in your bedroom sanctuary.

These are just a few tips to help you on your way to a better night’s sleep. And as my mom used to say, “sleep tight.” There was also something about bed bugs biting, but it’s not as cute as it used to be.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall – Father’s Day is Just Around the Corner

Room Mirror

The first Father’s Day can be traced to the ruins of Babylon. It is believed that a young boy called Elmesu carved a Father’s Day message on a card made of clay more than 4,000 years ago, wishing his father good health and a long life. Today many dads still get clay gifts and homemade cards, but it’s safe to say that today’s dad might appreciate a gift that not only gives him pleasure, but is something his entire family would enjoy for years to come.

On the top of the list: A new flat screen television for the family room. Today’s models come in many iterations, including televisions that become beautiful mirrors when not in use. That’s right. Many homeowners are tired of having the television being the focal point of the room, but almost everyone has a mirror in many spaces. TVLiftCabinet just starting offering this unique home furnishing – just in time for Father’s Day.




When you turn on the TV, the mirror transforms into a state-of-the-art LED HD Smart television – with a sharp picture you and your family with love. They’re great for family rooms, above the fireplace, bedrooms – anywhere you’d like the convenience of watching television without the TV dominating the room. Sizes range from 32” to 65,” so you’re sure to find just the right size for your home.

This year when Father’s Day rolls around, take a note from young Elmesu and make life a little easier for you and your family. No chiseling required for a special gift that will give back to your entire family.

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