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Don’t you wish every company offered white glove treatment?

We’ve all been there. A truck pulls into your driveway. The delivery person rings your doorbell and grumbles about how hard it’s going to be to get that new piece of furniture into your home. Most of the time, they get it into the house and then it’s your problem to get it to the right room and position.

But when you purchase a beautifully, hand-crafted TVLiftCabinet, you’re going to get a very different experience. They call it the “white glove treatment.” But what does it mean and why will it spoil you for all other future deliveries?

First things first – when you select your favorite TVLiftCabinet, it always includes FREE shipping and the special white glove delivery treatment. Your TVLiftCabinet will be unpacked, inspected and placed wherever you want it in your home. The white glove experts (usually two people) let you call the shots, from setting the delivery date to positioning the cabinet exactly where you want it. Then when you’re completely happy with the placement, they’ll take all the packing material with them. No mess. No fuss. Just a perfect experience every time.

white glove

Why can’t everything in life be so simple?

School’s in session. Time to get ready for family fun and Holiday Season 2015?

It’s just not possible. The new backpack smell is still lingering in the hallway. The new athletic shoes are still clean and the lawns are still green. But as the stores begin to fill up with holiday décor and television commercials are pushing layaways, it is, indeed, time to get ahead before the most wonderful time of the year is upon us.

That’s especially true if you’re planning to host some of this year’s family festivities. If that’s the case, take a few minutes to walk around your home, focusing on rooms where people gather.  Ask yourself these questions. Are things looking tired? Is there enough space for everyone to gather to watch those big games as a group?


Huntington Fireplace TV Lift Cabinet

Meal planning can come much later, but refreshing your gathering spaces may take a little time. One piece that instantly warms up a room is a beautiful TVLiftCabinet with a fireplace. Imagine adding the beauty of a hand-crafted cabinet that becomes an instant focal point for your room. When you don’t want to see the television, it’s beautifully hidden and your guests will enjoy the gorgeous warm glow of a beautiful electric fireplace. And when it’s time for the big game or holiday movie, simply push a button, and your large, flat screen television will be visible to everyone in the room. Perfection.

So – don’t put it off another day. Take that walk today and maybe by the time the holidays roll around in a few short months, you’ll be 100% ready to open your doors and welcome your friends and family in style.

The Chatham TVLiftCabinet offers beauty, flexibility and function

I absolutely love adding pieces to my home that make a statement. The Chatham TVLiftCabinet is not only beautiful, it gives me great options for furniture placement in my family room.

Chatham Black TV Lift Cabinet

Chatham Black TV Lift Cabinet

The 360-degree electric swivel TV Lift provides the best possible way for more people to get the best views of all the sporting events that are so important to my family. Plus, since this cabinet is identical in the front and back, we can place it against a wall or free standing – whatever makes the most sense to get the best flow in my room.

I appreciate that the Chatham has built-in infrared to protect the TV and electronic components from the curious fingers of my grandchildren (who love to push buttons of all kinds.) Plus it’s much safer than wall-mounted televisions – another important perk for homes with children, grandchildren and pets. Yes – I have them all, so they’re always in the back of my mind whenever I add a new furnishing to my home.

I’m especially impressed with the craftsmanship of all TV Lift Cabinet units. For over thirty years, artisans have designed and built each unit with pride. The workmanship is stunning. But don’t take my word for it – check them out for yourself.

Will A 2016 Anti-Facebook Crusade Impact Home Designs?

A trend forecaster recently predicted that 2016 will be the anti-Facebook year of interior design. I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about, but I have to admit to being curious. Apparently many people are becoming so overwhelmed with over-sharing that they’ll be looking for places in their own homes to retreat and be comforted.

The designer, Laura Greenwood, says they’re exploring ways of creating cocooning qualities, as well as products where people can have social solitude. Whether it turns out to be an anti-Facebook year or not in 2016, we already know that there are times when you want to be social – and times when you crave solitude. That’s why we created a product to give you everything you want, whatever your mood. TVLiftCabinets.

Banyan Creek TV Lift Cabinet

Banyan Creek TV Lift Cabinet

Handcrafted by dedicated artisans, TVLiftCabinets are a stunning addition to your home, giving you the flexibility of disguising your entertainment system without compromising elegance. One of the most popular units is Banyan Creek. Like all units, the cabinet allows you to control your electronics without opening the solid wood doors – and has plenty of storage to keep all your audiovisual equipment out-of-site. Clean. Clutter-free.

And ready for you to retreat in the comfort of your own home.

High Point Market Experts Expect Drama To Make A Comeback for 2016

Everyone who works in the home furnishings business knows that many style trends show up at the High Point Market in North Carolina each year. One of the style trends for 2016 is adding a touch of drama to your home.

If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt an instant, “aha” moment, it could be because there’s one piece – one beautifully handcrafted furnishing – that just commands your attention. If you’re trying to change your furnishings or create a space that adds a little drama, consider adding a  TVLiftCabinet to give your room instant style and grace.

Somerset TV Lift Cabinet

Somerset TV Lift Cabinet

The Somerset TVLiftCabinet, made of handcrafted solid maple, is as stylish as it is functional. It’s a real showstopper. Like all TVLiftCabinets, the Somerset comes fully assembled and ready to use. It fits televisions up to 60 inches and features ventilated shelves to keep televisions and electronics cool – and out-of-site.  Let’s face it; a dark piece of furniture draws attention. When paired with your other furnishings, textiles and art, the Somerset unit will be the balance your room needs to add instant drama and function.

Check it out today.

Bedrooms: Not Just For Sleeping Anymore

Remember when bedrooms were just for sleep? Today many people are living in close quarters. From studio and one-bedroom apartments and condominiums, people are constantly seeking ways to live well in small spaces. Each space needs to serve a purpose and many people are looking for ideas to make bedrooms sanctuaries that not only provide the basic furnishings for sleep, but also provide space to work and relax. Contemporary bedroom furniture and space-saving designs help maximize space in small rooms to make them feel more spacious.

Living well in close quarters requires, among other things, efficient furnishings. Here are a few tips to consider if you’re hoping to make your bedroom a multi-purpose space that’s as functional as it is beautiful.

1) Go vertical. If the ceilings are high enough, some people are adding lofts for beds so they can use the lower space for other living essentials. It’s an efficient way to maximize a small space, especially if you’re in a studio apartment.


Prism Black Swivel TV Lift

2) Be creative with room dividers. Some people turn to things like a TVLiftCabinet that looks great from all four sides to divide a space. There are even options with swivel so the TV can be seen from either side. It serves as a great tool to store a large flatscreen television, keeping it out-of-sight when not in use. It also has great storage options for all of the paraphernalia that today’s modern electronics require. Multi-functional furniture like a TVLiftCabinet fit right into today’s modern designs.

3) Consider a Murphy or Pull-out Bed. Today’s options are limitless when it comes to comfortable sleep options. Sleek and sophisticated beds are out-of-sight until you need them and the backs of them can be turned into desks or other functioning space for your bedroom.

4) A well-designed nightstand can do double-duty as a desk. Just make sure it’s wide enough to hold a computer and close to an outlet for easy access to power.

5) Mount shelves and hooks on the walls to serve as storage for books, clothes, and other items you need to make your space uniquely yours. There are so many great options to make sure you’re maximizing your vertical space.

So, have fun. Small bedrooms can be so much more than a bed and a dresser – and the extra functionality will make it a more comfortable place to be.

And now, a few words from our customers…

Each month we share information about how you can add style and function to your home – wherever that might be. But we also love hearing from our customers about how they’re enjoying their new TVLiftCabinets. So we thought we’d share some of their comments with you today from customers all over the United States. Enjoy.

“Sometimes when you surf the Internet, you stumble upon great products. Your TV lifts are one of those things. I purchased your Metropolitan TV Lift for my family room and it looks amazing. Friends and family have been floored.” Mike T., Carmel Valley, CA

Remington Electric Fireplace

Remington Electric Fireplace

“I am sitting here grinning from ear to ear about the Remington Fireplace!!!! This is better than I ever expected.” Merideth C., Dallas, TX

“I just wanted to send you a note that I am very pleased with the Banyan Creek TV Lift. It is much better than it looked in your pictures & extremely well built. As you said, the TV was easy to mount. Thank you again!” Dr. Claudine T., Durham, NC

“I’ve been making custom cabinetry for 7 years. I didn’t think there was anything I could not build for less. But, ultimately, I was surprised to learn that that is not true. Your product is well built and the finish is incredible.” John C., Martinsville, VA


Crystal Pointe

“My husband and I had been searching at length for a TV cabinet to suit our needs. After purchasing the Crystal Pointe online from your website, we received one that far exceeded our expectations. Not only were we thrilled with the cabinet, the customer support was equally exemplary. Thank you for a great product!” Joanne L., Woodbridge, CT

We want to thank all of our customers for allowing us to bring these cabinets into their homes. We hope each and every person has the same experience with TVLiftCabinet. In fact, we guarantee it.


When TV Mounting Brackets Fail, You Could Lose More Than A TV

Last fall more than 200,000 flat screen television wall mounts were recalled by Costco because of a defect that could cause the TV to detach and fall, posing a risk of injury for consumers and pets. In 2010, 131,000 flat screen television wall mounts by Milestone AV Technologies were recalled because they could allow the televisions to fall off the wall.

Imagine how you would feel if that television you waited for so long tumbled to the ground, shattering into a thousand pieces. But what happens if that bracket fails and the TV falls on a child? That worst-case scenario came true for a family in 2009 when a TV wall mount broke and the falling television killed a two-year old.

If you choose to go with a wall mount bracket, it’s probably in your best interest to have a professional do the installation – either by the retailer or the manufacturer. You should also identify a location that isn’t above a child’s play area or pet bed when deciding where the television will be mounted.

Or you could do what many people are doing and do away with wall mounts altogether. They’re turning to TVLiftCabinets that don’t require you to take a risk by hanging something on the wall. concord_6313_3Instead, the television is placed on a lift mechanism to safely rise when you’re ready to watch your favorite shows, and disappear into a beautiful, hand-crafted cabinet to protect it from little fingers. CEO Rob Buehl says that one of the primary reasons people turn to TVLiftCabinets is to make sure they protect their investment, and keep their family and pets safe. “It’s really a smart way to enjoy your flatscreen television and protect your family from harm.”

Curious? Check out a TVLiftCabinet today. It’s the safe way to entertain in style.

It’s Easy To Customize your TVLiftCabinet

Adding your own special touches to your condo, apartment or house is what makes it your home. Custom paints, stone finishes, cabinets and more await you in every interior design shop and big box store, but it’s sometimes tough to find home furnishings that have exactly what you want to match your personal style.

custom_imageIf you’re considering adding a beautiful, Amish-crafted TVLiftCabinet to your home, it’s easy to exactly what you want for your home. These cabinets are great for maximizing space while showcasing your flat screen television. They’re designed to keep your components cool, hide unsightly wires and lift your television quietly and easily. Plus, a built-in infrared relay system means you can easily operate the electronics while the cabinet doors are shut.

You can customize the cabinet size and design to your exact specifications.

Here’s all you need to do. First check out the custom section of the TVLiftCabinet website. Then follow these steps:

It usually takes 8-12 weeks from start to finish, but you’ll get the exact décor match you want. Choose any wood and eco-friendly, durable finish to match your personal style. There are no surprises, and, as always, free shipping.

Curious? Give us a call and let us help you make your vision a reality.

Customize Your Nautical Space

I was watching an episode of House Hunters a couple of weeks ago that featured homeowners seeking houseboats. Fascinating. I knew there were pockets of marinas around the country where people enjoyed living the dream on waterways without the hassles of yard work or nosy neighbors, but I never realized it had become such a phenomena around the country. You’d expect to see houseboat marinas in Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington, but now more and more people all over the United States seeking that experience.

Whether you’re investing in a houseboat or customizing space in a yacht, one thing is certain: you need to maximize every inch of the living space. Multi-functional furnishings are the only way to go. It’s also important to create a space that reflects your personal style and taste.

While some people go with trendier looks, most prefer a more neutral color palette that can be easily updated with accent pieces, like pillow and throws. One thing that is constant is a desire to stay connected to the mainland with top electronics and technology. Flat screen and smart televisions are equally important to the nautical crowd as they are in most modern homes. Small details matter, but hiding functional items is also important. crystal_pointe_360_swivel_4471swiv_1According to top designers, Murphy beds that recess into the wall during the day, televisions that live in TVLiftCabinets when not in use, and built-in ranges and cabinets are all on the rise.

Rob Buehl, CEO of TVLiftCabinet, says that people are seeking more customized cabinets for houseboats and yachts. “One of the things they worry about is protecting electronics from the salty sea breezes,” said Buehl. “Keeping electronics protected when not in use can certainly help protect them, whether you’re on land or sea. One thing is certain, when space is at a premium, a beautiful TVLiftCabinet unit will give you peace-of-mind,  storage and space for all those other must-have personal belongings you’ll need to make your nautical space a home. ”

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