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When TV Mounting Brackets Fail, You Could Lose More Than A TV

Last fall more than 200,000 flat screen television wall mounts were recalled by Costco because of a defect that could cause the TV to detach and fall, posing a risk of injury for consumers and pets. In 2010, 131,000 flat screen television wall mounts by Milestone AV Technologies were recalled because they could allow the televisions to fall off the wall.

Imagine how you would feel if that television you waited for so long tumbled to the ground, shattering into a thousand pieces. But what happens if that bracket fails and the TV falls on a child? That worst-case scenario came true for a family in 2009 when a TV wall mount broke and the falling television killed a two-year old.

If you choose to go with a wall mount bracket, it’s probably in your best interest to have a professional do the installation – either by the retailer or the manufacturer. You should also identify a location that isn’t above a child’s play area or pet bed when deciding where the television will be mounted.

Or you could do what many people are doing and do away with wall mounts altogether. They’re turning to TVLiftCabinets that don’t require you to take a risk by hanging something on the wall. concord_6313_3Instead, the television is placed on a lift mechanism to safely rise when you’re ready to watch your favorite shows, and disappear into a beautiful, hand-crafted cabinet to protect it from little fingers. CEO Rob Buehl says that one of the primary reasons people turn to TVLiftCabinets is to make sure they protect their investment, and keep their family and pets safe. “It’s really a smart way to enjoy your flatscreen television and protect your family from harm.”

Curious? Check out a TVLiftCabinet today. It’s the safe way to entertain in style.

It’s Easy To Customize your TVLiftCabinet

Adding your own special touches to your condo, apartment or house is what makes it your home. Custom paints, stone finishes, cabinets and more await you in every interior design shop and big box store, but it’s sometimes tough to find home furnishings that have exactly what you want to match your personal style.

custom_imageIf you’re considering adding a beautiful, Amish-crafted TVLiftCabinet to your home, it’s easy to exactly what you want for your home. These cabinets are great for maximizing space while showcasing your flat screen television. They’re designed to keep your components cool, hide unsightly wires and lift your television quietly and easily. Plus, a built-in infrared relay system means you can easily operate the electronics while the cabinet doors are shut.

You can customize the cabinet size and design to your exact specifications.

Here’s all you need to do. First check out the custom section of the TVLiftCabinet website. Then follow these steps:

It usually takes 8-12 weeks from start to finish, but you’ll get the exact décor match you want. Choose any wood and eco-friendly, durable finish to match your personal style. There are no surprises, and, as always, free shipping.

Curious? Give us a call and let us help you make your vision a reality.

Customize Your Nautical Space

I was watching an episode of House Hunters a couple of weeks ago that featured homeowners seeking houseboats. Fascinating. I knew there were pockets of marinas around the country where people enjoyed living the dream on waterways without the hassles of yard work or nosy neighbors, but I never realized it had become such a phenomena around the country. You’d expect to see houseboat marinas in Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington, but now more and more people all over the United States seeking that experience.

Whether you’re investing in a houseboat or customizing space in a yacht, one thing is certain: you need to maximize every inch of the living space. Multi-functional furnishings are the only way to go. It’s also important to create a space that reflects your personal style and taste.

While some people go with trendier looks, most prefer a more neutral color palette that can be easily updated with accent pieces, like pillow and throws. One thing that is constant is a desire to stay connected to the mainland with top electronics and technology. Flat screen and smart televisions are equally important to the nautical crowd as they are in most modern homes. Small details matter, but hiding functional items is also important. crystal_pointe_360_swivel_4471swiv_1According to top designers, Murphy beds that recess into the wall during the day, televisions that live in TVLiftCabinets when not in use, and built-in ranges and cabinets are all on the rise.

Rob Buehl, CEO of TVLiftCabinet, says that people are seeking more customized cabinets for houseboats and yachts. “One of the things they worry about is protecting electronics from the salty sea breezes,” said Buehl. “Keeping electronics protected when not in use can certainly help protect them, whether you’re on land or sea. One thing is certain, when space is at a premium, a beautiful TVLiftCabinet unit will give you peace-of-mind,  storage and space for all those other must-have personal belongings you’ll need to make your nautical space a home. ”

Maximize Space for Multi-generational Families

According to a 2014 study by the National Association of Realtors, 14% of all buyers are purchasing multi-generational homes. A 2014 Pew study estimates that more than 50 million people live in multi-generational homes. While cost savings (18%) and health/caretaking of aging parents (15%) are some of the reasons for the growth, the primary reason is children over 18 moving back into the house (38%).

Another study looking at habits of Millennials (born between 1980 and 1984), found that 90% move out of their parents’ homes by age 27 – and 50% of those individuals move back to their parents’ homes.

And everyone has an opinion of how they’d like to create their own personal spaces. Although every family has unique circumstances, there are a few things you can do to help make life a little easier for everyone.

Have one large gathering space

Providing a space where the entire family can get together is a good idea. Whether it’s a central living room or dining space, it should be large enough to include every family member so everyone feels welcomed.

huntington-fireplace-lift-rm-scene-open_1Optimize functionality to maximize the square footage

As your household grows, it will be critical to select furnishings that serve dual purposes to ensure you get the most impact from every square foot. One example might be to select a TVLiftCabinet to house your flat screen television, gaming components and other clutter. When the television is not in use, you have a beautiful cabinet that can become a focal point in the room. For those who want televisions in their bedrooms, TVLiftCabinets are also a great option for maximizing functionality in small spaces and providing additional storage space for personal belongings.

Be sure to accommodate every generation

Creating multiple common areas allows each generation to have their own space. This may be a study area outside a secondary bedroom for homework, or a bonus room with separate beverage stations where both young and old can connect without disturbing others in the household.

Congratulations to the Father’s Day Sweepstakes Winner

We are happy to announce the winner of the Father’s Day Sweepstakes is Ken Hallo. His special thoughts about his dad:

“My dad is wonderful. My parents were divorced and my dad was single for years. I remember going there on weekends and he always did his best to cook great meals for us, even though cooking wasn’t his strong suit!”

Congratulations Ken, and enjoy your Carousel TV Lift Cabinetcarousel brown TV lift cabinet and flat screen TV!

Happy Father’s Day – It’s Time For A Sweepstakes

Your Dad means everything to you!

Tell us about that and…

You could win a TV Lift Cabinet and 42″ Flat Screen TV from

The late Tim Russert one said, “The older I get, the smarter my father seems to get.” I don’t know about you, but I think he nailed it. Dads are sometimes the unsung heroes in our worlds, quietly supporting us through good and bad times. This year, you have a chance to do something wonderful for your dad by entering the TVLiftCabinet Father’s Day Sweepstakes for a chance to win a beautiful TVLiftCabinet and a 42-inch flat screen television – just in time for Father’s Day 2015.

“Father’s Day is a big deal in my family,” says Rob Buehl, CEO of TVLiftCabinet. “It’s the one day devoted to honoring our dads who work so hard to keep families strong. It’s also a day when dads get to control the remotes without arguments, so we thought we’d make it a very special day for one dad with our Father’s Day Sweepstakes.”

Here’s how it works. Starting May 1, 2015, enter by posting a comment below and share a memory of good times with your Dad. Then, go to the TVLiftCabinet Facebook page and “Like” the page to automatically receive five additional entries into the contest. Contestants who link from their blog to the TVLiftCabinet blog will receive five entries. The contest closes on May 31, 2015.

It’s easy to enter- simply click the LOGIN button below to enter to win!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Others can enter by sending a standard postcard to: TVLiftCabinet Big Game Giveaway, 2295 Corporate Blvd. NW, Suite 221, Boca Raton, FL  33431. No purchase is required to enter the contest. All entries and posts must be received by May 31, 2015. You must live in the in the continental United States. You can find complete contest rules here.

The winner will receive a Carousel Brown TVLiftCabinet and a new 42-inch flat screen television, total value approximately $2400.

So get ready to have some fun and honor dad at the same time. The contest begins May 1, 2015. Ready. Set. Time to honor dad.

Things you should know:

  • You must live in the Continental United States to play.
  • The winner will be randomly chosen on June 1, 2015 and contacted by TV Lift Cabinet.
  • Shipping will occur immediately after the winner is announced and contacted.
  • Contest winner is responsible for accepting the shipment when it arrives, and installation of the cabinet in their home.

No purchase is necessary. Entries can also be made by sending a standard postcard to:
TV Lift Cabinet Big Game Giveaway
2295 Corporate Blvd NW – Suite 221
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Here are the official contest rules.

Downsizing to Smaller Homes Is the New Trend

The less-is-more philosophy has come to the family home, with square footage taking a back seat to quality, functionality, charm and character. Lis King’s story for the Tallahassee Magazine last fall is a great reminder of a trend many designers are seeing in their businesses. Here are some of the points she shares with her readers.

  • People are more interested in reconnecting with family and friends in deeper ways than in show-off houses, and the result is a trend towards smaller, smarter homes.
  • The formal dining room has become a flex room. It can be a home office, a library, a downstairs bedroom. Also, the downstairs powder room is now becoming a full bath, so with the flex room you now have a first-floor master suite, very desirable today. With assisted living costs sky high, aging parents move in with their children.
  • The new smaller home also emphasizes outdoor living spaces like never before.
  • Simpler is better. TVLiftCabinet CEO Rob Buehl says that many people who are downsizing still want what they want – including large concord_6313_3flatscreen televisions. “They don’t have the wall space to mount the television they had in their larger home,” said Buehl. “They also need to maximize the spaces in each room, so some of our customers are purchasing TVLiftCabinets for their living rooms and bedrooms. By day, it’s a beautiful, Amish hand-crafted cabinet that provides plenty of storage (out of sight). At night, it’s a functional entertainment vehicle, for watching television, gaming or whatever the homeowners’ desire.”

Style and function in one unit is perfect when you’re downsizing. King offers some other suggestions if you’re considering going down the downsizing route. It’s worth a read.

Join the Minimalism Movement – it’s easier than you think

Minimalism is considered by some people to be one of the crowning architectural achievements of the 20th century. In a culture that has been taught that more is more, it’s becoming more common for many people to begin to purge the past and embrace a clutter-free lifestyle.

William Morris’ once said, “Have nothing in your house you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” With less clutter to plow through, you can enjoy the unique beauty of each piece of furniture or art in your home.

The trick is to take it room by room. Clear all clutter and don’t add anything back until you’re down to the flooring. Separate things into three piles: Things to donate, things to keep and things to throw away. Keep in mind that many things can be recycled. Your keep pile should be the smallest.

TVLift Cabinet – Moderna with Espresso Finish

Then, start with larger furniture. What do you absolutely need to be comfortable in your living space? A couch. A chair. A table. A TVLiftCabinet for the television and storage that keeps the TV invisible when not being used and all electronic gadgets out of site. Minimalism styles are very clean and streamlined. There might be one picture on the wall or a sculpture in the corner. If it’s not useful or beautiful, it’s time to move it out. CEO Rob Buehl says that people who prefer a minimalist look often select white and espresso finishes, as well as cabinetry with sleek lines. “The most popular styles for people who prefer a minimalist look are Concord, Prism and Moderna.”

Planning Your Summer Vacation? Consider Joining the RVers and Hit the Road in Style

According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association recently conducted research through the University of Michigan on the state of the industry. There are now 8.9 million households that own recreational vehicles (RVs), up from 7.9 million in 2005.

The reason: More and more people learn how RVing is a cost-effective and fun way to spend time with family and friends. The RV industry is addressing consumer needs by “right-sizing” RVs to offer the mix of amenities and price that consumers want. Some of the recent trends to get the RVs road-ready include:

  • Greater use of light-weight construction materials to cut fuel consumption and make RVs more budget-friendly.
  • Adoption of green construction strategies to minimize energy consumption, including more efficient thermal barriers, improved solar panels, tinted windows and installation of Energy Star appliances.
  • Up-sizing kitchens and bathrooms to accommodate full-size appliances, full-size tub/showers and dual sinks.rv_lift_banner
  • Use of picture and panoramic windows to improve interior lighting and bring the outdoors in.
  • Increased use of vertical space and specialized built-ins (knife safes, door caddies, accordion-style pantries, entertainment systems) to maximize storage space.

TVLiftCabinet CEO Rob Buehl said he’s seen an uptick in the number of customers that want to include customized TVLiftCabinets in their RVs. “Every inch counts in an RV, but people don’t want to compromise on their large flatscreen televisions when they’re on the road for weeks at a time. Because these cabinets also provide excellent storage space, it’s a perfect addition for today’s recreational vehicles.

Spring Cleaning? Time to make room for family in your living room.

Spring is the perfect time to remove clutter and excess from your home.  De-cluttering is THE buzzword this year when it comes to spring cleaning – though it should be common sense if you want to breathe easier every time you concord_6313_3
walk in one of the most important rooms in your home. Clearing the clutter lifts a huge weight off your shoulders and home! It’s a great time to rediscover the hidden gems that are contained within your home and redistribute them accordingly. Or better yet – discover ways to reduce clutter and continue to live the way your family wants to live.

One area of the living room that’s a constant source of clutter is the entertainment area. Cords everywhere. Video game clutter. DVDs and CDs stacked precariously in a basket. And everywhere you look there’s dust. One way to take your family  room back and clear the clutter is to invest in a TV Lift Cabinet.  For many families, the television area is a focal point in the room, so it’s the place the eye typically goes to when you step into the area. A TVLiftCabinet is the perfect solution for hiding all those cords, video game items, DVDs and CDs out of site, available when you need them, and keeping your living room clutter-free. One of the most popular units for people with families is the Concord. It not only solves your clutter problem, but it is a beautiful hand-crafted cabinet that will be a perfect addition to your home.

Once you reduce your clutter, you’ll rediscover why you fell in love with your family room in the first place.

Plus – there’s more room for friends and family. And that’s always a good thing.



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