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The tiny house movement – everything you need (and some stuff you want)


These days, you can’t turn around without seeing or hearing about tiny houses. There are new shows on HGTV, new websites and blogs and are tiny houses are popping up in virtually every town in America. I live in a small town in Wisconsin and there are now six tiny houses on the edge of town, ready to rent out.

The impetus for the movement: people choosing to downsize their home space. The typical American home is around 2,600 square feet; a tiny house is between 200 and 400 square feet.

There are many reasons people are taking a hard look at tiny homes, including:

  • Environmental concerns
  • Financial concerns
  • More quality time
  • Freedom

Whatever the reason people are heading for smaller spaces, each inch of a tiny home has a purpose. I had to chuckle when I watched an episode of Tiny House Hunters the other day. One couple wanted to declutter their lives and have more freedom to travel. But one thing the husband refused to part with was his flatscreen television. The size of the space and the TV limited options for them, but he wasn’t budging. His wife kept rolling her eyes. Part of me wondered if they were really ready for a tiny home, but that’s a different kind of show.

Too bad he didn’t know about the great TVMirrors that are available from TVLiftCabinet. That would have solved his problem on the spot. Every home has a mirror (sizes vary, of course). Even tiny houses need mirrors. Everything you need (and one thing you really, really want).

Talk about win/win.

Time to hit the road and enjoy every moment of the journey!

Outdoor recreation is booming these days. In fact, RVing hasn’t been this popular since before the recession in the early 2000s. People of all backgrounds and ages are getting away to the outdoors – and hitting the road to see what’s around the bend. Some people are not only giving up landlines, they’re giving up their home base to live in their RVs full-time. Increases in telecommuting options and the lower costs of living in an RV are making this lifestyle a huge trend, especially among adventure-seeking millennials.

One thing that has made this trend possible is the advances in RV tech. Newer RVs are fully equipped to be “smart homes.” This includes touchscreens to control the environment, dim the lights and even bring down the awnings. It also includes sophisticated GPS systems and satellite/Wi-Fi technologies that allow them to get away and stay in touch along the way.

Manufacturers are also producing more enjoyable living spaces in today’s modern RVs – both living and sleeping spaces are more luxurious. Lighter materials and dual-purpose décor are helping to create homey RV havens. One great example of a perfect fit for the RV lifestyle is the TVMirror from These units come in many different styles and sizes, but provide the practicality and beauty of a mirror, turning into a smart HD flatscreen television at the touch of a button. It’s a match made in RV heaven.

RV Living in 2017 means having all the comforts of home and the freedom of the open road.

Empty nest? We’ve got you covered

We’re moving into a transitional season – high school and college grads are prepping for final exams, and for moving into their next life phase. Moms and dads everywhere are getting ready for a lot of firsts. One of the firsts that tends to get overlooked is the first empty nest – when the last child leaves home to start their life adventure. For some, this is a bittersweet experience – the quiet can be unnerving. For others, it’s a chance to re-imagine your life and your home. For me, it was a chance to finally have the space to add more of my personality to a home that had been full of sports gear, kids’ clothes and electronics for 25 years.

Our first new space was my home office. When my third child left, I decided to start my own consulting business. We turned one of the spare bedrooms into a dedicated work space. It’s separate from our day-to-day home life, and perfect for writing, thinking and privacy.

The next space we redid was for my husband – I call it the ultimate man cave. Our second living space in the basement at one time had a foosball table, poker table, exercise equipment, board games and a lifetime of boxes. We kept the poker table and got rid of everything else. We added some comfy lounge chairs and a TVLiftCabinet complete with a huge flatscreen television. When we have friends over, it’s a perfect place to relax. When the big game comes on, a simple push of the button, and the TV is front and center. It’s perfect.

So next time you hear someone grumbling about having an empty nest, remind them that there are a lot of perks to having some extra space. It’s the perfect time to turn your home into your new normal.

Graduations are just around the bend; give them a gift they’ll remember

Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming. Trees are budding. And seniors in high school and college are getting ready to launch into their next life phase. This year’s graduates are among the best and brightest of this generation – ready to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. As parents and grandparents around the world consider a gift worthy of their graduates’ achievements, it might be nice to think outside the box for something that will not only be practical, but remind them just how much they mean to you.

So, step away from jewelry and clothes, and try to find something they really want and need.

Smart televisions are all the rage, but most graduates (high school and college), will be moving into small apartments or dorms, with little to no room for a television. Consider one of the new TVMirrors that maximize minimal space. When not in use, it’s a beautiful mirror that graces any wall. When in use, it’s a fully functional smart television, ready for the next Netflix binge or big game.

They come in a wide variety of sizes, starting at 32” to 65”. Right now, TVLiftCabinet is offering 50% off TVMirrors when you buy directly from the company.


Imagine the look on your graduate’s face when they open a gift that will continue to give them pleasure for years to come. And while you’re at it, consider a TVMirror for your home, too. At 50% off, that’s like two for the price of one.

Spring cleaning? No problem, we’ve got you decluttered!

Spring is in the air. Trees and flowers are budding. And it’s time to shake out the dust and open some windows. Each year, I vow to clear away the clutter and every spring I’m reminded that I have a long way to go. This is definitely my year to declutter, once and for all.

A place for everything – and everything in its place. If you don’t have a space for something, you may not need it. Life is so much simpler when you know exactly where to find something. Sometimes you need small spaces – to keep things from getting jumbled. Sometimes you need to think big – like getting a cabinet with lots of storage to keep things organized. I really like the TVLiftCabinet because it keeps all the stuff that used to surround our television areas clean – all the time. When we want a movie or video game, we just pull out what we need and replace it when we’re done. When we want the television to disappear. Bam! One click and it’s gone. Kinda wish I had that one click wonder for other areas of my home.

Love it or lose it!  Going along with the previous tip, sometimes you just gotta let things go. Cleaning guru, Marie Kondo, says, “The very personal stuff in our homes is the hardest to lose but unless it ‘sparks joy in your heart, you should get rid of it.” She’s got some great tips that have helped me clear out containers that have been gathering dust for far too many years. I’m also telling my children who now have homes of their own that we are not a storage locker for all the stuff their significant others don’t want in their home.

Say good-bye to multiples. How many throw pillows do you really need? I took a hard look in my living room and there were eight throw pillows (for three pieces of furniture), four afghans (which never get used because we usually sit in the den) and candles everywhere. All gathering dust. Some were thoughtful gifts; others just things that sparked my eye for some reason or another, but reality suddenly hit me. Why? Along the lines of love it, or lose it, it’s time to part with multiples that just don’t make sense (probably never did).

I feel decluttered already. And you can do it too!

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