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The Product Focus of the Week – The Banyan Creek TV Lift Cabinet

Our Banyan Creek TV lift cabinet is a classic beauty.  This tradition cabinet is finished in a warm, inviting African mahogany stain.  With round edged doors and decorative trim panels, the Banyan Creek is exquisite.

The Banyan Creek has a heavy duty rack and pinion lift mechanism built inside that silently lowers and raises the television.  There is plenty of storage behind the front three cabinet doors of the Banyan Creek.  The center cabinet door also comes with interchangeable wood, glass, and speaker cloth panels to make the cabinet custom to your needs.

Our Infrared Relay System is also preinstalled within cabinet to operate AV equipment behind closed doors.  No longer do you have to have direct line of sight to operate your cable box.  The IR System is designed to relay commands from your cable remote down to flashing emitters inside cabinet that then bounce the commands to cable box.  There is no programming required to set this system up.  It is already built in, ready for you to use.  Simply plug and play!

Customer Spotlight: Henry from Pottsville, PA

What better way to hear feedback on our TV Lift Cabinets than straight from our customers’ mouths?  Henry from Pottsville, PA was kind enough to share his experience  and lovely photo of the Banyan Creek TV Lift Cabinet in his 100 year old home. Hear what Henry had to say below.

“One word best describes this product…WOW! I have researched many available products since 2008 and nothing compares overall to the Banyan Creek lift cabinet.  When the unit was delivered and unpacked I was blown away with the overall quality and looks of this beautiful piece of furniture.  Indeed, it exceeded my expectations.  Not only is it a handsome piece of furniture, the lift mechanism is quiet and smooth and the infrared systems work extremely well.  Attaching my 55in. LED TV to the lift mechanism was also easy with the help of my son.  We live in a very large 100 yr. old home and this cabinet fit in perfectly with all my other traditional furniture in my newly renovated sitting room.  I have been delighted to show off this cabinet and everyone who has seen it has echoed my sentiments.”

Thanks Henry for that glowing review.  We hope you enjoy your TV Lift Cabinet for many years to come!


Customer Spotlight – Dennis and Veronica from New Hope, Pennsylvania

This week we would like to feature the home of Dennis and Veronica from New Hope, Pennsylvania.  Dennis and Veronica’s family room showcases traditional lines with Caribbean accents.  The Banyan Creek TV lift cabinet blends in beautifully with their existing leather upholstered chair and ottoman.  The rich African mahogany finish of the Banyan Creek warms the room.

“Our story is simple; we love the look and the functioning of our lift TV unit. It impresses everyone who has seen it, both for its quality and for its uniqueness. Most have never seen anything like it before. If we had another place in our home that could accommodate another Lift TV unit we would buy it from you guys in a heartbeat”, states Dennis.

Thank you, Dennis and Veronica for sharing with us all, your lovely home.  If you like their home, tell us.  Click on the “like” button.

Sharp and Pioneer Bring Back the Line of Pioneer Elite Displays

Pioneer Elite HDTV

Pioneer Elite HDTV

Pioneer Elite HDTVs had been discontinued since 2009, but in a recent press release Sharp announced that it has been granted a license to begin producing Pioneer’s Elite brand of high-end displays in 2011. This is great news, especially since the Pioneer Elite screens were considered some of the top displays in their day, providing astounding color and black level reproduction. And the very impressive Pioneer Elite 60-inch flat-screen fit beautifully in the Banyan Creek XL TV Lift Cabinet.

After the country experienced a recession, however, these high-end (and high-dollar) displays could not withstand the onslaught of cheap LCD and plasma TVs. As part of the new deal, the flat-screen TV displays will be jointly marketed by Pioneer and Sharp, but they will only bear the name “Elite” and be sold, firstly, through Pioneer’s original Elite dealer network.

Sharp and Pioneer rightly believe that the market is once again ready for their Elite line of HDTVs, and we will be following the progress of their sales. Would you consider waiting to purchase an Elite this year over a Panasonic plasma or Samsung LCD? Let us know what you think.

According to, the Bestselling Movies and Video Games of 2010 Are…

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3, courtesy Pixar

And the winner is…well, But the bestselling movies and video games of 2010 that flew off Amazon’s cyber shelves are interesting and diverse ones. Read on to find out which ones made the cut and let us know if you watched or played any of these on your flat-screen TV or gaming console. You can also leave us your own review of the movie or game, along with which TV lift cabinet you have or are considering buying. We look forward to your comments!

While Amazon’s bestselling product (ever) was the third-generation Kindle, and the bestselling and most wished for book to go with the e-reader was Steig Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, when it came to movies, the top-grossing movie of 2010 was Toy Story 3. It was also the most popular movie gift on Amazon. In the theaters, Toy Story 3 grossed $109 million its first weekend, which is the best start for any of Pixar’s 11 features. It played on 7,700 screens at 4,028 locations. Pixar’s previous opening weekend record came from Shrek the Third.

Money aside, when it came to sheer number of movies sold on Amazon in 2010, the bestseller was The Blind Side, with Sandra Bullock, and the Leonardo DiCaprio thriller, Inception, was Amazon’s most wished-for film.

When gamers threw their hat in the ring, Amazon saw Call of Duty: Black Ops as the bestselling game, but when it came to receiving a game as a gift (perhaps because many gamers wouldn’t buy it for themselves), Just Dance 2 for Nintendo Wii was the game most gift-wrapped in 2010.

Perhaps since Amazon’s list only calculated sales from January 1 to December 15, it couldn’t include the sales of Microsoft’s Kinect and its associated games, but it’s something to watch for in 2011. The Kinect, by the way, is perfectly suited for most of ImportAdvantage’s TV lift cabinets that have a stable top (such as the Banyan Creek TV Lift Cabinet). Microsoft recommends that the Kinect be placed anywhere between two and six feet high, and the Banyan Creek TV Lift Cabinet’s top non-moving shelf is approximately three feet high.

Which films and games will top the charts in 2011? It will be exciting to see what comes out and how technologies such as 3D media players, updated gaming consoles and accessories and crystal clear flat-screen TVs affect DVD and game sales. Do you have any predictions?

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