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TV Lift Cabinets for Vacation Homes

Are you designing your vacation home master bedroom?  If so, you may wish to select one of the following three foot-of-the-bed TV lift cabinets for your bedroom.

Bermuda Run for Island Living

The Bermuda Run TV Lift Cabinet is part of our trunk collection.  This cabinet inspired by tropical island living is made of wicker, rich brown leather and Caribbean woods.  The leather bound corners are nailed in place by hand by our expert Craftsmen.  The Bermuda Run TV lift cabinet holds up to most 46” TVs with maximum TV size dimensions at 44″W x 4-3/4″D x 28-7/8″H. The cabinet also features plenty of room to conceal TV and two electronic components. There are pre-cut holes at bottom of cabinet for feeding cords underneath cabinet to an electric outlet.

Carousel White for the Cottage by the Sea

The Carousel White TV lift cabinet is constructed of solid maple wood and manufactured right here in the United States.  This cabinet is finished on all four sides in a classic white paint.

The Carousel is the only TV lift cabinet in our entire collection to feature caster wheels built into the bottom of cabinet.  The caster wheels allow owners to easily move cabinet around home to enjoy the television from different angles.  The base of cabinet has two pre-cut holes one either side of cabinet to feed cords underneath cabinet to electric outlet.  Max TV dimensions without stand are 43-3/4” x 5” x 27”. The Carousel White has room for TV and two electronic components.  Overall cabinet dimensions are 47-7/8”W x 20-1/2”D x 39-1/2”H.

Belle Cream for the French Countryside Retreat

The Belle Cream TV lift cabinet is so shabby chic!  This vintage cabinet is inspired by the French countryside.  It has beautiful romantic curved legs and rounded edges.  The lid is stained in a walnut brown while the rest of the cabinet is custom distress painted in a weathered cream.  The painting process is done by hand to bring an antique appearance to the cabinet.  The Belle TV lift cabinet has plenty of room for a 46”TV and two electric components. The maximum TV dimensions without the TV Stand are 43″W x 4-3/4″D x 28-7/8″H.  The Belle is a designer’s favorite.

Customer Spotlight from Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Shack Owner (Anonymous) from Pawleys Island, South Carolina

We have customers from time to time who use our TV Lift Cabinets to jazz up their vacation rental properties.  One of our customers from South Carolina did just that and decided to use the Carousel White TV Lift Cabinet in their coastal vacation rental property.  The Carousel White is the perfect TV lift cabinet for coastal living.  With its “picket fence” white coloring and classic trim it is sure add cottage charm to any home.

“We have this cabinet in our vacation rental home. It fits perfectly and meets our needs for a TV in our space. This cabinet is attractive clean-looking design and I would say the quality is very good…” – Shack Owner, Pawleys Island, SC.

This homeowner was kind enough to share their before and after pictures of their home.  See below.



Watch Out for Sneaky Cable Deals!

I recently bought a condo and am now looking for reasonable cable options.  Since I am living by myself, I do not have the luxury of splitting the cable bill and am looking for the most affordable option.

Through my research, I have discovered that all the big name cable providers are offering deals on cable packages.  On first glance, you may think the deals are good.  However, take a look at the fine print.  These deals are not good at all!  This is what I discovered.

AT&T which provides DirectTV, had a deal offering basic cable for as low as $29.99 for 12 months.  However, if you read the fine print you discover you must sign into a two year contract.  This means that after the first year, your cable bill nearly doubles to rates as high as $54-$60, and this is just for basic cable.  Imagine how much your bill would increase for add-ons!  Comcast and Verizon are also guilty of doing this same sneaky sale tactic.  Which leaves many consumers such as myself without an affordable cable option.

I did find out courtesy of an article, that cable providers are required by the FCC to offer a limited basic cable option.  I did try to inquire about this from Comcast and was informed that in my area it is still $20.99 per month and only gets you channels 1-22.  Is it me, or does that seem high?  I am at the point, where I would like them to bring back the analog rabbit antennas.  At least then I could get for free the standard 3 to 4 channels.

This led my search in a new direction.  I discovered that Netflix is offering a one month free trial and then it is only $7.99 per month after the trial period is over.  With Netflix I can get thousands of movies and TV shows without the commercials.  However, I will lose the capability to watch shows when first aired.  That is the trade off. I will also need to purchase a Wii, Play Station or one of their other compatible components in order to get NetFlix to work on my TV within my Carousel White TV lift cabinet.   I have decided I would rather pay a one-time fee with very low monthly payments than pay high monthly payments over the years.  If you do the math, Netflix will save you hundreds.

Spring 2011 Trend: Beach Inspired Decor

Since the wrap-up of the High Point Furniture Market, I have been reading many reviews that highlight the trend of nautical/beach inspired décor. One key element when trying to achieve this look is white washed furniture. White furniture keeps the room light and airy. Cool colors like blue and sea foam green are perfect accents. Also, don’t be afraid of bold patterns! Interior designers aren’t shying away from ocean inspired motifs. Anchors, marine life, and boat patterns are covering everything from throw pillows to the upholstery of sofas and ottomans.

Incorporating a TV lift cabinet into beach inspired décor is easier than you might think. ImportAdvantage offers several TV lift cabinet designs that would be a perfect fit. My personal favorite is the Coastal Creations but Carousel, Crystal Pointe, Moderna and Prism are all available with a white finish. With such a large selection, it’s easy to find a TV lift cabinet that incorporates your personal style into a beach inspired room.

New Product Focus – Carousel White TV Lift Cabinet

This TV lift cabinet is perfect for coastal living decor.  With its clean lines and classic white finish on all four sides, this is sure to be a lovely addition to any home.  The Carousel White TV lift cabinet is built from richly grained hardwood. Its framed panels are perfect for complementing existing wainscoting.  Plus, the Carousel White has casters hidden underneath the trim molding for easy mobility.  The Carousel White can be used against a wall, at the foot of the bed or free standing.  It accommodates up to most 46” TVs.

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