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Sleek Entertainment Center Design on a Budget

Typically, when it comes to furnishing your home and designing a home theater setup, functionality comes first, and then, if the budget allows, design and style comes second. Oftentimes, this will result in a very functional but bland looking entertainment setup. Why would you want to spend a huge chunk of your time sitting in a room that is purely utilitarian?

Many people see a TV lift or TV cabinet as a luxury for the rich. In actuality, a TV lift or TV lift cabinet can be added to your living space at a relatively low cost. Rather than spending your design budget on something purely decorative, you should try and combine  functionality and design to conserve funds. When not in use, a TV lift cabinet still adds flavor to a room and can act as a temporary shelf. The living room or den can quickly convert from being focused around a television (like most living rooms), into being laid out for entertaining. It is amazing what hiding a TV can do for the ambiance of the room during a party or gathering. Once it’s time to put on a movie or share family photos,  the TV is useable again with the click of a button. With hundreds of designs, you can find the one that will fit your style!

TV Lift in Closed Position

TV Lift in Closed Position

Powering Your Entertainment Center with a TV Lift

In the past 20 years or so, the entertainment center has become the focal point of living rooms and bedrooms everywhere. Though TVs are very functional and are, in many cases, used every day, there isn’t a good solution for putting them away when company is over or they are not being used. Many have decided to upgrade their entertainment centers with TV lifts to hide the TV when it is not needed, or even to easily adjust the height of the screen for different viewing angles.

Adding a TV lift to an entertainment center is a great way to maximize space and versatility while also making it easy to adjust the screen when necessary. Many also go an extra step farther and buy a TV lift cabinet to completely hide their TV when it is not in use. Many great choices are available to fit any décor. These pieces of furniture are great for people who only bring their TV out rarely as well as those who use their TVs every day. These cabinets can hide the television screen itself as well as all of the A/V components that are necessary for a great home theater. Some TV lift cabinets even have built in IR sensors so your remote will work on electronics enclosed in a cabinet.


Now is the Time to Save!

Shopping for furniture is never an easy task, however, at this time of year – it’s the best thing you can be doing. Right now, there are tons of great furniture sales happening as many retailers look to sell off the year’s collections before new pieces start to arrive. With so many deals to take advantage of, it’s no wonder that so many people choose to redecorate during winter!

This season, as you try to stay warm, think about warming up your home with some brand new entertainment furniture from Right now, we have some great deals on TV lifts, TV cabinets, and TV stands that are simply perfect for adding that final touch to your favorite space. Plus, with tons of options to choose from, you can always find the right fit for your home. Shop our selection today and take advantage of fantastic savings on beautiful, real wood furniture that’s sure to become an heirloom piece.

Enjoy our furniture for many years to come and add beauty to your home by letting provide you with the best in home entertainment furniture today.

Why You Need a New TV Stand

Alright, we know you’re guilty of it. Your TV is probably propped up on some sort of makeshift table or in a hand-me down entertainment center. What happened to style? What happened to functionality? You know that you don’t have to sacrifice both in your living room, especially with a TV as nice as yours. Start treating your TV like it should be by really storing it on a TV Stand that can fit it properly and offer the support and functionality it needs to make your living room one of your favorite spaces.

Besides being a great way to support your TV and bring it up to an appropriate viewing level, TV stands work to organize your living room and really create anchoring points in the space. Be sure that you’re choosing TV stands or entertainment centers that work in well with the rest of your décor and help to reinforce the look and feel that you’re going for in that particular space.

Finally, TV stands help to get your organized. With the right TV stand, there’s no messing with tons of wires, no fussing with your devices, and no hunting through piles of DVDs to find the right movie. With shelves and drawers, the right TV stand can change the way you enjoy your living room by creating a proper place for everything.

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