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Add Space to Your Bedroom with a TV Lift

Many bedrooms and living spaces are barely large enough to contain the basic necessities of sleep (such as a bed and dresser), but most people enjoy having a TV in their bedroom for watching in bed. In many cases, people would prefer not to have to switch to a smaller bed just to fit a TV stand in their bedroom. This problem is solved by adding a TV lift cabinet or foot-of-the-bed tv lift. These pieces of furniture can really add depth and openness to a room when the TV is stored and make the process of bringing it out and putting it away as simple as possible.

Though using a TV lift cabinet is a great solution for a small bedroom, even in bedrooms with plenty of space, using a TV lift can enhance the décor of your room by hiding an unsightly TV. Many people with large bedrooms are happy to have a TV there from time to time without having to look at it when it’s not in use. A TV can oftentimes become the focal point of a room inadvertently. Many people prefer to use a TV lift to take the TV out of the decorating equation and keep it out of sight until it is needed.

Since TV lifts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes,  including modern, antique, various woods, etc, it’s easy to find one that fits into your current room at the price you need. Add extra space to small rooms or modernize large rooms.

TV Lift Cabinets for Vacation Homes

Are you designing your vacation home master bedroom?  If so, you may wish to select one of the following three foot-of-the-bed TV lift cabinets for your bedroom.

Bermuda Run for Island Living

The Bermuda Run TV Lift Cabinet is part of our trunk collection.  This cabinet inspired by tropical island living is made of wicker, rich brown leather and Caribbean woods.  The leather bound corners are nailed in place by hand by our expert Craftsmen.  The Bermuda Run TV lift cabinet holds up to most 46” TVs with maximum TV size dimensions at 44″W x 4-3/4″D x 28-7/8″H. The cabinet also features plenty of room to conceal TV and two electronic components. There are pre-cut holes at bottom of cabinet for feeding cords underneath cabinet to an electric outlet.

Carousel White for the Cottage by the Sea

The Carousel White TV lift cabinet is constructed of solid maple wood and manufactured right here in the United States.  This cabinet is finished on all four sides in a classic white paint.

The Carousel is the only TV lift cabinet in our entire collection to feature caster wheels built into the bottom of cabinet.  The caster wheels allow owners to easily move cabinet around home to enjoy the television from different angles.  The base of cabinet has two pre-cut holes one either side of cabinet to feed cords underneath cabinet to electric outlet.  Max TV dimensions without stand are 43-3/4” x 5” x 27”. The Carousel White has room for TV and two electronic components.  Overall cabinet dimensions are 47-7/8”W x 20-1/2”D x 39-1/2”H.

Belle Cream for the French Countryside Retreat

The Belle Cream TV lift cabinet is so shabby chic!  This vintage cabinet is inspired by the French countryside.  It has beautiful romantic curved legs and rounded edges.  The lid is stained in a walnut brown while the rest of the cabinet is custom distress painted in a weathered cream.  The painting process is done by hand to bring an antique appearance to the cabinet.  The Belle TV lift cabinet has plenty of room for a 46”TV and two electric components. The maximum TV dimensions without the TV Stand are 43″W x 4-3/4″D x 28-7/8″H.  The Belle is a designer’s favorite.

Time to Reveal Our Weekly Trivia Answer!

It is time to reveal the answer to our weekly Friday trivia game.

Question:  What is our best selling Foot of the Bed TV Lift Cabinet?

The correct answer is: Crystal Pointe Brown TV Lift Cabinet.

Congratulations if you guessed correctly and made it to the Winner’s Circle. Don’t forget to call in to place you order and redeem your 10% discount!

Friday Trivia – Are You Ready to Play?

Question:  What Foot of the Bed TV Lift Cabinet has reversible drawers?

a.) Crystal Pointe

b.) Wynterhall

c.) Moderna

d.) All of the above


Now Listen Up!  Here are the rules.


1.)    In order to play, you must send an email to [email protected]  The subject line must read: Reversible Drawers

2.)    In body of email, you must include the following: TV Lift Cabinet answer, Your Full Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email Address.

Only one vote per household will be considered!  Sara will personally respond to each submission notifying you whether or not you are a winner.  If you answer correctly, your name will be added to the winner’s circle.  When you are ready to purchase your TV Lift Cabinet, simply call us at 561-417-0999.  Let us know you are on the winner’s circle to redeem discount.

Every Thursday, we will reveal the answer on our Thursday Reveals.



Finished on Four Sides, Foot of the Bed TV Lifts

Who doesn’t like to save a little money and space when shopping for quality home furnishings? At ImportAdvantage, we understand that a little value for your dollar goes a long way, so that’s why we have been designing and building an extensive line of foot of the bed TV lift cabinets since day one. These pop-up TV cabinets have all the features of our traditionally-sized TV lifts but are compact enough to be used in the bedroom, small offices or anywhere you might be limited on space.

With our foot of the bed TV lift cabinets, you get a handcrafted TV lift that is finished on all four sides. What this does is make it one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in your home. In fact, the foot of the bed TV lift cabinet is like three different pieces of furniture in one – you can use it at the foot of the bed, as a room divider (just reverse the component drawers so they open from the front), or use the TV lift against any wall in your home. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Just like all of our TV lift cabinets, these compact foot of the bed models feature a built-in Infrared Relay System and a heavy-duty TV lift mechanism – reliably and quietly lifting your TV with the touch of a button. Check out our TV lifts today and see for yourself why over 20,000 satisfied customers have chosen ImportAdvantage!

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