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A Tight Squeeze? How You Can Fit Your Media Players in a TV Lift Cabinet

While we make every effort to build TV lift cabinets that can accommodate a wide variety of media players and wiring, a few combinations of DVD players and surround sound systems may be a tight squeeze in a TV lift cabinet, but don’t worry, we have easy solutions for you.

First, double-check the measurements listed for the TV lift cabinet you are planning to purchase. You can do this easily with our Measurement Guide. For cabinet depth, most of our models have 16” shelves, and for some that might not provide enough clearance in the back, so here’s what you can do to make your media players fit.

If your cables protrude too much from the back of your media player, we recommend purchasing 90-degree angle connectors for all your cables which will shorten them greatly. These connectors can be found at most electronics stores.

But if this still doesn’t allow you enough room in your TV lift cabinet, you can clear up more space by making a simple cut. The partition walls in our TV lift cabinets is only 5/8” thick, and cutting a clearance hole for you media player cables will give you the extra needed space with minimal effort.

If you are still concerned that your media players won’t fit, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service staff before making a purchase, as we may be able to provide some additional tips for your situation.

What Size TV Lift Cabinet Should I Buy?

If you might be shopping for a new flat-screen TV and TV lift cabinet this holiday season, you will want to ensure you find the right match. Luckily, ImportAdvantage has made is easy to find the right handcrafted pop-up TV cabinet for your new TV with a convenient Measurement Guide, which you can print and take with you to the store.

Whether you’re looking for a smaller flat-screen for your bedroom, or ready to upgrade to a 60” centerpiece for the living room, ImportAdvantage has a beautiful, hardwood TV lift cabinet that will accentuate your new TV in style. And to give you plenty of choices to match your home’s décor, ImportAdvantage makes their pop-up TV lift cabinets versatile, fitting TVs of all sizes.

When ImportAdvantage lists a recommended TV size on the Measurement Guide, it’s listed as the Max TV Dimension, meaning you can fit a flat-screen up to that Max size. So when you are out shopping for the TV in your budget, you can easily see which of the many TV lift cabinets fall into that size category. We all like simple, right?

So feel free to go big with the Banyan Creek XL TV Lift Cabinet (fits TVs up to 60”) or find one for the foot of your bed, like the Notting Hill XS TV Lift Cabinet (fits TVs up to 32”). With ImportAdvantage, you have plenty of beautiful options.

TV Lift Cabinets Can Give You a Reason to Upgrade Your TV!

Savvy shoppers are already aware that this year’s Black Friday and shopping season will bring much lower prices on plasma flat screen televisions (If you didn’t realize this, see our recent post on this topic!). But did you know that instead of waiting to buy your dream plasma flat screen, and buying your dream TV lift cabinet first, you’ll be able to match your new TV to your TV lift cabinet?

ImportAdvantage has a full-featured and easy-to-read Measurement Guide available for our entire line of pop-up TV cabinets, so by getting your TV lift cabinet first, you have an even better reason to upgrade your TV!

ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinets can hold a flat screen TV up to 60” wide (see the Banyan Creek XL TV Lift Cabinet), so just about any TV can rest in a quiet and dependable pop-up TV cabinet.

The hardest decision may just be which of the unique designs best suits your home. From eye-catching centerpieces to slimmer foot of the bed TV lift cabinets, there is no doubt that you will find the right one for your new, upgraded TV before the holiday shopping season has begun!

Will My TV Fit?

Are you considering shopping for a new TV and want one that will surely fit in an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet? Or perhaps you already own a Plasma or LCD TV and you are curious which of the pop-up TV cabinets will work with your unit. ImportAdvantage has made the selection process easy by creating a printable Measurement Guide (PDF) that features the minimum and maximum measurement requirements for all their TV lift cabinets.

To use the Measurement Guide, you will need to take three separate measurements of your TV: width, depth and height. First, measure the width of your television with a tape measure.

Measure in a horizontal direction (not diagonal), and be sure to include the TV frame. Write this number down on the printable Measurement Guide.

Next measure the depth of your TV. With the tape measure, measure the thickest part of your TV from the front to the back. Do not include in your measurement any part of a TV stand that came with your unit. Write this number down on the printable Measurement Guide.

Lastly, measure the height of your television unit. Including all parts of the TV framing or housing, measure the height of your TV vertically. Write this number down on the printable Measurement Guide.

Make sure all your measurements are in inches and use the three numbers you wrote down to check if your TV will fit with the ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet you are interested in. You’ll find the maximum measurement restrictions listed under “Specifications” on the product information page, as well as on the printable Measurement Guide.

Flat-Panel TV Choices: Plasma or LCD for Me?

Can’t decipher all the jargon you find when shopping for a new flat-panel TV? Outlined here are a few pointers to help you decide if a plasma TV or an LCD TV is right for you and your room.

Plasma TVs are known for their warm colors and deep blacks. They excel in rooms with multiple viewers, as people can still see the picture clearly if they are sitting off-axis, or off to the side instead of directly in front of the screen. Plasma flat-screen televisions also work well when the room doesn’t allow much direct light on the TV screen, which means not placing it on an opposite wall to a big picture window unless you have heavy drapes that are capable of blocking out most of the light. Plasma TVs can also be found in large to very large screen sizes, over 42”.

LCD flat-panel TVs are great for smaller screens, which are less than 42”. If you will be watching television in a relatively bright room or mostly during the daytime, an LCD TV might be best for you. Also, LCD TVs usually consume less electricity than plasma TVs of the same size.

Before you head out to purchase your LCD or plasma flat-screen TV, be sure to view and print out our Measurement Guide so you’ll know that whatever you bring home will work with the TV lift cabinet that you want. ImportAdvantage offers TV lift cabinets both for small screens (Notting Hill XS) or large screens (Banyan Creek XL).

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