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New Cabinets For Spring!

With the weather warming up and spring finally in full swing, it’s time to throw open the curtains and let the sunshine in. Add some life to your home with some of our newest TV lift cabinets. Our aptly named Under the Window TV Lift Cabinet is perfect for placement, you guessed it, under the window! Designed with minimal height in mind, Under the Window tops out at 30.75” – no need to worry about a large cabinet obstructing your view. Constructed of solid maple wood, made in the USA and finished in a warm coffee brown, Under the Window can hold TVs from 32”-47” in size.

Another way to spruce up your home this spring is with something gray. Gray furniture is right at the top of many experts’ picks for spring trends. Gray is perfect because of its neutral tone and how it can fit in with traditional or modern décor. Our first cabinet to get the gray treatment is Shades of Gray. A new version of our Hamptons TV lift cabinet, Shades of Gray incorporates a classic design with the trendy color. Made in the USA by Amish craftsmen, it features six adjustable shelves and a compartment ideal for a sound bar or for displaying pictures, DVDs, etc. Shades of Gray can hold up to a 60” TV on our durable residential grade lift mechanism.

Order either of these cabinets today and you’ll have your new TV lift cabinet delivered and ready for you to enjoy in 7 to 10 business days!

Now You Can Watch TV From Anywhere In The Room!

Finally – the perfect solution to view your TV from any angle! Do you have a seating area opposite your bed or are you using your cabinet as a room divider? Now you don’t have to be restricted to having your TV face only one direction. Our 360 Swivel lift allows you to rotate your TV 360 degrees via a handy little remote control. Not to mention, our swivel cabinets are loaded with other amazing features – built-in storage with infrared relay system, Ethernet port for external controls, and a built-in wire management system that includes 2 HDMI ports and cables.













The Crystal Pointe 360 Swivel TV lift cabinet was the first swivel model introduced on our site. Since its debut, it has been a HUGE hit! We recently completed production on our newest swivel model – Prism 360 Swivel. Our standard, non-swivel Prism has been a long time favorite of decorators and customers alike, who are looking to add some modern flair to their space. Prism 360 Swivel gives you all the style of the original Prism cabinet, with the ability to view your TV no matter where you are in the room. As an added bonus, Prism Swivel is also available in an XL size.

Is there another cabinet of ours that you would like to see available with a swivel option? Let us know in the comments!

Prepare Your Home For Spring

While it may seem hard to believe while there’s a blizzard burying the Northeast, but spring really is just around the corner. And with the warmer, sunnier weather comes the time for us to brighten up our homes by replacing dreary winter décor with fun spring designs. If you have spring plans to revamp your home, why not get your spring cleaning out of the way at the same time? Our TV lift cabinets are a perfect combination of both re-organizing and re-decorating. Many cabinets have finishes and designs that just scream “Spring!”

Usually, when I think of spring influenced décor, I think of light colors like pastels, whites and creams. For storage needs, TV lift cabinets provide storage for your TV and electronics. Sometimes, there’s even extra room for speakers, pictures, DVDs or anything else you want to hide away.  Below are my favorite spring TV lift cabinets, what do you think?:

Belle Blue

Belle Blue has a beautiful light blue finish reminiscent of Robin’s eggs – which just happens to be one of the first signs of spring! The soft curves and intricate door and drawer pulls really make this cabinet a stand out piece in any home.



One of our newest cabinets, Hamptons is finished in pure white.  Clean lines and brushed nickel pulls make this cabinet fit right in whether you have traditional or contemporary style.


Harbor Weathered White

Harbor is the perfect addition to any room where you want to introduce the shabby chic, antique look. The accordion doors open up to allow TV viewing with the lift up or down.

Feel free to share your spring decorating ideas in the comments!

Our 360 Swivel Lifts Are In Stock and Ready to Ship!

Over the past several months, we have been getting a ton of calls from customers looking for a TV lift solution that would allow them to rotate their TV so they can watch it from anywhere in the room. Previously, we would recommend our cabinets on casters like Carousel or Traveler. Then about a year ago, we introduced our Crystal Pointe 360 Swivel cabinet which has quickly become one of our best sellers. Finally, we are very excited to announce that our Uplift 3250 Residential Swivel Lift, Uplift 3500 Residential Swivel Lift and Uplift 3700 Residential Swivel Lift are available for purchase on! Our swivel lift mechanism is easy to install and gives you 360 degrees of rotation to watch your TV from any angle! Controlled via remote, the lift has an innovative design that features two on-board HDMI ports, 2 on-board HDMI cables and an outlet for your TV so you don’t need to worry about routing your cables as it’s already done for you! The lift is near silent while operating and it includes a safety feature that will stop the lift from moving if it meets resistance as it rotates.

Another request that we were beginning to hear more and more frequently was when will we have a cabinet that can house a 70” TV? Last Spring, we introduced Pacifica which is essentially a larger version of our most popular cabinet, Banyan Creek. Recently, we have added a Modern design for those who are looking for a more contemporary option to house their 70” TV. The new cabinet is called Concord XL and you can check out the specs here. Concord XL is a larger version of Concord, our best selling American made cabinet, factory-direct from our Amish craftsmen. Have a TV larger than 70” but can’t seem to find a TV lift cabinet? Check back next week when we feature an amazing custom cabinet we built for a customer’s 80” TV!


$100 OFF Your Purchase – Limited Time Only!

I can’t believe that Christmas is only a week away! I always find myself scrambling this time of year to finish buying gifts and preparing my house for the influx of friends and family who will be sure to stop by for Holiday festivities. Luckily for our customers, we have had our HOLIDAY100 sale running for the last couple of weeks. Just in time for Holiday parties and gift giving, tons of customers have jumped at the opportunity to save $100 off their order total. Simply enter the code HOLIDAY100 at checkout to receive your discount!

In other exciting news, we have MORE new cabinets to introduce! We take great pride in our American made items and our new DYNASTY TV lift cabinet is no exception. Dynasty is made of solid maple wood and is available in 3 finishes – black, brown and red. Dynasty has a contemporary, Asian-inspired design with clean lines and plenty of built-in storage. Our infrared relay system allows you to control your components while they are neatly stored inside the cabinet. Custom brass hardware and sanding along the edges are the finishing touches on our newest addition to the line up. Check out Dynasty Black, Dynasty Brown and Dynasty Red today! And don’t forget to use the HOLIDAY100 code!

Dynasty Black TV Lift CabinetDynasty Brown TV Lift CabinetDynasty Red TV Lift Cabinet

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