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With the Final Four coming up this weekend, I have been following all the coverage and scouting reports for the four teams. The tournament is great because anything can happen. This year’s tournament was no different. Of the last four teams standing, really only one was expected to be there. You have the team that’s favored to win it all, the team that was never supposed to make it, and a couple teams that were able to pull it out at the end of the season and are riding momentum til the end. So I got to thinking. If the Final Four teams were TV lift cabinets, which cabinet would represent each team?


Louisville is the clear favorite going into this weekend. They are the last remaining number one seed. I liken Louisville to our Concord TV lift cabinet. Concord is a large cabinet and can hold a big TV, up to 65”. If you put Concord in your home, it is going to be the focal point and a stylish one at that. It is one of our most consistently popular units, much like the Cards have been one of the best all-around teams all season long.


Everyone is talking about the Syracuse zone defense, how the zone is so long and has such wide range. This is why my pick for the Syracuse TV lift cabinet is Kensington. Kensington is our widest cabinet and as a result one of our largest units. It has a traditional design with plenty of storage.


It has been 20 years since Michigan made it to the Final Four but with their rich athletic history, it was only a matter of time before they came back with a bang. Banyan Creek is the Michigan of TV lift cabinets. It is one of our original units and is always a favorite for customers. The traditional design is timeless and it is a mainstay in the line up.


Wichita State is the unexpected entry into this year’s Final Four. Where some say they may lack the notoriety or talent that the other teams have, they make up for it with their determination and will to win. This seems to me like Carousel’s simple design but serious popularity with our customers. Carousel fits in with modern or traditional décor so while it may not have all the flash as some other units, it is still tops for quality and its ability to look at home in any room.

Prism Debuts on House Hunters International!

I am addicted to the HGTV network.  My favorite show is House Hunters International followed closely by Property Brothers and Sarah’s House.  The other day I was watching a House Hunters International episode that was filmed in Barbados.   The home hunter enters bedroom during home showing and BAM!  There is one of our TV lift cabinets.

Do you recognize the TV lift cabinet within this bedroom?  It is our very own Prism Espresso!  Can you imagine my surprise and delight of having one of our cabinets make it all the way to Barbados?  I was thrilled.  In honor of that episode, this week’s product focus of the week is the Prism Espresso.

The Prism Espresso is modernly designed with clean contemporary lines.  The bottom of this cabinet has a concealed drawer that features flip down panels for access on either side.  The drawer space can store very comfortably two electronic devices.  This cabinet features our built-in rack and pinion lift machine and infrared relay system.  The IR system allows TV lift owners to operate electronics such as cable box and DVD player without having direct line of sight.  This means that electronics can remain hidden in bottom drawer and still be controlled by remote control.  Simply plug and play!

Product Focus of the Week: Prism Espresso TV Lift Cabinet

The Prism offers a clean, minimalist design with a rich inviting espresso finish.  This cabinet is finished on all four sides to be used at the foot of bed, against a wall, or free standing within room.  Towards the base of the cabinet are flip down panels on either side to reveal storage space for AV electronics.

The Prism TV lift cabinet comes fully assembled with built in rack and pinion TV lift and infrared relay system.  The IR system relays commands from remote control to AV electronics.  The beauty of this system is that the electronics can remain hidden within cabinet at all times, eliminating the need to have direct line of sight.  The IR system requires no programming or installation.  The maximum TV size dimensions for Prism are 49 3/4″W x 5 1/2″D x 28″H.  The overall cabinet dimensions are 54 1/2″W x 18″D x 42 1/4″H.

Product Focus of the Week: Seasons TV Lift Cabinet

Check out our Seasons TV Lift Cabinet!  This TV lift cabinet features a traditional 1920’s craftsman look and contains our Uplift 3700 lift mechanism.  It has plenty of storage with vented adjustable shelves for electronic components.  All the doors feature interchangeable wood and speaker cloth panels.  The speaker cloth panels are perfect for those who wish to maximize the sound performance.  The AV storage space contains our built-in Infrared Relay System allowing users to operate their remote control without having to see their electronic components.  Simply plug n’ play!

Product Focus of the Week – Soho Electrical Fireplace TV Lift Cabinet

The Soho Electric Fireplace TV lift cabinet is available in two finishes, caramel and espresso to match any décor!  Two drawers at the base of the cabinet are perfect for hiding away your AV components. Our built-in infrared relay system allows you to use your remote control to control your components while they are concealed in the drawers.  Don’t worry about your TV being in close proximity to the fireplace – a full wall separates the TV and the firebox ensuring your TV stays cool and protected. Want to enjoy the ambiance of the fire but without the heat? The electric fireplace may be used with heat or without to suit your needs. The Soho Electric Fireplace can accommodate TVs up to 55”.

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