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Customer Spotlight – Elizabeth from St. Petersburg, FL

Welcome in to Elizabeth’s St. Petersburg home!  Elizabeth chose our Craftsman TV lift cabinet for her house.  She enjoys collecting art and pottery and found our Craftsman TV lift cabinet the perfect solution for displaying her art while at the same time concealing her flat screen TV.  Elizabeth opted to switch out the wood panel and insert speaker cloth for maximum sound quality.  The speaker cloth is included with the Craftsman TV lift cabinet for those who wish to switch out the panels as Elizabeth has done.

“I’d love to share my story and photo. I refused to get a large flat-screen TV because I didn’t want it sitting in my living room all of the time. We have a lot of art and nice furniture, so the lift cabinet was the perfect compromise. We can have the large television AND the beautiful piece of furniture all in the same room.  I was even able to purchase a new piece of pottery that fits beautifully on top of the cabinet, even when the TV is up. Thanks for solving our problem,!”

Thanks Elizabeth for sharing your home photo and experience.  If you like reading our customer spotlights and like Elizabeth’s home, hit the “Like” button.

The Advantages of Owning a Pop-Up TV Lift Cabinet

A pop-up TV lift cabinet provides its owner many fine advantages. Many of them have been noted in all the positive reviews ImportAdvantage receives for its TV lift cabinets, but here is a list of why you should own a pop-up TV cabinet.

A TV lift cabinet can save you much-needed space in any room. Much less bulky than a clunky entertainment center, a pop-up TV cabinet can easily store your TV, media players and all the media you watch or play. And when not in use, each of your electronics is stored behind hand-crafted hardwoods.

It keeps your devices safe. Do you have dogs that like to chew or kids that like to draw? Keeping your TV and DVD player out of sight when not in use makes it virtually inaccessible for those curious kids or dogs running around the room. Media players remain behind closed doors, but are still ready for use 24/7 thanks to the Infrared Relay System, standard on every model.

Another advantage that comes from an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet is that your TV is always lifted and lowered in near silence. The powerful Heavy Duty Lift Mechanism in all pop-up TV cabinets is among the quietest in the industry, so you’ll never think twice about displaying your TV when you’re ready for a good movie or your favorite show.

Take a moment to check out the full line of TV lift cabinets available at the lowest prices direct from ImportAdvantage.

The Power of Reviews

According to a report by Bloomberg Businessweek, 71 percent of shoppers say they rely on other shoppers’ reviews to help them decide whether or not to buy a product. 83 percent of shoppers feel more confident about their purchase decision if they do their own research online versus consulting an in-store salesperson, and 79 percent of shoppers believe they save more time by researching online rather than getting their information at a store.

ImportAdvantage has made it easy for any shopper to shop for a TV lift cabinet online because they publish reviews for all their products, as well as provide in-depth specifications and uses for all their pop-up TV cabinets.

The power of a customer’s first-hand review of how our product actually lives up to its promise is valued at ImportAdvantage, and we encourage our customers to leave an honest review of the product they purchased and have tried out in their home. Whether it’s a TV lift cabinet, a foot of the bed pop-up TV cabinet or just the TV lift mechanism, you can find honest customer reviews at ImportAdvantage.

So feel free to research for yourself why an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet lives up to its reputation. You can see the full line of pop-up TV cabinets here.

How Our TV Lift Cabinets are Handcrafted

Every TV lift cabinet that ImportAdvantage offers is handcrafted with the utmost precision. How is this done? By controlling the design and manufacture of each element that goes into their cabinets, they can strike a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

The quality of an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet is very important. Over 20 in-house inspectors assure that exacting standards are met throughout the entire TV lift system design, production and packaging process! Even more, every pop-up TV lift cabinet, whether it’s a traditional model or a versatile foot of the bed model, comes with a “One-Year In-Home Lift Warranty,” free lifetime product support and an extended warranty service available.

Every drawer they produce is made of solid wood and feature a sturdy five-piece dovetail joinery. Craftsmen choose quality wood stock from pine to oak, cherry to mahogany.

As beautiful bonuses, each TV lift cabinet also comes with adjustable shelves, an adjustable leveler and ventilated shelves to ensure proper air circulation.

Even experienced carpenters have purchased a TV lift cabinet from ImportAdvantage because they had to admit it would be impossible for them to produce their own cabinet for less money than ImportAdvantage sold theirs for. Other fine reviews of ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinets can be found here.

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