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Thursday Reveal – Which two of our TV lift cabinets were designed with Asian influences?

It is time to reveal the answer to our weekly Friday trivia game.

Question: Which two of our TV lift cabinets were designed with Asian influences?

The correct answer is Tao and Hideaway.


Congratulations if you guessed correctly and made it to the Winner’s Circle. Don’t forget to call in to place you order and redeem your 10% discount.

Customer Spotlight – Susan from Franklin, NC

Hi everyone,

We recently asked our customers in our monthly newsletter to share their feedback and home photos of their TV lift cabinets.  We were pleasantly surprised at the number of responses.  In fact, it gave us another idea. Wouldn’t it be nice if you also could see how folks across the country are incorporating their TV lift cabinets into their home décor?  That is why we have decided to share some of their home photos and feedback with you all on our blog.  This week we will be sharing Susan’s from Franklin, North Carolina review and home picture of her Tao Brown TV lift cabinet. She has a lovely home and the picture is definitely worth sharing!

“Just to let you know that you have a delighted customer here. We entertain a lot and not having a TV set intrude in our room has led to many great conversations around the dinner table. The quality of the workmanship on this piece of furniture was outstanding, much nicer than I expected, and it would fit in any décor. Thank you again for making it available.” – Susan from Franklin, North Carolina

Thank you, Susan, for your review and for giving us a sneak peek of your living room.  It truly has inspired us!

Incorporate Asian Inspired Décor in Your Home!

While many design trends come and go, one constant has been the popularity of Asian inspired design. Identifiable by its clean lines and natural elements, Asian influences not only create a stylish room but also inspire relaxation and a feeling of zen. Fortunately, TV lift cabinets can fit perfectly into Asian décor when you pick the right design. The Tao TV lift cabinet and the Hideaway TV lift cabinet are both available in a formal black finish or a more natural brown finish. Here are some tips to achieve the Asian inspired look you’ve been imagining:

  • Minimalism is key – try neutral colors on the walls and bold colors on fabrics and other accent pieces
  • Keep the lighting subdued and diffused. Rice paper lamps and Chinese paper lanterns are great for this effect
  • Bring nature inside – rock gardens, bamboo and bonsai trees, tabletop fountains, cherry blossoms or orchids work great
  • Clean lines and furniture low to the ground keep with the Asian theme and minimalist approach. Also, avoid clutter! Try using Japanese screens to hide areas that may not be completely organized
  • Bronze statues and fixtures are a staple of Asian décor. Try incorporating our Tao TV lift cabinet or Hideaway TV lift cabinet! The bronze fixtures are a perfect fit!

Product Focus: Tao TV Lift Cabinet

The Tao TV Lift Cabinet is a signature, Asian-inspired model that features fine clean lines throughout. The Tao TV Lift Cabinet expresses a modern, sensuous look, blended with a simple elegance that will shine in any home.

Crafted with lacquered surfaces and antique brass fittings, the Tao TV lift cabinet also features its hinges on the front side of the cabinet and a swinging latch door closure.

With three large drawers at the top of the cabinet, the Tao TV Lift Cabinet offers no shortage of storage space. It’s especially ideal for placement against a wall, in an office, or essentially any room you need a finely crafted pop-up TV lift cabinet.

The Tao TV Lift Cabinet will house any flat-panel TV up to 130 pounds, 56” wide, 5” deep and 32 3/4” tall. Woods featured on this cabinet include rare African mahogany veneers.

Take a moment to check out the Tao TV Lift Cabinet for yourself or any of the other fine TV lift cabinets from ImportAdvantage.

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