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What can we expect from an Apple TV?

The recently published biography of Steve Jobs, simply titled “Steve Jobs”, has brought to light many facets of the Apple creator’s personal and business life. One such revelation was that Jobs felt he had finally come up with the solution to create Apple’s answer to the standard HDTV.

Apple had been rumored to be developing an integrated TV system for quite some time. Like all Apple products, it was envisioned to be simplistic and user-friendly. In an article for tech site AllThingsD, a comparison was drawn to the Bose VideoWave integrated TV system by Global Equities Research analyst, Trip Chowdhry. So, how would an Apple TV compare with other systems available today? According to Chowdhry, the set would likely have a single cord. The Apple TV would be very thin, a fraction of the comparable Bose system. There would also be a built-in surround sound system negating the use of external speakers.

Keep in mind the whole idea put forth is purely hypothetical based on Apple’s typical designs and interfaces. There is no mention of price point or whether several different sized models would be available – although, it is likely Apple would present a variety of set sizes. It is also not known whether the design would allow for use with TV lift cabinets. However, with the extent that Apple has revolutionized the personal computer, cell phone and MP3 player, it will be interesting to see how Apple’s version of HDTV plays out – if it is, in fact, in development.

Customer Spotlight – Arnie from Maryland

Come view our customer, Arnie’s Kensington TV Lift Cabinet!  This beautiful cabinet is finished in a rich tobacco brown, offers plenty of storage for electronic equipment and features an interchangeable wood and speaker cloth panel for the center drawer.  Arnie opted to change out the wood panel in the center drawer to speaker cloth as he has a BOSE single unit speaker system.

“Thanks for the opportunity to comment on our Kensington unit purchased in Nov 2008…. I also put in the interchangeable speaker cloth panel, which accommodates our BOSE single unit speaker system. GREAT SOUND EFFECTS!!!…” – Arnie from Maryland.

Thanks Arnie for sharing your review and home photos with us.  We truly appreciated it.

No Release of the iPhone5, the Wait Continues

Today many iPhone enthusiasts were excitedly awaiting the press release of Apple’s latest phone, the iPhone 5.  For those TV Lift Owners watching, you already know that instead of announcing the arrival of the iPhone 5, Philip Schiller, Apple’s Senior VP of Worldwide Product Marketing, announced the release of the iPhone 4S.

Ok, so what is the iPhone 4S?  The iPhone 4S is a new device that will offer these improved features over the iPhone 4.

1.)    Faster download, camera and data sending speed

2.)     Stronger battery life lasting up to 8 hours talk time and 40 hours of music listening capability.

3.)    Upgraded camera which is 8-megapixels.  That is 60% more pixels than the iPhone 4’s camera currently offers.

4.)    Better image quality in low light situations.

5.)    Better video camera at a high-definition resolution of 1080p.

6.)    Can switch between its two antennas to make even better call quality

The iPhone 4S goes on sales starting October 14th. Pricing to be determined.  Preorders for the iphone 4S start on October 7th for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint customers.

While this is impressive technology, many iPhone users were disappointed to discover it was not the iPhone 5, Apple was releasing.  Apple shares dropped as a result of this disappointment.   Hopefully, the iPhone which is now scheduled to be released in 2012, will boast their shares back up.

It is Friday Fun Day – Time to Play Trivia!

Question:  What is our best selling Foot of the Bed TV Lift Cabinet?

Now Listen Up!  Here are the rules.


1.)    In order to play, you must send an email to [email protected]  The subject line must read: Best Selling Foot of the Bed

2.)    In body of email, you must include the following: TV Lift Cabinet answer, Your Full Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email Address.

Only one vote per household will be considered!  Kate will personally respond to each submission notifying you whether or not you are a winner.  If you answer correctly, your name will be added to the winner’s circle.  When you are ready to purchase your TV Lift Cabinet, simply call us at 561-417-0999.  Let us know you are on the winner’s circle to redeem discount.

Every Thursday, we will reveal the answer on our Thursday Reveals.



Ways to Protect Your Phone and Computer

A colleague of mine recently had her iPhone stolen.  In the old days before smart phones, if a phone was stolen or lost, the owner would simply purchase a new phone, deactivate old phone, and reprogram all contacts back into phone.  It was an inconvenience, but at least manageable.

Nowadays, with everyone owning smart phones, things have become more complicated.  Not only do you have to replace phone, deactivate old phone, and reprogram all contacts back into address book, but you also have to change all passwords for your email accounts, Facebook page, banking, and any other important data that was previously stored on your phone.  What a nightmare!

Since our TV Lift Cabinet Owners are tech savvy, I am going to share with you a few ways that you can protect your computer and phone.

1.)    Download iHound app to your smart phone.  IHound software allows you to track your smart phone at all times.  You can even sound a loud alarm to locate your phone.

2.)    Sign up for –this is an internet based lost and found service.  It allows you to create custom wallpaper and embed information into the wallpaper saying something to the effect of “If you find this phone, please report to”  The custom wallpaper also has a unique ID # for each phone.  When someone goes to their site to return a phone, the person will be prompted to enter in the ID # to notify owner of phone being found.

3.)    Prey software is designed to also track your phone and computer.  A gentleman who was recently robbed during the London riots was able to identify the thief and retrieve his computer back with this software.  This software not only tracks your device but it notifies you of when someone has logged into it and you can see what sites the thief visits.  In the case of the London incident, this thief went straight to his Facebook account page, which led to his immediate arrest.  Brilliant!

If you have any other helpful software or sites, please share with us.

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