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Go Big or Go Home, or Do Both!

The Crystal Pointe XL has all the bells and whistles of the regular sized Crystal Pointe, but can also accommodate up to a 55” TV.  TV enthusiasts will love this cabinet for the sheer fact they can get the larger screen.  This beautiful TV lift cabinet has intricately carved corner pillars, rounded edges, and a rich mahogany veneer finish.  Finished on four sides, it is geared to be used as a foot of the bed cabinet.  However, the cabinet can be rotated to be used against a wall so that the bottom drawers become accessible from the front.

The Crystal Pointe XL comes with built-in Infrared Relay System consisting of the main unit, flush mounted infrared sensor eye, and four high output flashers.  The Infrared Relay System allows TV watchers to operate their electronic equipment with the drawers closed.

Thursday Trivia Reveal

It is time to reveal the answer to our weekly Friday trivia game.

Question:  Which TV lift cabinets are the newest additions to our line-up?

a.) Banyan Creek and Grand Cay

b.) Tao and Biscayne

c.) Palms and Plantation


The correct answer is: c.) Palms and Plantation


Congratulations if you guessed correctly and made it to the Winner’s Circle. Don’t forget to call in to place you order and redeem your 10% discount!

Soho Electric Fireplace TV Lift Cabinet only $1300!

We have a floor model of the Soho Electric Fireplace TV Lift Cabinet priced to sell in our office.  It is only $1300!  This floor model is being sold “as is” condition.

Features include:

  • Espresso stain finish
  • 33″ electric firebox with glass and black trim with remote control included
  • Electric firebox is 5000 BTU’s.
  • The Firebox and TV Lift are separated by a full wall to protect your TV from overheating.
  • Pre-installed TV lift included with remote included
  • Built-in infrared system to allow you to operate your equipment behind closed doors
  • 120 volts (standard wall outlet – no special electrical necessary)
  • Plenty of storage with two bottom drawers, one top drawer above firebox, and shelving in hidden side compartments.
  • Overall dimensions: 58-3/8″W x 26″D x 47″H

Be the first to contact us for this great deal!   Our office phone number is 561-417-0999.  Office hours are 9-5:30pm EST Mon-Friday.

TV Lift Cabinets with a Contemporary Flair

Are you looking for a contemporary clean lined TV lift cabinet for your home?  If so, we would like to recommend our Prism, Moderna, and Soho TV lift cabinets.

The Prism and Moderna TV lift cabinets can be used at the foot of the bed or against the wall.  These cabinets are finished on all four sides, come with pull out bottom drawers, and have our built in infrared relay system and uplift 3250 lift mechansims.  With the infrared relay (IR) system, customers can operate their AV components without having to have direct line of sight.  That’s correct.  Your cable box, DVD player, and other electronics can remain behind closed drawers at all times!  The Prism is available in espresso, white, and black finish.  The Moderna is available is espresso, caramel, black, and white finish.

The Soho TV Lift Cabinet comes with a built in electric fireplace. The firebox and TV are separated by a full wall. This wall allows your TV to remain cool and completely unaffected by the firebox. This beautiful cabinet features the heavy duty built in Uplift 3700 lift mechanism with IR system.  There is plenty of storage with two side cabinet doors opening up to reveal shelves for media equipment and three cabinet drawers for your AV components. The Soho Electric Fireplace is available in caramel and espresso finish.

These lovely cabinets are sure to complement any modern home.

Product Focus of the Week – Samuel TV Lift Cabinet

Check out our Samuel TV Lift Cabinet!  The Samuel is the newest addition created by the Amish.  This handcrafted TV lift cabinet is made of solid maple wood.  The built-in TV Lift easily allows transition from open to closed storage and can house up to most 46” TVs. The equipment tray located directly below the TV lift also provides storage for two pieces of electronic equipment.  With its sleek minimalistic lines and modern contemporary hardware it is the ultimate picture of sophistication.

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