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Mancaves Done Right

All I’ve been hearing about lately is how fall sports are really kicking into high gear over the next few weeks. College football is back tonight, NFL starts in a couple weeks, and NHL hockey will be close behind. Now that our main TV will be dominated by games every weekend until February, I’m starting to entertain the idea of a mancave (don’t tell my husband…). Mancaves seem to be everywhere these days. TV shows dedicated to them, men raving about them. My whole issue with a mancave was that it would look too out of place in my home. My entire decor has a certain flow and everything seems to fit. Well, where does a mancave fall into place? I don’t want a random room with sports memorabilia and movie posters hanging on the wall. People will think I have a reclusive teenage son that I never talk about. So I got to thinking, is there a way to make a mancave, dare I say, fashionable? All I want would be a few decorative elements that would appease me but would go unnoticed to the average man catching the game in the mancave. Maybe with a little decorative flair, one could overlook the NY Yankees banner that would be sure to adorn an entire wall.

Chic but manly enough for the mancave!

I figure if we were to go with this whole mancave idea, I could leave the ‘accessorizing’ up to my husband and I could pick out the big ticket items (see last week’s blog about my online shopping habit..). Maybe I’m biased but a TV lift cabinet is the perfect happy medium. TV lift cabinets have the wow factor and technology to be accepted into the mancave but also don’t look out of place in a finely decorated home. Plus when it’s not game time, you can lower your TV into the cabinet and not have it be the center of attention. Do you have a mancave in your home? What is the centerpiece of your mancave?

Customer Spotlight – Arnie from Maryland

Come view our customer, Arnie’s Kensington TV Lift Cabinet!  This beautiful cabinet is finished in a rich tobacco brown, offers plenty of storage for electronic equipment and features an interchangeable wood and speaker cloth panel for the center drawer.  Arnie opted to change out the wood panel in the center drawer to speaker cloth as he has a BOSE single unit speaker system.

“Thanks for the opportunity to comment on our Kensington unit purchased in Nov 2008…. I also put in the interchangeable speaker cloth panel, which accommodates our BOSE single unit speaker system. GREAT SOUND EFFECTS!!!…” – Arnie from Maryland.

Thanks Arnie for sharing your review and home photos with us.  We truly appreciated it.

Changes Happening at Amazon and Hulu

With all the outrage over Netflix’s price hikes, many former Netflix customers have been defecting to alternate streaming services. Two services that seem to be high on consumer lists of alternatives are Amazon and Hulu.

In the wake of the Netflix uproar, new developments have emerged regarding Amazon and Hulu. Amazon’s Prime streaming video service recently struck a deal with CBS to begin streaming 2,000 TV show episodes. This means Amazon will now offer full seasons of 18 TV series.  The agreement includes episodes of “The Tudors,” “Numb3rs,” and “Cheers”. All content can be streamed to a computer or directly to your TV lift cabinet.

Hulu is another heavy hitter in the world of streaming TV shows and movies. The company has hired investment bankers to oversee a potential sale of their service. Yahoo has come forward as a would-be buyer, if Hulu can agree to their terms. The terms are 5 years of exclusive access to Hulu’s content. If Hulu were to agree to the offer, the service would be sold for a reported $2 billion. Hulu sources have a different take and have offered 5 years of access with much less exclusivity. Meaning other sites, such as the network website for the individual TV shows, could stream the same content.

Time will tell what happens with both services as the Netflix price increases do not go into effect until September. However, with the amount of angry consumers promising to jump ship, both Amazon and Hulu have the potential to reap the benefits.

Thursday Reveal – Which TV lift cabinet(s) can accommodate a sound bar?

It is time to reveal the answer to our weekly Friday trivia game.

Question: Which TV lift cabinet(s) can accommodate a sound bar?

The correct answer is Banyan Creek XL TV Lift Cabinet.

Congratulations if you guessed correctly and made it to the Winner’s Circle. Don’t forget to call in to place you order and redeem your 10% discount.

Spring 2011 Trend: Beach Inspired Decor

Since the wrap-up of the High Point Furniture Market, I have been reading many reviews that highlight the trend of nautical/beach inspired décor. One key element when trying to achieve this look is white washed furniture. White furniture keeps the room light and airy. Cool colors like blue and sea foam green are perfect accents. Also, don’t be afraid of bold patterns! Interior designers aren’t shying away from ocean inspired motifs. Anchors, marine life, and boat patterns are covering everything from throw pillows to the upholstery of sofas and ottomans.

Incorporating a TV lift cabinet into beach inspired décor is easier than you might think. ImportAdvantage offers several TV lift cabinet designs that would be a perfect fit. My personal favorite is the Coastal Creations but Carousel, Crystal Pointe, Moderna and Prism are all available with a white finish. With such a large selection, it’s easy to find a TV lift cabinet that incorporates your personal style into a beach inspired room.

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