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Tao TV Lift Cabinet Offered in New Edgier Red Finish

Our Tao TV lift cabinet is very soon going to be offered in an edgier red finish.  If you are looking for a piece of furniture with a bold presence, than this beautiful TV lift cabinet could be the perfect match.

The Tao features Asian inspired antique brass hardware to compliment the red paint finish of the cabinet.  The main doors are kept closed by a swinging latch but open up to plenty of storage space. Behind the doors are adjustable ventilated shelves made of wood and scratch resistant finish. Your electronics, books, videos and games can all be neatly tucked away.

The Tao Red has a built-in heavy duty rack and pinion Uplift 3700 residential grade lift machine that can easily fit TVs ranging between 37” to 55”.  Our IR relay system can also be found within this cabinet.  The IR Relay System receives commands transmitted from your cable remote and relays the commands to your electronics within cabinet.  The system makes it possible for you to operate your electronics behind closed doors.

The new Tao Red will be available in approximately 45 days.  Would you like to be the first one to order?  If so, call our office at 561-417-0999.

Product Focus of the Week: The Crystal Pointe Brown TV Lift Cabinet

The Crystal Pointe Brown is one of our best sellers and it is no wonder.  With rich mahogany stained wood, exquisitely carved corner pillars and classic traditional appearance, this TV lift cabinet is beautiful!

The Crystal Pointe is finished on all four sides.  The front side is mirror imaged on back side to create a stunning piece of furniture from any angle in the room.  As a result, this cabinet can be used at the foot of the bed, against a wall or free standing.  The cabinet also has two bottom drawers that are reversible to be opened from front or back depending on where cabinet is positioned in room.  The drawers hold two electronic components comfortably.

The Crystal Pointe Brown comes with motorized rack and pinion TV lift mechanism and our Infrared Relay System.  The built in IR system relays commands down to your electronic components without you ever having to see electrics.  The electrics such as cable box and dvd player can remain neatly tucked away in bottom drawers. Thus leaving you with no clutter, easy remote control lift operated machine and one beautiful looking cabinet.

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We are now on Pinterest.  Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.  People can “pin” the products that inspire them to their pinboards and share them with family and friends.  People use pinboards to decorate their homes, share recipes, and plan their weddings.

In the next few weeks we will be building out our pinboard with room designs.  Be sure to pin your favorite TV lift cabinet to your “For the Home” pinboard.   We were pleasantly surprised to find that folks were already pinning us before we even joined.  Thank you for your support.  We love it!  Keep those pins coming!

Product Focus of the Week: Kensington TV Lift Cabinet

Our beautiful Kensington TV Lift Cabinet is a favorite among city dwellers and sea captains.  Finished in a warm brown, this traditional cabinet is slightly narrower than most TV lift cabinets at a depth of 22 ¾”, making it a great solution for tight spaces.  We recently had ship captains interested in this cabinet due to the traditional look and the ability to fit through their 24” hallways.

The Kensington features an integrated heavy-duty, rack and pinion drive TV lift mechanism that silently lowers the TV into the cabinet.  The maximum TV dimensions are 51-3/4″W x 5″D x 32 3/4″H.  An infrared relay system is pre-installed within the Kensington.  Our IR system allows TV viewers to operate their AV components behind closed doors.

The Kensington offers plenty of storage.  Three cabinet drawers open up to reveal adjustable shelving.  This space is perfect for storing books, AV components and other collectibles.  The center drawer features interchangeable wood and speaker cloth panels.  This drawer can be used for center channel speakers as well as single speaker surround systems.

Comcast Launches Online Streaming Service: Xfinity Streampix

We knew it was only a matter of time before cable companies offered video streaming services.  As cable prices skyrocket, Americans have been turning to online video streaming companies to meet their television needs.  Online video streaming companies such as Netflix have been stealing thousands of customers from cable companies forcing the cable giants to reconsider their service packages.

To meet this new challenge, Comcast has launched its own online video streaming service called Xfinity Streampix.  This new subscription video service will offer customers the opportunity to view television shows and movies on demand.  Right now, Comcast is working with Warner Bros., Sony and Universal for content deals.  Comcast customers can add Xfinity Streampix service for an additional $4.99 each month.  Customers can stream Streampix videos to their TV lift cabinets, computers or mobile devices.

Unfortunately, this service is currently only being offered to existing Comcast customers.  It is questionable whether the added-value service will be of much benefit to existing cable customers.  If you already pay a premium for cable television service, why would you need Xfinity Streampix?  Perhaps for the customers who are traveling and wish to stream content to their phones this will be of use, but for the typical Comcast customer will this service be necessary?

Comcast would be better positioned to compete with Netflix and Amazon by offering this service to new customers.  After all, the reason most defected to Netflix and Amazon in the first place was because they could not afford cable packages.

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