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Sleek Entertainment Center Design on a Budget

Typically, when it comes to furnishing your home and designing a home theater setup, functionality comes first, and then, if the budget allows, design and style comes second. Oftentimes, this will result in a very functional but bland looking entertainment setup. Why would you want to spend a huge chunk of your time sitting in a room that is purely utilitarian?

Many people see a TV lift or TV cabinet as a luxury for the rich. In actuality, a TV lift or TV lift cabinet can be added to your living space at a relatively low cost. Rather than spending your design budget on something purely decorative, you should try and combine  functionality and design to conserve funds. When not in use, a TV lift cabinet still adds flavor to a room and can act as a temporary shelf. The living room or den can quickly convert from being focused around a television (like most living rooms), into being laid out for entertaining. It is amazing what hiding a TV can do for the ambiance of the room during a party or gathering. Once it’s time to put on a movie or share family photos,  the TV is useable again with the click of a button. With hundreds of designs, you can find the one that will fit your style!

TV Lift in Closed Position

TV Lift in Closed Position

Add Space to Your Bedroom with a TV Lift

Many bedrooms and living spaces are barely large enough to contain the basic necessities of sleep (such as a bed and dresser), but most people enjoy having a TV in their bedroom for watching in bed. In many cases, people would prefer not to have to switch to a smaller bed just to fit a TV stand in their bedroom. This problem is solved by adding a TV lift cabinet or foot-of-the-bed tv lift. These pieces of furniture can really add depth and openness to a room when the TV is stored and make the process of bringing it out and putting it away as simple as possible.

Though using a TV lift cabinet is a great solution for a small bedroom, even in bedrooms with plenty of space, using a TV lift can enhance the décor of your room by hiding an unsightly TV. Many people with large bedrooms are happy to have a TV there from time to time without having to look at it when it’s not in use. A TV can oftentimes become the focal point of a room inadvertently. Many people prefer to use a TV lift to take the TV out of the decorating equation and keep it out of sight until it is needed.

Since TV lifts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes,  including modern, antique, various woods, etc, it’s easy to find one that fits into your current room at the price you need. Add extra space to small rooms or modernize large rooms.

Powering Your Entertainment Center with a TV Lift

In the past 20 years or so, the entertainment center has become the focal point of living rooms and bedrooms everywhere. Though TVs are very functional and are, in many cases, used every day, there isn’t a good solution for putting them away when company is over or they are not being used. Many have decided to upgrade their entertainment centers with TV lifts to hide the TV when it is not needed, or even to easily adjust the height of the screen for different viewing angles.

Adding a TV lift to an entertainment center is a great way to maximize space and versatility while also making it easy to adjust the screen when necessary. Many also go an extra step farther and buy a TV lift cabinet to completely hide their TV when it is not in use. Many great choices are available to fit any décor. These pieces of furniture are great for people who only bring their TV out rarely as well as those who use their TVs every day. These cabinets can hide the television screen itself as well as all of the A/V components that are necessary for a great home theater. Some TV lift cabinets even have built in IR sensors so your remote will work on electronics enclosed in a cabinet.


Product Focus of the Week: The Traveler TV Lift Cabinet

Our Traveler TV lift cabinet gets transformed!  We have made modifications to our Traveler TV lift cabinet which include adding a finished backside to match the front of the cabinet.  No longer does this cabinet have to be a wall flower.  This cabinet can now be used at the foot of the bed or free standing.  We have also added caster wheels to the base of the cabinet for easy mobility.  A heavy duty rack and pinion lift machine silently lowers and raises television plus two electronic components.  The lift machine can hold TVs as large as 46” and has surge-protected onboard power for both TV and electronics.

The Traveler is truly a handsome devil. It is beautifully crafted out of solid maple wood with a hand applied rich tobacco finish and decorative brass hardware.

Update on Apple iTV and Their Vision on Subscription TV Plans

While Apple is busy keeping their planning under wraps, the rest of us are busy trying to discover what they are up to, especially when it comes to their iTV.

What has been leaked through the grapevine is that Samsung Electronics in Korea has started producing chips for the iTVs since November 2011.  Sharp also is rumored to be producing the displays for the new TVs.  The screens will be relatively small for the initial introductory phase at between 32 and 37 inches and will be better suited for the small foot of the bed TV lift cabinets.

Sterne Agee Analyst Shaw Wu wrote, ““We continue to hear what AAPL would love to do is offer users the ability to choose their own customized programming, i.e., whichever channels/shows they want for a monthly subscription fee. This is obviously much more complicated from a licensing standpoint. And in our view, would change the game for television and give AAPL a big leg-up against the competition.”

Wu goes on to write about how the biggest obstacle right now for Apple to iron out its content partnerships and licensing terms.  Apple has content and licensing agreements in place for iTunes but only for movie rentals, not TV shows or live broadcast television.  Apple would like live television offered via the internet or IPTV instead of through cable providers.  That is the direction Apple would like to go in and is currently in discussions to make this happen.

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