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Add Space to Your Bedroom with a TV Lift

Many bedrooms and living spaces are barely large enough to contain the basic necessities of sleep (such as a bed and dresser), but most people enjoy having a TV in their bedroom for watching in bed. In many cases, people would prefer not to have to switch to a smaller bed just to fit a TV stand in their bedroom. This problem is solved by adding a TV lift cabinet or foot-of-the-bed tv lift. These pieces of furniture can really add depth and openness to a room when the TV is stored and make the process of bringing it out and putting it away as simple as possible.

Though using a TV lift cabinet is a great solution for a small bedroom, even in bedrooms with plenty of space, using a TV lift can enhance the décor of your room by hiding an unsightly TV. Many people with large bedrooms are happy to have a TV there from time to time without having to look at it when it’s not in use. A TV can oftentimes become the focal point of a room inadvertently. Many people prefer to use a TV lift to take the TV out of the decorating equation and keep it out of sight until it is needed.

Since TV lifts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes,  including modern, antique, various woods, etc, it’s easy to find one that fits into your current room at the price you need. Add extra space to small rooms or modernize large rooms.

Putting the U into Furnishing

Since I moved into my home earlier this year, I have constantly been searching for inspiration when it comes to decorating. Each room is a blank canvas and the possibilities really are endless. It’s amazing how with a simple coat of paint on the walls, you can completely transform a room. Sometimes making your space an accurate depiction of who you are can be much harder than it seems. Case in point, in 6 months I have already painted then repainted my living room and dining room. Once all the painting was done, I moved on to furnishing. I thought my best strategy would be to tackle one room at a time. That strategy quickly went down the drain and it now has turned into a little bit in this room, a little bit in that. But finally, all is coming together. I’ve come up with a few pointers along the way for us newbies who are decorating for the first time or even for those of us who are just looking to revive our current décor.

1. Never buy out of necessity. What I mean by this is don’t just buy the first sofa you see because you need one and you need one now. Furniture usually a) is pricey and b) is the first impression you will give someone when they come into your home. Put thought and care into each piece you buy.

2. Pick one centerpiece and build the room around it. I wanted a rustic style living room so I bought a table to set the tone and purchased pieces to match. You can start with anything, it doesn’t have to be a table. Try a sofa, a TV lift cabinet or even window treatments.

3. I have always been told to decorate the room first and then paint. I did it backwards and was very happy with the results. I feel that painting is the quickest and easiest way to personalize a space. Especially if you can’t afford to furnish it all at once. A splash of color is a great starting point.

These are just three tips I came up with based on my own experience but like anything, they won’t apply to everyone. What are some other tips for decorating that I might have missed?

Prism Debuts on House Hunters International!

I am addicted to the HGTV network.  My favorite show is House Hunters International followed closely by Property Brothers and Sarah’s House.  The other day I was watching a House Hunters International episode that was filmed in Barbados.   The home hunter enters bedroom during home showing and BAM!  There is one of our TV lift cabinets.

Do you recognize the TV lift cabinet within this bedroom?  It is our very own Prism Espresso!  Can you imagine my surprise and delight of having one of our cabinets make it all the way to Barbados?  I was thrilled.  In honor of that episode, this week’s product focus of the week is the Prism Espresso.

The Prism Espresso is modernly designed with clean contemporary lines.  The bottom of this cabinet has a concealed drawer that features flip down panels for access on either side.  The drawer space can store very comfortably two electronic devices.  This cabinet features our built-in rack and pinion lift machine and infrared relay system.  The IR system allows TV lift owners to operate electronics such as cable box and DVD player without having direct line of sight.  This means that electronics can remain hidden in bottom drawer and still be controlled by remote control.  Simply plug and play!

Product Focus of the Week: The Traveler TV Lift Cabinet

Our Traveler TV lift cabinet gets transformed!  We have made modifications to our Traveler TV lift cabinet which include adding a finished backside to match the front of the cabinet.  No longer does this cabinet have to be a wall flower.  This cabinet can now be used at the foot of the bed or free standing.  We have also added caster wheels to the base of the cabinet for easy mobility.  A heavy duty rack and pinion lift machine silently lowers and raises television plus two electronic components.  The lift machine can hold TVs as large as 46” and has surge-protected onboard power for both TV and electronics.

The Traveler is truly a handsome devil. It is beautifully crafted out of solid maple wood with a hand applied rich tobacco finish and decorative brass hardware.

Viacom Channels No Longer Offered to DirecTV Subscribers

It is a sad day for the DirecTV subscribers.  Today all their Viacom channels have been cancelled.  Viacom channels include VH1, MTV, Nickelodeon, and TV Land.  According to Viacom, DirecTV had until midnight last night to renew their contract.  Viacom claims the proposal DirecTV put forth was lower than the industry standard and not a fair deal.

DirecTV did not budge on their position and as of this morning all Viacom channels were dropped.  For our TV lift cabinet owners who happen to be one of the 20 million DirecTV subscribers, you may wish to contact DirecTV and voice your concern.  Currently, Viacom is urging subscribers to do just that in the hopes that this will force DirecTV back to the negotiation table.

For now though, it is at a stalemate.

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