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Powering Your Entertainment Center with a TV Lift

In the past 20 years or so, the entertainment center has become the focal point of living rooms and bedrooms everywhere. Though TVs are very functional and are, in many cases, used every day, there isn’t a good solution for putting them away when company is over or they are not being used. Many have decided to upgrade their entertainment centers with TV lifts to hide the TV when it is not needed, or even to easily adjust the height of the screen for different viewing angles.

Adding a TV lift to an entertainment center is a great way to maximize space and versatility while also making it easy to adjust the screen when necessary. Many also go an extra step farther and buy a TV lift cabinet to completely hide their TV when it is not in use. Many great choices are available to fit any décor. These pieces of furniture are great for people who only bring their TV out rarely as well as those who use their TVs every day. These cabinets can hide the television screen itself as well as all of the A/V components that are necessary for a great home theater. Some TV lift cabinets even have built in IR sensors so your remote will work on electronics enclosed in a cabinet.


Order Color Samples Online!

Here at, we strive to make your online shopping experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. From detailed specs for each cabinet to a live chat with our TV lift cabinet experts, you can get all the information you need at a click of the mouse. Another service we offer that you may not be aware of is our free wood finish samples. That’s right – FREE! We just ask that you return the sample once you’re finished reviewing it. Don’t worry – we provide the return envelope with postage. Previously, only customers who called our office and spoke with one of our representatives would be told about the availability of samples since the service was not called out on our website. Now ordering your sample online is easy! Once you’ve narrowed down the selection of cabinets to one (or several!) that you’re interested in, just go to the cabinet’s product page and click on ‘Order Color Sample’. A pop up window will be displayed where you can enter your shipping information. Complete the form and click ‘submit’. Your sample will be sent within 24 hours and you’ll receive a follow up email from us confirming your order. Simple as that! Now you can be assured prior to ordering that the stain on the cabinet you love will fit perfectly into your home.

Cozy Up To One of Our Electric Fireplace TV Lift Cabinets This Fall!

In my opinion, living in Florida is great. Warm weather, (almost) always sunny and the beach is never too far away. That said, I was born and raised in Canada. So while I despise most things winter, fall is such a cozy and colorful time of year that it makes me nostalgic for my time up north. When the leaves change color, the air is crisp but not frigid and the smell of wood-burning fireplaces is in the air – I love it! While we don’t have wood-burning fireplace TV lift cabinets (that might not work out so well…), we do have a large selection of electric fireplace TV lift cabinets that are especially popular this time of year.

For those more into a modern design, we have three different fireplace TV lift cabinets for you to choose from:  Soho Espresso, Soho Caramel and Loft. Soho features two drawers at the base of the cabinet where you can store your electronic components. Although your components are stored in the drawers, you can still control them via the built in IR system. Loft has a cubby cutout along the top of the cabinet where you can store your components with additional storage on each side of the fireplace.

For those with more traditional taste, we have Remington Brown, Remington White and Huntington. Like their modern counterparts, Remington has two drawers at the base for components while Huntington has a cubby along the top.

All our electric fireplace TV lift cabinets allow you to control the temperature and the flame. A built-in partition wall separates your TV from the fireplace so your TV and electronics are 100% protected. Order your electric fireplace TV lift cabinet today so you can be sure you to have it in time for the holidays to wow your family and friends!

Check out two of our newest cabinets!

We here at are always trying to introduce fresh, new designs. With TV size and technology constantly evolving, we saw the need for cabinets that house larger TVs and ones that can accommodate the ever-popular sound bar speaker. As a result, we have unveiled a number of new cabinets on the site – have you noticed? Over the next few weeks, I’m going to present each cabinet on the blog to give you a quick rundown of the new additions. If you like what you see, click the link in the blog article for more information, images and the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Below are the first two cabinets, allow me to introduce: Ocean Avenue and Nantucket – Happy shopping!

If I had to describe Ocean Avenue in two words, they would be ‘modern’ and ‘chic’. The rich espresso finish really accentuates the zebra pattern in the wood. Your components are stored behind the smoked glass doors. Modern design aside, the cabinet can hold a large TV – up to 65”. Click here for the exact maximum dimensions and to get the full list of features of images.



On a more traditional note, meet Nantucket. Made in the USA by Amish craftsmen, this cabinet is one of my personal favorites. I love how it looks like there are a bunch of small drawers, when actually there is TONS of storage behind 2 doors and 3 center drawers. Not to mention there is space for a sound bar in the cubby. The distressed finish really tops it off. Click here for all the details!

Online Furniture Shopping – Not As Scary As You Might Think

I’ve always been one who enjoys the convenience of online shopping over dragging myself to the mall and fighting off the crowds – especially when I am looking for something specific. Now that I have a home that is in desperate need of furniture and décor, my preference for online shopping concerned me a bit. With not being able to see the furniture before I buy or having the immediate assistance from a salesperson, I thought the time had finally come to put online shopping behind me. So, I put on my best furniture shopping shoes and hit the pavement.  I bought all new living room furniture and a new bedroom set.  Not to say that I do not love what I bought BUT shortly after my venture into the brick and mortar world of furniture shopping, I went back to my online shopping roots. I wanted to see what was out there.

Like all of us, I have my own personal taste and therefore I often have an image in my head of exactly what I am looking for. I started browsing and before long, I came across some pieces that were just ME.  I started ordering. And ordering. And ordering some more. Pretty soon, most of the furniture I had purchased for my home was ordered online. “Well, you never had the chance to see it first”, you might say. True, but I was willing to take the risk. In my experience, everything I bought looked exactly like it did online because I did my due diligence.

For the larger purchases like a TV lift cabinet, I carefully read reviews. Other buyers give the best insight into quality, function and how true to the online image the product actually is. Buyer reviews were usually the make it or break it final word for me. Some items I loved had reviews that the color was different in real life or the soft bedding that looked so comfy online was rough to the touch. Always read reviews and you can’t go wrong.

“But what about not having the assistance of a salesperson?” I actually preferred the online shopping environment when it came to getting assistance for my questions. Most online shopping sites now have some sort of live chat, which allows you to go to go the salesperson, not the other way around – no pressure furniture shopping, who knew? Whenever I needed to call in to speak with someone directly, I always spoke with a live person.

I found the best thing about online shopping to be that the options are almost endless. Whenever I went into a furniture store, I felt constrained to what they had available on the floor. Like I said, I love the furniture I bought from the brick and mortar stores, but the pieces were bought out of necessity and were the best of few options. It is great that when you are shopping for a TV lift cabinet or TV console for example, you can just look it up online and have tons of options available to you.

I am definitely a convert to shopping for furniture online. I wanted to share my experience to help people who might be hesitant to take the plunge. If you are a dedicated online shopper like me, I’d love to know what your pros and cons are of shopping on the web. Is there something you feel that online retailers could do to improve your experience? Let me know in the comments!

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