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Trivia Friday! Get Ready to Play!

Question:  Which one of the following is our smallest lift mechanism?

a) Uplift 3250

b) Uplift 2700

c) Uplift 3700


Now Listen Up!  Here are the rules.


1.)    In order to play, you must send an email to [email protected]  The subject line must read: Smallest Lift Mechanism

2.)    In body of email, you must include the following: TV Lift Cabinet answer, Your Full Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email Address.

Only one vote per household will be considered!  Kate will personally respond to each submission notifying you whether or not you are a winner.  If you answer correctly, your name will be added to the winner’s circle.  When you are ready to purchase your TV Lift Cabinet, simply call us at 561-417-0999.  Let us know you are on the winner’s circle to redeem discount.

Every Thursday, we will reveal the answer on our Thursday Reveals.



What Makes the Rack and Pinion System the Best for TV Lift Mechanisms

TV Lift Mechanism ImportAdvantage

TV Lift Mechanism

A rack and pinion system is pair of gears that converts rotational motion into linear motion, and it is the reliable system that ImportAdvantage has chosen for all its TV lift mechanisms. We believe this system to be the most secure, efficient and quiet option for raising and lowering your flat-screen plasma TV on demand and by the touch of a button.

The rack and pinion system is not only used for TV lift cabinets. In fact, it was invented just about as soon as the wheel was invented, as the wheel is a nothing more than a round cog that moves along a linear surface. The rack and pinion system is used for pulling trains along steep slopes by engaging the circular pinion gear on the bottom of a train to a rack railway between the rails on a railroad. The rack and pinion system is also commonly found in steering mechanisms in steered vehicles. It is what gives a car its responsiveness and the driver a “feel” for the road.

When ImportAdvantage set out to make the best TV lift mechanism on the market, we invested our time and research into finding what will work, without fail, for our customers. It was clear that the dependability of the rack and pinion system would more than meet our needs, and after satisfying over 20,000 customers since 2003, we are more than confident in the design of our TV lift mechanisms.

Product Focus: Coastal Creations TV Lift Cabinet

Coastal Creations TV Lift Cabinet

Coastal Creations TV Lift Cabinet

This instant classic of a TV lift cabinet blends a casual design with the tradition of cottage and coastal styles. Finished in a white linen look, the details of the Coastal Creations TV Lift Cabinet resemble a fine antique, and yet it is power-packed with a TV lift mechanism capable of lifting a TV up to 130 pounds.

Storage space is no issue in the Coastal Creations TV Lift Cabinet, thanks to its three cabinets (each containing three separate shelves, six of which are adjustable). The cabinet doors are interchangeable with optional screen fittings, which are great for speakers.

The craftsmanship of the Coastal Creations TV Lift Cabinet is reflected in the choice American Maple from which this piece is made. Each of the four feet is hand-turned and conceals non-marking feet, allowing for easier installation, service and cleaning. It is the perfect addition to the living room, bedroom or against any wall in your home.

This beautiful TV lift cabinet will hold a television up to 54 3/4” wide and 32 ¾” tall, and the unit itself measures at 62 ½” wide, 28 3/8” deep and 39” high.

Learn more about the Coastal Creations TV Lift Cabinet here or read any of the positive reviews this pop-up TV cabinet has received.

Silence is Bliss in TV Lifts

Uplift Mechanism

Uplift Mechanism

One of the signature marks of an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet, along with its fine craftsmanship, is the durability and silence of its heavy duty lift mechanism. Impossible to find at the same quality for less money, an ImportAdvantage lift mechanism is the standard in the industry, and it’s very quiet.

Widely used by designers, architects and furniture manufacturers, the “uplift” model is built with a heavy duty rack and pinion system, which has proven the efficiency of its design over many years. It is ultra-silent thanks to its perfectly calibrated gears and slides, and it features an incredibly powerful motor capable of lifting a TV weighing up to 150 pounds.

The Uplift comes in several sizes and models, including the Uplift 3250, 3500, 3700 and Uplift 3875. Each is powered by 110 volts and includes a radio frequency remote control. The Uplift TV lift mechanism has many built-in safety features and can fit universally to most flat screen televisions.

You will find a quiet Uplift TV lift mechanism in each ImportAdvantage pop-up TV cabinet, so pick out your favorite design today and experience the bliss of silence.

How a TV Lift Protects Your TV and Media Players

In today’s economy, everyone is looking to protect what they already own, and a TV, DVD player, stereo system and gaming console are investments that are 1) expensive and 2) need to be protected from damage. Thankfully, keeping them tucked away and yet always accessible in a TV lift cabinet is the wisest one-stop solution.

Instead of keeping your TV resting on a low coffee table or behind breakable glass doors, a pop-up TV cabinet quietly lowers it into a hand-crafted and solid hardwood cabinet. The TV is secured to the TV lift mechanism, so there are no fears of accidental tipping.

And when you store your media players in a traditional entertainment center in plain sight, which is where they would normally need to be in order for your remote control to work properly, they are at risk for dust damage and small fingers inserting objects for which they are not meant. These expensive media players are also susceptible to spilled drinks. However, in a TV lift cabinet these media players are kept safely behind closed doors, and their remote controls still work due to the standard Infrared Relay System.

As added bonus, when you protect your electronics in a pop-up TV cabinet, you are adding a stylish centerpiece to your décor. As all ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinets are hand-crafted, and there are many different styles to choose from, you will be confident that you have made a wise decision to protect your investments in a pop-up TV lift cabinet.

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