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Sleek Entertainment Center Design on a Budget

Typically, when it comes to furnishing your home and designing a home theater setup, functionality comes first, and then, if the budget allows, design and style comes second. Oftentimes, this will result in a very functional but bland looking entertainment setup. Why would you want to spend a huge chunk of your time sitting in a room that is purely utilitarian?

Many people see a TV lift or TV cabinet as a luxury for the rich. In actuality, a TV lift or TV lift cabinet can be added to your living space at a relatively low cost. Rather than spending your design budget on something purely decorative, you should try and combine  functionality and design to conserve funds. When not in use, a TV lift cabinet still adds flavor to a room and can act as a temporary shelf. The living room or den can quickly convert from being focused around a television (like most living rooms), into being laid out for entertaining. It is amazing what hiding a TV can do for the ambiance of the room during a party or gathering. Once it’s time to put on a movie or share family photos,  the TV is useable again with the click of a button. With hundreds of designs, you can find the one that will fit your style!

TV Lift in Closed Position

TV Lift in Closed Position

How to Secure Your Flat Panel TV at Home or the Office

Mounting your flat-panel TV on a TV lift or stationary wall mount is a great way to improve the viewing angle for the entire room, as well as keeping your expensive electronics out of the way of kids or pets. Mounting a TV or TV lift is a relatively simple process. In addition to your home, mounting a TV in your office can really add a new layer to employee meetings and breaks.

Typically, a mounting kit will come with two mounting arms and a wide bracket plate. The bracket attaches to the wall and the mounting arms attach to the bracket, securing the TV. Once the TV has been secured to the wall, the chances of an accident or mishap are greatly reduced. We recommend a motorized TV lift to adjust the angle of the screen during use and to keep the television out of the way when not in use. Our lift mechanisms are 100% UL recognized and adhere to all of the corresponding safety standards. Once mounted, the lift will keep the television safe and in a convenient position.


TV Lift Mount

TV Lift Mount

Product Focus of the Week: The Phoenix TV Lift Cabinet

The all American made Phoenix TV lift cabinet deserves a call out this week.  The Phoenix is made of solid maple wood with a rich tobacco finish.  The hardware on the cabinet is zinc with an antique brass finish.  This traditional lined cabinet features a heavy duty rack and pinion lift machine with two electronic shelves.  The shelves carry TV and two electronic components comfortably up and down the lift machine.  The lift can accommodate up to a 46” TV with maximum TV dimensions measuring at 45”W x 5” D x 28 7/8”H.  The cabinet has pre-cut cord management holes for easy wiring and has a surge protected onboard power for TV and two components.

The price of this cabinet is only $1499 and can be shipped within 7 to 10 business days.  We currently have this cabinet in stock but inventory is low.

Friday Trivia! Play for a discount

Question:  Which one of the three TV Lift Cabinets listed below is available in a mahogany stain finish?

1.)    Crystal Pointe

2.)    Prism

3.)    Soho

Now Listen Up!  Here are the rules.


1.)    In order to play, you must send an email to [email protected]  The subject line must read:  Mahogany Stain

2.)    In body of email, you must include the following: TV Lift Cabinet answer, Your Full Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email Address.

Only one vote per household will be considered!  Kate will personally respond to each submission notifying you whether or not you are a winner.  If you answer correctly, your name will be added to the winner’s circle.  When you are ready to purchase your TV Lift Cabinet, simply call us at 561-417-0999.  Let us know you are on the winner’s circle to redeem discount.  Every Thursday, we will reveal the answer on our Thursday Reveals.



Dish Network Revenue Numbers Up, Subscriber Numbers Down

In the wake of Netflix’s steady demise, competitors are reaping the rewards. Dish Network is among the group of Netflix competitors who took advantage of the opportunity to profit off of Netflix’s missteps.

While Dish Network has not struck back in terms of numbers of subscribers, their revenue has jumped substantially. Since this time last year, Dish Network’s revenue has grown by 12.3%, or $3.6 billion. This increase is largely contributed to Dish’s acquisition of Blockbuster earlier this year. Blockbuster was long struggling in the wake of internet movie giants like Netflix. Dish Network’s acquisition allowed Blockbuster to transition to the future of movie renting and streaming. Blockbuster Movie Pass allows subscribers to stream movies and TV shows to their TV lift cabinet as well as receive DVD by-mail service. The program is only available to Dish Network subscribers. Dish had hoped that Blockbuster Movie Pass would increase revenue and also draw in new subscribers who were looking for an alternative to Netflix.

Although the revenue numbers are promising, subscriber numbers are down. Dish Network lost approximately 111,000 subscribers over the past year. Based on their recent Financial Report, Dish is placing a lot of weight behind their Blockbuster venture. The report is very optimistic about the subscriber potential in the Movie Pass program and company executives have their sights set on continuing to build momentum.

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