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Product Focus of the Week: Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet

The Wynterhall is a beautiful transitional foot-of-the bed TV lift cabinet.  This cabinet has traditional column sides with a dark tobacco finish adding a pop to a classic design.

The cabinet is finished on all four sides to be used at the foot of the bed, against a wall or free standing in the middle of a room.   The Wynterhall has two built in drawers down at the base of the cabinet to store away electronic components.  This cabinet can be rotated so that the drawers are accessed from the front or back of the cabinet depending on whether cabinet is used against wall or elsewhere.

This lovely cabinet also features our built-in infrared relay system.  Our infrared relay system allows viewers to operate their electronics in the bottom drawers without having to ever open the drawers.  The electronics can stay tucked away out of site at all times!

It is Thursday Reveals Day – one day late

Hi all,

It is time to reveal the answer to our weekly Friday Trivia Contest.  Sorry for the delay.  It has been crazy busy here.

Question of the week:  Out of the three TV lift cabinets listed below which one has the Infrared Relay system built in?

1.) Harbor

2.) Escape

3.) Wynterhall


The correct answer is Wynterhall.

Congratulations for all those who made it to our winners circle and received 10% OFF.  If you did not guess correctly, you can always play again tomorrow.

Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet on “I Hate Your House”

Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet

Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet

The ImportAdvantage Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet was recently featured on DIY’s television program, “I Hate Your House.” The show is very popular among DIYers who love to get their hands on projects that improve their homes and lives.

“I Hate Your House” features a brother-and-sister duo, Jonathan and Nicole O’Leary, who intervene when homeowners begin to hate their houses after living in them for a few years. The show prides itself on two things: teaching homeowners how they can improve their houses with a stronger eye for design and for featuring the latest, most innovative products available on the market.

This is where ImportAdvantage comes in – we have been providing the latest technologies and designs in TV lift cabinets for many years. It’s not hard to understand why top designers seek out the quality and dependability of our pop-up TV cabinets to pull together a dynamic and stylish room. And the Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet, specifically, is one of our most flexible designs, allowing the television screen to be displayed on the same or opposite side of the cabinets.

Product Focus: Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet

Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet

Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet

The Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet by ImportAdvantage is the first of its kind for flexibility and personal configuration. Ideal for foot of the bed placement, against a bedroom wall or in a small room, the Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet is built with an influence from tradition.

Featuring classical columns, brass hardware fittings and built on a shaped plinth base, the Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet can be rotated so the TV is on the same side or opposite side of the cabinet drawers. With the touch of a button, the integrated TV lift quietly raises or lowers your TV, and two spacious drawers will hold your audio-visual equipment.

The Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet is built with fine solid Birch and Birch veneers, and it is expertly finished in a lightly distressed dark tobacco. The TV lift cabinet can hold a TV up to 47” wide, 5 ½” deep and 28” in height.

Photos and a video of the Wynterhall TV Lift Cabinet can be found on the product information page. Take a moment to check it out, or view any of the other fine ImportAdvantage pop-up TV cabinets.

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