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Time for a change? Think Black Flame!

White and beige walls may be timeless, but if you’re tired of bland colors, it might be time to add some drama to your interior. Savvy interior designers have embraced this trend because it’s a sophisticated look that can add a lot of depth to a room.

Dark walls fit into any decorating scheme, depending on how they are complemented with furniture, rugs, ornaments and so on. Some designers prefer deep colors that are drawn from nature, like hunter green, chocolate grown or dark grey. Others look to deep reds and burgundies and burnt orange. One of the top paint colors for 2018 is called Black Flame (a blend of navy and black) that puts the spotlight on décor.

Furnishings for these room should be allowed to shine. Choose a few well-placed pieces in the room for the most impact. For instance, TVLiftCabinet recommends Enclave in either Grey or White. Elegantly simple and very modern, the Enclave TV lift system sets a clean-cut, urban tone that’s perfect for rooms with darker walls.

Ideally, rooms with dark walls need lots of natural light. For instance, soft lighting can give the perception that walls are a little more distant. Chandeliers and recessed lighting are good choices for the dark-walled room, even if there’s good natural illumination.

The dark wall trend isn’t going anywhere. Just check out some of the results on Pinterest and let your imagination soar.



Is your home staycation ready?       

When our children were in their teenage years, and I was traveling a great deal for business, I was a devoted staycation fan. For me, travel and vacation often don’t provide the relaxation I crave in a world of non-stop deadlines. Apparently, many people agree with me because staycations are making a huge comeback as people make their homes havens, providing them with the down time we all need to re-energize our souls.



Here are a few tips to help you make your home staycation ready.

Make your home entertainment-ready for your family. Do you already have a space that’s devoted to family entertainment? Whether your family enjoys gaming or watching special movies, it’s easy to set up a space that’s both welcoming and functional. TVLiftCabinets are excellent cabinets that allow you to have everything you need in one space. Whether you stream all your movies, need storage for favorite DVDs or need space for all the gadgets gamers require for a great experience, TVLiftCabinet has you covered. It’s almost like staying at a high-end hotel, with tons of amenities.

Take time out—literally. Eliminating reminders of time helps wipe away the stress of the daily grind. Gather up all the clocks in your house and stash them in a dresser drawer. Throw your watch in next to them. Turn off the ringers on your phones and mute the answering machine. Check messages only when you want to, keeping in mind that “not at all” is always an option.

Do an “out of the office” message for your e-mail. Say you won’t be checking your e-mail till you’re back from vacation. Then, don’t turn it on until your staycation is complete.


Set the mood for relaxation. Place fresh flowers throughout your home. Dim the lights. Pick up some lovely soy candles with relaxing scents. According to, the best scents for relaxation are lavender, vanilla, valerian and jasmine. Ahhh.



Check out local events and plan a day trip. One thing you need to be careful to avoid is to overschedule yourself or your family. But there are often interesting things (special events, museums, art shows, etc.) happening within 30-60 miles of your home that might be fun to explore.

Enjoy your staycation (and maybe, just maybe, this year you should plan to take a few more). What a perfect way to relax at home.

Pantone releases fall 2018 color trends

Marisa Spyker recently wrote an article for Coastal Living about the fall color trends for home furnishing design. She says, “As the promise of chilly winter days starts to fade, there’s no question: We’ve got spring on the mind. In the design world, however, things are just heating up for fall.”

For those of us who were still watching the snow fall in April, thinking about fall seems a long way off. But if you’re in the process of selling and/or purchasing a home, she shares some fascinating color trends you may want to consider for your new space.

Spyker said, according to Pantone, the authority on all things color, bolder and brighter hues are on the horizon for the Fall/Winter 2018 season. And while the predictions primarily focus on fashion, they inevitably influence design in all its forms.”

“The fall/winter 2018 palette continues to show designers expressing the need for individuality, ingenuity and creativity though fashion,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, in a press release. “As designers and consumers alike continue to transition away from cyclical trends, and instead focus on self-expressive colors that evade antiquated seasonal structure, we are seeing very notable non-traditional choices.”

Whatever your style, TVLiftCabinet has you covered. When looking at the colors for fall/winter 2018, one of the more popular cabinets will be Enclave, which is elegantly simple and highly sophisticated. And – it’s made in the USA.

The Enclave TV Lift Cabinet combines function, flair, and TV Lift Cabinets unmistakable construction features and attention to detail. This lift cabinet reflects two distinct personalities, depending on whether you select a white finish or grey finish. Whichever finish you select, Enclave sets a clean-cut, urban tone for your home. Perfect fit for the color trends that will take you into 2019.

So, check out the new Pantone trends and pop over to TVLiftCabinet to check out an option that will make those colors pop.

Wide open spaces? TVLiftCabinet has you covered.

Open floor plans remain popular for many home owners. It’s a trend that’s not going anywhere. In some cases, designers have brought the outdoors inside the home by incorporating more glass interior doors which seem to disappear after opening. This makes spaces even more open to give homeowners more flexibility in how they want to set up their home. Many homeowners believe that 100 percent of the floor space in their homes should be usable and don’t like things like cut-out areas for appliances, televisions or bookcases.

Buyers now arrive at the sales office with a list of “non-negotiable” features that they want in a home. For instance, airy and welcoming living, sleeping, and eating spaces across a flexible layout are key. In an NAHB report published last year, builders responded that the kitchen–family room arrangement is completely or partially open in 84% of the homes they build, with over half (54%) being completely open to the main living spaces of the home.

This means there is a greater emphasis on thoughtful placement of furnishings that make a house a home. One important feature is an entertainment area, complete with a smart TV and innovative storage that’s out-of-site. TVLiftCabinet offers great options that provide maximum storage of all smart TV gadgets, 4-way finishing to provide easy placement wherever you decide to place the cabinet and many style options to fit any décor. For people who are seeking a sleeker, less-is-more design, check out the TV Mirrors. When in use, they’re fully functioning smart TVs. When off, they’re stylish mirrors, blending perfectly with other wall décor.

So, go ahead, find your perfect wide open space. TVLiftCabinet has you covered.

Living large in a tiny cabin in the woods

The small house movement started roughly a decade ago, but there have always been people who dreamed of living in a small cabin in the woods. It may have started when we read, “The Boxcar Children” in elementary school. Who knows? One thing we do know is that as people begin to re-evaluate their lifestyles, get closer to retirement, and seek peace, the idea of finding a quiet cabin in nature sounds more appealing every day.

For the lucky people who decide to make that move, it requires them to pare down their belongings to the basics and come up with innovative solutions to make the most of every inch. Many companies are coming up with creative ways to get dual uses (or more) out of furnishings to help make the transition easier.

Multifunctional furniture is now a category that’s getting plenty of attention from a generation who expect smart solutions, whether they’re seeking that comfy cabin or a stylish urban loft. Most Baby Boomers probably have (or got rid of) that heavy couch that had an uncomfortable bed inside. I know I did – heaviest piece of furniture we couldn’t wait to get rid of. But today’s options are amazing. Stylish convertible chair beds are all the rage for small spaces. And what about a coffee table that is also an arm chair and side table? Or a wardrobe hidden behind a full-length mirror? It’s amazing what a little innovation can do to change your perspective.

Those magic mirrors can also be smart televisions. TVMirrors make it possible for flatscreen televisions to be hidden when not in use as beautiful focal points on a wall. And then they become fully functioning smart televisions with just a click.

Whether you’re seeking a cabin in the woods, or just re-thinking your lifestyle, be sure to check out these and other multifunctional furniture to help you start down the right path.

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