For many years, when a guest would come on a talk show, they would bring a clip of the show or movie they were there to promote, a TV would come out behind the host to play the clip. Jay Leno famously used a screen that would pop out from behind his desk, silently and at the press of a button. Part of the reason this lift was used in such a high-profile implementation was that it was quiet, reliable, and did its job without any hassle.

TV Lift Cabinets strives to build products that continue to do this type of task well. In addition to our production TV cabinets and lift-mechanisms, TV Lift Cabinets can also build custom products for any situation that calls for versatility in a screen or display. Many customers have used our products to maximize the space in t heir small apartments or bedrooms, or just to create a sense of décor in a a family-room or den. Just as the production staff of the Tonight Show did, combining functionality and style is a great way to maintain a consistent design without sacrificing functionality. Get in touch with us to start customizing your perfect TV cabinet!