Find your own unique design style – decorate with mirrors Home design is very personal. One of the big trends interior designers are seeing, especially as people move to downsize their lives, is to decorate with mirrors. Without mirrors, we wouldn't be able to do little things like check our clothing and make sure our hair is just the way we like before we start our day. Designing with mirrors can add dimension and function to every room. The Spruce Company offers 16 ways to design with mirrors. Interesting ideas for everyone – not just for people who might be downsizing. Here are a few of our favorites:
  • Mirrors in a gallery wall. Mirrors make a wonderful addition to gallery wall displays, especially when they're featured as the central attraction. If you consider adding a TV Mirror as the central attraction, even better. When in use, it’s a smart, flat screen television. When not in use, it becomes part of the room décor. Smart furnishing - 101.
  • Mirrors in unexpected places. Walls and floors might be just the perfect place for mirrors. Embracing mirrors as a design feature opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. Consider a doorway mirrored in a metallic sheen to give the space a new layer of character, as well as some much-needed warmth.
  • Stick with the classics. A large, round mirror is a beautiful addition to any understated room with an abundance of style and charm. Mirrors are versatile. Play with them.
Be sure to check out the other ways to decorate with mirrors. And the next time the fashion bug bites, try out some of your very own.