The last year has changed our lifestyle in a big way. As thinking and perception change, let’s take a quick look at the trending living room design ideas. Practical seating solutions- Never before has the family room seen so much activity. It has now emerged as the most convenient ‘hangout’ place at home, where everyone spends time together. Practicality has become an important family place. Fanciness is not nearly as awesome as comfort. The focus now is on having some great seating space in the family room. So, we are betting on pieces of furniture that are super comfortable. Play with the palette- Most folks like to play it safe when it comes to the living room color palette. The favorites are neutral shades like beige or a faint gray. Yet, all beige seems rather dull, and so, the trend is towards having neutral colored walls, and using accessories to brighten up the space. Simple strategies include floral print couches, bright cushions, or throws; basically stuff with a pop of color. Put together, the colors remain balanced without being bland or eye-hurtingly bright. Upgrade the entertainment space- With limited outdoor activities, the entertainment space at home has finally started getting the attention it deserves. It is getting a makeover with modern furniture ideas like a TV lift cabinet. Available in a range of tones and textures, you can find your perfect TV lift cabinet at It puts the TV away when the family is doing something else and pops up the TV whenever needed, all at the touch of a button. It is also a fabulous space saver, since you can store TV accessories and devices in the cabinet. That gives you extra space to add more seating. Mirror, mirror on the wall- Mirrors add some glam to the decor in an understated way. They can jazz up large wall spaces and even make small spaces look larger than they actually are. Mirrors are very versatile. They come in so many shapes, sizes, materials, and textures that you can put them up in just about any room, including the washrooms! Also, you can use mirrors to enhance the decor no matter what the theme is- classic, modern, or minimalist. Go green- When everyone is pretty much tired of being cooped up indoors, you really need a breath of fresh air. What’s better than getting some indoor plants? They are natural, can literally give you fresh air, and look great. Research by the Washington State University says that plants can reduce stress and encourage calmness. Isn’t that the feel good factor we are looking for? There are lots of home decor ideas, and the ones that are trending are doing so for a reason. Take your pick and get going!