If you want to buy a TV lift mechanism and are totally clueless, you’ve reached the right place.   Here, at TVLiftCabinet.com, have over 250 thousand happy customers and are more than ready to help you figure things out. We’ll quickly run you through the different types of TV lift mechanisms. You can watch the video here or read on to choose the one that suits you the best.  There are three main types of TV lift mechanisms- the standard linear actuator TV lift, the 360 degrees electric swivel TV lift, and the drop-down ceiling TV lift. The first two TV lift mechanisms are hidden in a TV lift cabinet, while the third one hides in the ceiling itself. Let’s have a detailed look.
  1. The standard linear actuator TV lift- This is the most popular one of our TV lift mechanisms. It is easy to install, smooth to operate, and extremely user-friendly. It is robust and safe to use with TVs weighing 120 lbs. There are multiple methods of operation. It comes with a remote control that lets you raise or lower the TV at the touch of a button. You can even use your mobile phone to operate it through Bluetooth. Simply download the app and you are all set. So, everything is motorized, and you don’t need to do anything manually.
  2. The 360 degrees electric swivel TV lift- This TV lift mechanism takes convenience to the next level. It has all the features of the linear TV lift mechanism and more. This TV lift mechanism lets you use a button to electrically swivel the TV to any viewing angle you want. The efficient wire management system keeps all wires well organized and prevents any entangling of cords while the TV is rotating. It also comes fitted with 2 HDMI cords and 2 HDMI cables.
  3. The drop-down ceiling TV lift- This TV lift mechanism is the sturdiest of all. It has the same pinion and rack system as the 360 degrees electric swivel TV lift and works just as well. The only difference is that it is built to drop down from the ceiling to reveal a TV. Despite being a rugged model, it is noiseless.
All these lifts come with an RF remote control and an onboard power board that supplies power to the TV. These TV lift mechanisms are also great at hiding wires and function both as space savers and decor enhancers.  No matter which TV lift mechanism you opt for, you will immediately become part of our 250 thousand plus family of happy customers. Looking forward to welcoming you aboard!