The third year into the pandemic has already seen a lot of interior decor trends come clearly through. Many things have changed, but the hidden TV lift mechanism bar remains evergreen. [embed][/embed] Let’s see how this hidden TV lift mechanism bar by Nathan Builds goes perfectly well with the latest trends. (You can watch the detailed tutorial on how to build a secret bar using a hidden TV lift mechanism here.)
  1. Focus on socializing aspect of the home- With Covid restrictions being imposed every now and then, it makes a lot more sense to simply get the socializing set-up going at home. It’s your space and your chance to experiment. This secret bar, built using a hidden TV lift mechanism is a fun project for DIY woodworkers and also a great addition to your party scene. The self-revealing shelves are quite cool. 
  2. Ditch the non-utility stuff- Spending so much time at home has inspired all of us to cut the clutter and get rid of stuff that serves no purpose. The aim is to de-clutter and organize better.  A hidden TV lift mechanism bar certainly puts things out of sight, and still lets you display your drinks whenever you want to! High on utility and versatility. 
  3. Bring in earthy tones- Earthy color tones are dominating the decor scene like the clayey shades and browns. And this secret bar has a lovely woody tone anyway. We at also offer a range of hidden TV lift cabinets in a variety of colors. You'd be spoilt for choice!
  4. Rock the raw feel- It's back to the basics with the raw material feel. So, the rocky, unpolished, woody, textured look is in. The closer to nature, the cooler it is. Plastics and polymers are a no, while wooden, concrete, and fabric accents and furniture are welcome. The hidden TV lift mechanism bar is wooden and impressive, no doubts about it. 
  5. Split the space- While we started out with the open floor layout, the pandemic made sure that we fit everything in that open space, and so we've had to find ways to temporarily split the space into defined sectors. The hidden TV lift mechanism bar is an ideal piece of furniture that can be used to create that division. A hidden TV lift cabinet also works very well as a room divider, demarcating zones for entertainment. 
  Despite changing trends, this secret bar looks great and is certainly here to stay!