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Free In-Home Delivery
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  1. Let’s Talk Wood…Finishes

    Let’s Talk Wood…Finishes
    One question people have when they come to the TVLiftCabinet website is: How do I pick the wood furnish for my cabinet that will best complement my home? Believe it or not, there are actual some common sense tips for choosing the wood finish that’s a perfect fit for your personal style. One thing is certain, wood finishes add texture...
  2. Is your home staycation ready?       

    When our children were in their teenage years, and I was traveling a great deal for business, I was a devoted staycation fan. For me, travel and vacation often don’t provide the relaxation I crave in a world of non-stop deadlines. Apparently, many people agree with me because staycations are making a huge comeback as people make their homes havens, providing...
  3. Pantone releases fall 2018 color trends

    Marisa Spyker recently wrote an article for Coastal Living about the fall color trends for home furnishing design. She says, “As the promise of chilly winter days starts to fade, there’s no question: We’ve got spring on the mind. In the design world, however, things are just heating up for fall.” For those of us who were still watching the...
  4. Wide open spaces? TVLiftCabinet has you covered.

    Open floor plans remain popular for many home owners. It’s a trend that’s not going anywhere. In some cases, designers have brought the outdoors inside the home by incorporating more glass interior doors which seem to disappear after opening. This makes spaces even more open to give homeowners more flexibility in how they want to set up their home. Many...
  5. Living large in a tiny cabin in the woods

    The small house movement started roughly a decade ago, but there have always been people who dreamed of living in a small cabin in the woods. It may have started when we read, “The Boxcar Children” in elementary school. Who knows? One thing we do know is that as people begin to re-evaluate their lifestyles, get closer to retirement, and...

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