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Announcing the Beacon TV Lift Cabinet

When it comes to choosing the best TV Lift Cabinet for your home, check out Beacon!

How many times have you looked at home furnishing cabinets and wished that they had everything you needed for your living space? Beautiful design features. Flexibility. Lots of storage space. Plus, the ability to hide a large, flatscreen television – and all the electronic clutter that comes with the territory.

Introducing the Beacon TV Lift Cabinet that combines function, flair and unmistakable construction features and Amish craftsmen attention to detail. The solid maple construction is made in the USA, with natural markings that make each cabinet unique. The unit is finished on all four sides which means you can use it in many different ways with your décor: (against a wall, end-of-the-bed, room divider or any where that works best for you).

The Beacon TV Lift Cabinet features two functional doors on each side to conceal two hidden electronics bays on the interior floor. The opposite side also features two functional doors with the same brass hardware and wire access through the base of the cabinet.

Complete with an infrared relay system, this cabinet allows you to control your electronics without opening the wood doors, and has plenty of storage for two pieces of your AV equipment.

You also receive a full-featured, 360-degree swivel TV lift mechanism with a built-in repeater system that allows remote signals in, while sound is evenly dispersed out. This means you are able to control your electronics without opening the doors and get the perfect viewing position every time. 

The Beacon accommodates all televisions, including curved televisions that fall within the maximum TV size for the unit.

With Beacon, it’s possible to get everything you want – and everything you need – for the perfect entertaining space in your home. 

How to Mount A TV Lift To a Wall

How to Mount A TV Lift To a Wall

For many years, people have been mounting their televisions behind furniture to the wall to save floor space. That’s especially important these days as condos and apartments (and even some homes) get smaller and smaller. 

As televisions get larger and larger, there is also a concern about making sure that the mounting mechanisms are secure, especially in areas of the country that are prone to earthquakes.

Our line of TV Lift Mechanisms (while often installed into cabinets) can actually be directly mounted to a wall. Want to hide your TV behind a sofa or other piece of furniture? Consider wall mounting it. 

Here are a few tips for making sure you mount your television correctly.

First, can your wall handle the weight of the television? Most televisions these days are heavier than standard hanging pieces, so you will need to find the studs to anchor the screws. In some cases, you might need two studs. It’s relatively easy to locate them with a stud finder. We don’t recommend using drywall anchors for mounting televisions. Always be safe. When in doubt, check with a professional to make sure you’re mounting your television in the right spot. One caveat: if you plan to mount your television above a fireplace, many experts suggest finding a different location as some fireplaces don’t have the insulation to protect the electronics. 

Next, make sure you have all the tools you’ll need for the job. In addition to the stud finder, you’ll need a drill, a drill bit that is about the size as the mount screws and a screwdriver bit. Check out the instructions for your mounting unit to be sure you have everything you need before your start the job.

The third thing you need is to think about the cords. Some people don’t like the look of a tangle of cables running up your wall. If you’re okay with a cord hanging down, press ahead. If you’d prefer to have a clean space, consider having the cord installed inside the wall (you’ll likely need to hire a pro to do this). You could also get a power outlet installed behind the television (again, time to get a pro). Finally, you could get something to hide the cord.

Like the cords, you’ll likely need to access the ports of your television. If they’re on the back of the TV, you may need to buy a wall mount that can telescope outward to give you access to the back. Imagine if you plan to add new electronic devices down the road and you have to take it down every time you need access. It’s a relatively easy, inexpensive fix that will help you avoid future headaches.

Finally – what’s the best viewing angle? You might be able to purchase an adjustable mount that lets you rotate the TV to different angles so you can maximize viewing pleasure. 

See our line of TV Lift Mechanisms today.

How To Build a TV Cabinet

There are a few handy craftsmen and women who have the time and capabilities to build their own TV cabinets.  Nick Ferry built an amazing TV Cabinet with a TV Lift Mechanism from If you want to build a wall-hung TV cabinet, you might want to check out this YouTube video from This Old House. It’s got some great tips to consider. You can also find plans for different types of cabinets with a simple Google search.

If you prefer a cabinet that sits on the floor, here are some easy steps to consider from Once you have made the decision to build a TV cabinet, the first things you need are:

  • Dimensions of the TV
  • Dimensions that you want for the TV cabinet
  • How much wood you are going to need

Then go to for 11 easy steps to make your very own cabinet or check out Nick’s video for inspiration.

If that seems too complicated, simply custom order exactly what you want at TV Lift Cabinet and let them do all the work.

Remember the Three Cs to make your Guest Room Holiday-Ready

The kids are back in school and the leaves are beginning to fall. The stores are beginning to look a lot like… Christmas. What???? Yes – the holidays are starting to make their presence known. Are you hosting the family gathering this year? If so, it might be a good time to check a few things off the list so you can concentrate on more immediate things when things get closer.

One easy thing to check off the list is getting the guest room ready for prime time. If your guest room is like mine, it takes a beating over the summer. It’s the place where all the extra boxes, blankets and toys end up after busy weekends. In no time at all, it’s easy to clear the clutter. Then look at the room and consider the three Cs (Comfort, Convenience, Consideration) that will guarantee your guests have a wonderful experience in your home.

Comfort. Is the bedding comfortable? Do you have enough pillows, blankets and throws to warm up the room? Many stores have special sales leading up to the holidays, so make sure you have everything you need to make your guests feel warm and cozy in their room.

Convenience. Sometimes your guests hope they’ll have access to items they’re used to in their own homes. Blow dryer. Large mirror. Fresh water. Special body lotion. Even a television in the room. One easy way to add the convenience of home to a guest room is to add a TV Mirror. When in use, it’s a fully functioning flatscreen television. When it’s off, it’s a beautiful mirror. All the conveniences of home at your guests’ fingertips.

Consideration. How many times have you stayed in someone’s home and just wanted a few minutes of peace and quiet. If you’re like me, taking a few moments to meditate or gather your thoughts is critical to being your best self. Add a lounge chair and ottoman to the room, if space permits. Consider adding a wave machine, fresh flowers or organic scented oils to allow your guests to create a spa-like zone in their room.

There you have it. The three Cs that will welcome your guests when the holidays roll around.

This year, send your college student off in style

It’s that time of year again. The countdown is underway for packing up your new college freshman and moving them into a dorm room or small apartment that will be home for the next year (or four).  It’s an exciting (and hectic) time for the whole family.

As you hone your college-ready checklists, here are a few favorites to consider as you help them move on to the next chapter of their lives.

  • Memory-foam mattress topper. Most dorm (and some apartment) beds are less than comfortable. This is a purchase that will help those sleep-deprived students get some much-needed R&R when it’s time to hit the sack. Plus, it lasts for a long time, so your child can use it for their first post-college apartment.
  • Tool-kit. Yup, a tool kit. Complete with hammer, screwdriver, wrenches and duct tape. We gave one to our daughter and she used it many, many times during her time in the dorms.
  • Dual-purpose furniture. Space is a premium. Look for chairs that turn in to beds (extra space for those late-night study sessions). Or, how about a mirror that also serves as a flatscreen television. TV Mirrors don’t take up any valuable floor space and become a fully, functioning smart television at the push of a button. Easy and smart.
  • A closet organizer, including an extra-large duffel bag for laundry. If you can create a space for everything, it’s less likely to get lost in the rubble that sometimes happens in a dorm closet.

These are just a few things that will help make that transition easier for the new college student to prepare for wherever the journey leads.



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