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TVLiftCabinet introduces a new style: Clubside

What do you think when you hear the word, Clubside? For me, it evokes images of those big club chairs in suburban country club settings. Fireplaces. Good bourbon. The scent of Cuban cigars. You get the picture – and if you’re like me, you yearn to bring some of those features into your own home.

We couldn’t agree more. TVLiftCabinet is proud to offer its latest style: Clubside. It combines function, flair and a distinct style. The unit has a clean-cut, urban vibe that’s perfect for today’s contemporary homes that want to add instant charm.

This Clubside lift cabinet reflects two distinct personalities, depending on whether you select a white, espresso or grey finish. The Clubside features two functional doors which conceal two hidden electronics bays. The opposite side features simulated doors with the same extra-large brushed nickel hardware and wire access through the base of the cabinet.

Like all TVLiftCabinets, Clubside offers an infrared relay system that allows you to control your electronics without opening the wood doors, and has plenty of storage for your AV equipment.

Check out the units for yourself today and see if this beautiful TVLiftCabinet might be perfect for your home.

Is your home holiday ready?

There’s a chill in the air and holiday lights are starting to appear on the department store shelves. These are sure signs that the holiday season (and all the extra entertaining) are just around the corner. For some, the thought of opening your home to family and friends might seem a little overwhelming. But there’s still plenty of time to make your home feel fresh and festive – without a major overhaul.

Here are a few quick tips to help you prep your home before the holidays arrive.

First, focus on main spaces like your kitchen, bathroom and living areas. Don’t take on a major remodeling project as you roll into the holidays. The kitchen is a gathering space, so spend some time sprucing up your cabinet space, clearing clutter and doing some heavy-duty cleaning of the windows and floors. Easy fixes like new knobs, new lighting or towels can really refresh a space without much cost or fuss.

Then move onto your bathroom to see if there are some easy swaps to brighten the space for guests. Consider adding a new shower curtain, fluffy towels, a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets or adding a beautiful new mirror. Simple changes can do wonders.

In the living and/or family room, one simple way to add color is to switch out your pillows and throws to transform the space. I have beautiful throws with vibrant, rich holiday colors that I bring out every year as the fall winds start to blow. New candles and special holiday lighting can also add a special ambiance that go hand-in-hand with holiday entertaining.

Go easy on the decorations and use existing items to help you prep your spaces for guests. For most people, easy elegance is the best way to celebrate the holidays without the clutter. Choose a main area, like a mantel, an entry table or a bookcase to create some seasonal cheer (e.g. displaying holiday cards), without taking up valuable floor or wall space. Fresh flowers, holiday throw rugs and vases full of holiday ornaments can also add that special charm.

Another thing to consider is the ability to use existing furnishings that can do dual duty as entertaining space (which is always at a premium when you have extra guests in the house). One of the spaces I use frequently during the holidays is my TV Lift Cabinet System. We don’t usually watch much television in our living room during the holidays, but the beautiful hand-crafted cabinet is a great place to put appetizers and snacks. The height is perfect. It keeps things within reach (and out-of-reach for toddler hands and pets who sometimes misbehave).

Plus, the cabinet also provides wonderful storage to hide all the gadgets from gaming systems and such. Win/win. No mess or fuss.

So, take a few minutes now to make a few easy adjustments and you’ll be ready for whatever holiday entertaining comes at you this year.

Seeking symmetry in our homes brings balance to our lives

The digital world is so complex, dynamic and fast that many people crave an environment that is aesthetically reduced to balance us. Many interior designers believe that symmetry can change the atmosphere of your home. We’ve all experienced that feeling of looking at a room and having our breath taken away by its beauty or that sense of serenity that you don’t experience anywhere else in the universe. Symmetrical design is key to making that feeling happen in every space in your home.

According to the Gestalt Psychology, though our eyes take in separate pieces of information, our brains boil all of it down into a singular, simpler, recognizable pattern. As far as interiors are concerned, this means that we see rooms as a whole – a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom – before we can focus on the individual design elements themselves.

We love balanced designs because they keep the amount of information that our brains need to process to a minimum. So, where do you start?

  • Instead of overloading your home with heavy furniture and knick knacks, the trend is to carefully select pieces for each space.
  • Getting rid of unnecessary items and focus on the important things makes it easier to achieve that all-important symmetry.
  • Make sure each piece adds value to a space. Does it provide beauty and function? One idea might be to consider a beautiful TV Lift Cabinet Kit that’s finished on all four sides. It can be placed anywhere in a room, even as a divider. The hand-crafted design makes it a stunning statement piece, but it also features a fully-functioning flatscreen television.
  • Test each piece in different settings to see which option provides the most symmetry.
  • Create quiet zones in every space, where electronic and human noise is kept low. The TV Lift Cabinet can help here, too. In addition to adding beauty, it provides important storage to keep clutter to a minimum and cancel the electronic buzz.

Next time you walk in the door, check out each room to see if you experience peace and balance. If the answer is no, it may be time to apply some of that Gestalt Psychology and discover how symmetry can add that extra something that makes your home spectacular.

Mirror, Smart Mirror on the wall

According to House Beautiful magazine, mirrors are the most searched-for products on its interiors marketplace. Guess it makes sense because most homes have mirrors in almost every room. Typically wall mirrors perform four basic functions: artistic expression, enhance the size of a room, brighten a space or to reflect specific items in the room for emphasis.

A beautiful mirror can be the focal point of a room. Designer Andreas Charalambous of FORMA Design uses extra-large mirrors to “serve as a last-minute check point as the owners head out to work,” he says. I have mirrors at each entry/exit point in my home for just this purpose.

Some people use mirrors as art. According to Daily Art Magazine, people have always been fascinated with their reflections. Many famous artists used mirrors to create their most beautiful works of art. Sometimes mirrors are used to hide something from view, but more often mirrors are used to emphasize something in the space.

A large wall mirror can also bring simplicity to a space. Some mirrors even have dual purposes to maximize impact in a small space. It’s now possible to have TVMirrors in your home that not only make an artistic statement as a mirror, but becomes a fully functioning, smart flatscreen television at the touch of a button. TVMirrors are ideal for rooms that have limited floor space.

Whatever you need, there’s a mirror that adds beauty, depth and function to any space. And if you’re one of those people searching for mirrors on

Introducing our newest cabinet: the Linton TVLiftCabinet

One of my favorite television shows is House Hunters. I enjoy seeing all the different home styles and furnishings. And while the hunters don’t always agree on what they’re looking for, nine times out of ten, it seems that people want both a traditional design with modern conveniences.

That’s why I’m so excited to share the newest TV Lift System from TVLiftCabinet: the Linton. The crisp, white-finished cabinet offers superior quality with an eco-friendly and scratch-resistant coat. It’s traditional and modern at the same time.

But, there’s more. Large brushed nickel bar pulls highlight the sleekness of the cabinet, while its insightful design is finished on all four sides. That means that you can place the Linton TVLiftCabinet anywhere and everywhere you want in your home for perfect viewing every time. The built-in electronics tray allows for three pieces of electronic equipment to travel seamlessly up and down with your television set. And the best part? It moves in a near-silent fashion.

The new Linton is perfect in any home or office. When in use, it’s provides access to a smartscreen television with accompanying electronics. When it’s not in use, it’s a beautifully styled cabinet, offering the perfect match of traditional and modern styles. Check it out today.

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