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What does a four-sided TV Cabinet look like in a space?

TV Cabinets that are finished on all four sides provide you with the ultimate décor options for any space in your home. Whether you have a small, cozy bedroom and want a television at the foot of your bed, or an open living space, where you need the illusion of room dividers, four-sided cabinets might be just the ticket for your home.

TV Lift Cabinet has some wonderful options for you to consider if you’re looking for a beautiful addition to your home that will provide you with the ultimate entertainment space, no matter how large or small a space might be.

The Adagio model is one of our most popular cabinets. Fashioned from solid hardwood in the USA and finished in your choice of three beautiful finishes with hand-applied stains and paints, this cabinet is both durable enough in construction to stand the test of time, and elegant enough in design to remain for many years.

Another four-sided cabinet is Azura, which also features a 360-degree swivel (no matter where you are in a space, you can always adjust your television for just the right view every time. Azura takes a versatile approach to TV storage. It has a clean design that shows off the distinctive beauty of American hard maple. You have many different finishes to choose from with Azura. Plus you have plenty of storage for all the gadgets that go along with today’s entertainment systems.

If you’re seeking a tech-savvy cabinet for your home, consider a Carousel unit. With a rich-grained maple hardwood adding natural feature and flair to your piece, Carousel will blow your neighbors away. Carousel’s sleek design has framed panels that add a touch of elegance and class and will look stunning with any wainscoting design in your home. And, hidden castors mean you can swivel in any direction while the four-sides framing mean that this cabinet can be placed anywhere in the room.

Still looking for more options in a cabinet that is finished on all four sides? TV Lift Cabinet has many more design options and finishes for you to consider. The possibilities are endless.

How Much TV is Too Much for a Room?

Believe it or not, it is possible to buy a TV that’s just too large for a space. While some may believe that bigger is always better, most people understand that there are limits.

How much TV is too much for a room?

There is a direct correlation between your screen size and how far away your seating is located. Some entertainment experts say that a viewing angle of 40 degrees creates the best viewing experience. An easy way to determine the screen size is to multiply the seating distance by .84 to get the recommended screen size.

So, if you sit around 8 feet from your TV, your screen size would be around 80 inches diagonal for that distance. That translates to approximately a 50-inch TV. An online consumer site, CNET, recommended no closer than 1.5 times the screen diagonal (or .667 times your seating distance), which allows for a larger screen.

In addition to distance from the screen, the experts also looked at resolution and how much space the TV takes up in the room. If you’re sitting too close to a large TV, you may start seeing pixels. Some of the larger TVs were created to enhance the viewing experience from a distance. If you have smaller rooms, you may need to review some smaller TV screen options.

Most people don’t want to have a gigantic television become the primary focal point in a space. While they enjoy the viewing options of a large, high resolution, flat screen TV, they really don’t want that to be what people remember about a space. One option for them is to consider a TV Lift Cabinet that hides the television from view when not in use, and all people see is a beautiful hand-crafted cabinet when they enter a space. The television is accessible at the touch of a button. The company has cabinets that hold virtually any size television.

The options are endless. Ultimately it’s up to each homeowner to decide what’s more important in a space – and how they live their lives.

How To Build a TV Cabinet

There are a few handy craftsmen and women who have the time and capabilities to build their own TV cabinets.  Nick Ferry built an amazing TV Cabinet with a TV Lift Mechanism from If you want to build a wall-hung TV cabinet, you might want to check out this YouTube video from This Old House. It’s got some great tips to consider. You can also find plans for different types of cabinets with a simple Google search.

If you prefer a cabinet that sits on the floor, here are some easy steps to consider from Once you have made the decision to build a TV cabinet, the first things you need are:

  • Dimensions of the TV
  • Dimensions that you want for the TV cabinet
  • How much wood you are going to need

Then go to for 11 easy steps to make your very own cabinet or check out Nick’s video for inspiration.

If that seems too complicated, simply custom order exactly what you want at TV Lift Cabinet and let them do all the work.

TV That’s a Mirror When Off!

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could do more than just hang there?

Well, your wish is our command. If you want a TV that’s a mirror when it’s off, look no further than our TVMirrors. Each one is individually bench made framed mirror televisions. When the TV is on the off position, it’s a beautiful decorative-framed wall mirror that blends effortlessly into your room.

When you turn it on, the TV is a fully functional, smart flatscreen television. Everything you stream or do with your current smartscreen TV, you can do with the TVMirror. Then, when you’re done, flip a switch and it magically becomes a mirror again.

TVMirrors are especially popular in spaces that are very small and have limited floor space. Think condos, apartments and tiny homes. You can even think about adding a TVMirror to your recreational vehicle – or to any room in your house where a hidden television that looks like a mirror might come in handy. Say, a bedroom or a bathroom?

Mirror TVs come in many sizes, from 32” to 65” – so you can have the exact size you want. The TVMirrors ship completely assembled, and include a specialized slim wall mount bracket so you can hang it easily and quickly. Check it out today.


Which TV Lift Cabinet will work best with my décor?

One of the questions we get from our customers is, “which TV Lift Cabinet will work best for my décor?” Let’s take a look at some of the most common design themes and we’ll share some ideas for choosing just the right unit.


When you are inspired by the outdoors and love the simplicity of farmhouse styling, choose rustic pieces that have natural or weathered finishes. If this is your décor, you’ll typically have a mix of statement furnishings, like a striking leather sofa, natural wood dining set, rocking chairs, etc. The best TVLiftCabinet units for this style would be Carousel (Unfinished) and Adagio. Both cabinets offer finishes and design touches that complement the rustic/farmhouse design theme. Plus, they both offer significant storage for all the things that accompany today’s smart homes.



This décor theme is becoming more popular and people become empty nesters and/or decide that less is more when it comes to furnishing their homes. Think simplicity and clean when choosing furnishings for this style. The idea is to keep it to the bare essentials, but to select pieces that make statements in a room. It’s also important to choose items that have dual purposes. Smart design means making sure you have the comforts of a modern home, while also having a clean, spare space. The best units for this décor would be Azura and Crystal Pointe. Both units offer functionality (storage and easy placement), while fitting in perfectly with the clean lines and styles that are popular for those who prefer a minimalist look.

Contemporary Style

This style means many different things to many different people. It basically means that you have your own unique style and enjoy many of the fashions and decors that are currently featured in many home design publications. People who prefer this design theme typical look for a more modern approach rather than a throwback era. Think cozy comfort and high-end appliances. Dual-purpose furnishings that support today’s smart home technology, while looking great while entertaining. The best unit for a more contemporary design would be Sanctuary, but any of the furnishings could work because there are many different colors and wood finishes to choose. All units offer great storage options and the opportunity to create a focal point in your room.



Urban modern design is perfect for people who choose to live in the midst of downtown action. Think high-end design, modern and industrial styles when selecting décor for living large among the populace. Most of these homes are condos and apartments, where space is at a premium, but every inch must be chic and modern.  If space is tight, some people prefer something like a TVMirror that serves a dual purpose as a smart flatscreen television when in use – and a beautiful mirror when it’s off.  If this is your style of choice, there are also many units that are finished on all sides, so you can place them as room dividers or virtually any place in a space to maximize function and design. A couple of options might be Azura or Prism. In addition to being finished on all four sides, both offer 360-degree swivels for the ultimate in viewability.

Asian Zen

Whether you prefer a feng-shui approach to your décor or a minimal Asian zen look and feel, there are many characteristics that define this type of style. The first step in this type of décor is to declutter – everything in your home most have a purpose.  You can read the other essential elements in creating a feng-shui home here. The TVLiftCabinet units that work best with Asian styling include Clubside and Sanctuary. The sleek lines and beautiful finish options make these units the perfect fits for this type of décor.

Still stumped on which unit to choose?

All you have to do is give our customer service line a call at 877-377-5435. We’ll be happy to help you choose just the right style for your home.

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