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TV Lift Cabinet

  1. Where to Put the TV When You Have a Fireplace?

    Where to Put the TV When You Have a Fireplace?

    Mounting a TV over the fireplace is very popular in the United States, but it’s not always in the best interest of the electronics. Let’s face it, heat plus electronics is usually a bad idea. Most electronics are adverse to heat – and smoke is often worse (two elements usually found near fireplaces). The same film you find on your...
  2. Best TV Lift Cabinets

    Best TV Lift Cabinets

    We enjoy many conversations with our customers. One of the most frequent questions we get is: Which cabinets do people love the most? While we have many wonderful cabinets and finishes available, three styles consistently rise to the top: Adagio, Clubside and Azura. Let’s take a look at why they rise to the top year after year. The Adagio TV...
  3. Is Your Man Cave Ready For The 2019 Season?

    Is Your Man Cave Ready For The 2019 Season?

    Late last year Shutterfly came out with 40 Man Cave Ideas and Décor to update your favorite space to catch all the big events.  We thought we’d share some of the ideas and help you spruce up your man cave for all the games and events that will happen throughout 2019 and beyond. Do you have a wooden pallet bar...
  4. Is Your Home New-Home-Buyer-Ready?

    Is Your Home New-Home-Buyer-Ready?

    As the earth takes another trip around the sun in 2019, there are a few things that are certain. Life changes (graduation, marriage, babies and aging populations) will happen. And each time they do, people make live-changing decisions, including one of the biggest changes – moving into a new home. While the pundits are all over the map on what...
  5. Create the Bedroom Oasis of Your Dreams

    Create the Bedroom Oasis of Your Dreams

    Have you ever wanted to escape to a sanctuary in your own home? Between the kids, the pets, the chores, and more, sometimes finding a moment of peace seems like a sweet dream. And considering the amount of time we spend trying to get to sleep (and actual sleep), it feels like the bedroom is the perfect place to find...

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