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  1. Avoiding common pitfalls of ordering furniture online

    Avoiding common pitfalls of ordering furniture online
    Ordering stuff online is extremely convenient, but sometimes it backfires terribly. So, how do we avoid the most common pitfalls then? Here’s a quick checklist: Get the measurements right- The most obvious problem is receiving the wrong-sized furniture. This is not to say that the shipping company made a mistake, but that the error could be on either side- yours...
  2. Modern coastal decor basics

    Modern coastal decor basics
    What is coastal decor? The coastal or nautical style is all about a natural, calm, soothing, and of course, a beachy feel. The good thing is that you don't necessarily have to live by the beach to enjoy all things beachy.  Think water, sand, sea, nature, shells, ropes, and laid back. What does modern decor mean? The modern style is...
  3. Cord management design solutions

    Cord management design solutions
    Cords are outright ugly and annoying, which is why you're often forced to ‘manage’ them. If you are looking to buy new furniture, then you can use cord management as a filter.  Here are some ways cord management is incorporated into design: Buy furniture with lowered plug space- Some pieces of furniture come with specially built-in plug and cord management...
  4. The beginner's guide to home decor

    If you are moving into a brand new home, you’ll need to get started on home decor. And that is something that can completely overwhelm you.  So, here’s a quick, practical guide on how to get started.  Do research- Home decor is not a two-month project. It is an ongoing thing, but you need to make sure that you have...
  5. 5 living room must-haves

    5 living room must-haves
    The living room is probably the most used space at home. That is why you need to know all about decorating the living room purposefully.  Here are some living room must-haves: The living element- If it is called a living room, it is more than appropriate to have something living in there. No, pets don't count! We are talking about...

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