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TV Cabinets

  1. ImportAdvantage a Standard on the Price is Right

    One of America’s long-time favorite game shows, The Price is Right, is also a long-time showcase for ImportAdvantage’s TV lift cabinets. In the last few years, an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet has appeared on the game show seven times, including a special appearance in the highly coveted and iconic “Showcase Showdown.” You can view a clip of The Price is...
  2. Will My Wii Work in a TV Lift Cabinet?

    Are you ready to bring a beautiful Axiom TV Lift Cabinet home to your living room, or any other fine pop-up TV lift cabinet, but a few of your family members are worried about having their Wii gaming console shut behind closed doors? Do not worry, the wireless controls that have made the Wii a household sensation will work flawlessly...
  3. The What/Where/How of TV Cabinets

    If you are anything like me, you prefer to leave all “technology purchases” to the Man of the House. Not that I can’t do it – after all, I did buy my own iPod and figure out how to use it! But generally speaking, I figure it’s just part of a man’s DNA to know WHAT to buy, WHERE to...
  4. Save Some Space!

    So you've been to the Import Advantage website and you are intrigued by the idea of a TV lift cabinet.  You like the convenience of being able to lower your television into the safety of the entertainment center.  You like being able to have the decision to control what is on top of your cabinet. But you realize that most...
  5. Making Your Furniture - Including Those Hand Me Downs - Work

    Have you been fortunate enough to inherit some of the furniture in your home? If so, lucky you! You probably have some beautiful, hand-crafted heirloom pieces, handed down throughout your family, with wonderful stories and memories attached to each! And what about you partner? Did they also inherit meaningful pieces from well-intended relatives? Again – lucky you! Or, maybe not…...

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