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TV lift

  1. Powering Your Entertainment Center with a TV Lift

    In the past 20 years or so, the entertainment center has become the focal point of living rooms and bedrooms everywhere. Though TVs are very functional and are, in many cases, used every day, there isn't a good solution for putting them away when company is over or they are not being used. Many have decided to upgrade their entertainment...
  2. Product Focus of the Week: The Traveler TV Lift Cabinet

    Our Traveler TV lift cabinet gets transformed!  We have made modifications to our Traveler TV lift cabinet which include adding a finished backside to match the front of the cabinet.  No longer does this cabinet have to be a wall flower.  This cabinet can now be used at the foot of the bed or free standing.  We have also added...
  3. Update on Apple iTV and Their Vision on Subscription TV Plans

    While Apple is busy keeping their planning under wraps, the rest of us are busy trying to discover what they are up to, especially when it comes to their iTV. What has been leaked through the grapevine is that Samsung Electronics in Korea has started producing chips for the iTVs since November 2011.  Sharp also is rumored to be producing...
  4. Did you miss last week's Trivia? Play this week!

    It's Friday Trivia Day! Question:  Our smallest TV lift cabinet is the XS version of which model? a)      Crystal Pointe b)      Notting Hill c)       Antiquity   Now Listen Up!  Here are the rules.   Rules: 1.)    In order to play, you must send an email to [email protected]  The subject line must read: Smallest Cabinet  2.)    In body of email, you...
  5. TVs Are Definitely Getting Bigger, But Thicker… and with Rear Projection?

    Mitsubishi, a small-scale player in the TV manufacturing world, is ready to unveil their 92-inch TV to consumers. Yes, you read that right – 92 inches. First introduced in January, this gigantic set uses rear-projection technology and is capable of displaying 3D content. Such a huge TV is a deviation from what the leading manufacturers are introducing to the market...

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