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TV lift

  1. Don’t Make Common Mistakes when Shopping for a TV Lift

    People like to save money when they shop, and who shouldn’t? But it’s important that these cost-cutting deal-seekers don’t sacrifice important qualities, especially with TV lift cabinets, and end up costing themselves a bundle by buying a bad product. Thankfully, ImportAdvantage helps people save money by shopping direct from the factory and gives their customers the best pop-up TV cabinets...
  2. Silence is Bliss in TV Lifts

    One of the signature marks of an ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinet, along with its fine craftsmanship, is the durability and silence of its heavy duty lift mechanism. Impossible to find at the same quality for less money, an ImportAdvantage lift mechanism is the standard in the industry, and it’s very quiet. Widely used by designers, architects and furniture manufacturers...
  3. TV Lift for Mothers Day Makes for a Happy Mom!

    So you cannot figure out what to buy for Mom? Try a TV Lift. HGTV completed a study whose findings found that 65% of consumers want to hide their TV in the living room and 70% in the bedroom. The majority of consumers today are looking to hide the TV in some fashion. Pop Up TV Lifts are the perfect...
  4. Finding the Perfect TV Lift

    Now that you’ve found your perfect television, where are you going to put it? Do you want to store it for safe-keeping when not in use? Then consider a TV lift. TV lift mechanisms can best be described as “now you see it…now you don’t” technology. Your television appears when you are ready to watch it, and disappears, safely, when...
  5. Keep Your Family Safe from TV Tip

    Every day, approximately 40 young children are taken to hospital emergency rooms with injuries suffered as a result of a heavy piece of furniture falling on them? Furthermore, TV sets were the most common item associated with tip-over injuries to children. Dr. Gary Smith, head of the Center for Injury Research and Policy at the Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio...

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