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TV Lift Cabinet

  1. 5 Stunning Modern TV Lift Cabinets

    5 Stunning Modern TV Lift Cabinets

    Thinking of buying a TV lift cabinet to go with your modern decor? Check out these awesome pieces. The Andover Grey 360 Swivel TV Lift Cabinet is extremely modern, with a minimalist feel. Beautifully crafted by Amish craftsmen, this TV lift cabinet has 7 color variants.  This one is a soothing grey, and boasts of an exquisite finish. It gets...
  2. Why is freestanding furniture trending?

    Why is freestanding furniture trending?

    What is freestanding furniture? Freestanding furniture includes all those pieces of furniture that simply need to be placed rather than fixed to the floor or the walls.  It includes all the stuff that needs no bolting or screwing in.  Think bookshelves,  storage cabinets,  media consoles,  and even hidden TV lift cabinets.  Inbuilt wardrobes are not freestanding because they are fixed...
  3. Top 5 Reasons People Buy Furniture

    Top 5 Reasons People Buy Furniture

    Everyone needs to buy furniture once in a while, yet it isn't something you'd buy everyday.  So why do people really need to buy furniture?    For life events- Major life events come with major changes as well.  So, if you are shifting out of home for studies or work, getting married, or having a baby, you will definitely need...
  4. Common misconceptions about TV lift cabinets

    Common misconceptions about TV lift cabinets

    Want to buy a TV lift cabinet but are confused?  Worried about disrupting the home layout or cramping up the space?  Got any more questions?  Let's clear the air about each of these common misconceptions about TV lift cabinets.  Too expensive-  When everything you do is for the family and yourself,  why not make a conscious decision to increase safety...
  5. Brilliant TV cover-up ideas

    Brilliant TV cover-up ideas

    Once a TV sneaks into your household you know it's there to stay, no matter how many times you want to see it gone. The only thing you can do is hide it. Put something on it, put it behind something or put it into something. You do have quite a handful of options, when it comes to hiding your...

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