Improve the Look of Your Home by Hiding Your TV

The beloved TV has become the family eye sore. With larger televisions, owners are now presented with the problem of how to make their TV work within their family room. A TV that is too large will dominate a room, causing the room to feel cramped. How does one hide this mammoth screen?

To address this issue folks have come up with a few creative solutions. The first is to store the TV within an armoire. When TV is not being watched the doors to armoire can be closed concealing TV. However, screens that are over 50” may not work within the confines of an armoire. This option is best suited for smaller televisions.

Another solution is to conceal the TV behind a wall painting. When the TV is being watched the painting raises up to reveal the TV. When TV is not being watched, the painting lowers in front of flat screen to hide the black screen.

Other folks have stumbled upon TV lift cabinets. The TV lift cabinet takes the armoire concept one step further. There is a lift machine built within the cabinet to store TV when not being watched. When owner wishes to watch TV, they can raise the lift out of the cabinet to display TV. The lift is operated by remote control. These lift cabinets are being offered to house both small and large TVs and some are even being designed to swivel to enable the TV to rotate 360 degrees.

All of these options work effectively to solve the problem of hiding the beloved TV. The TV will be enjoyed without destroying the beauty of the owner’s family room.