Increase the Safety of Your TV by Mounting to a Cabinet

As TV screens continue to get larger, they can pose a real safety hazard. If placed on a TV console there is a potential for the TV to tip. If hung on the wall or above the fireplace incorrectly, the TV may fall causing damage to your home and to the TV itself. Not only does the TV itself pose a risk, but the cables running from your TV and components can also be quite dangerous. A simple way to safeguard for these potential issues is to mount your TV to a TV lift cabinet.

When mounted to a TV lift cabinet, the weight of your TV rests on a small metal platform while the universal TV bracket secures to the back of your TV. Your TV is fully supported from the back and underneath, eliminating any possibility for tipping. No need to worry about the actual cabinet tipping either. TV lift cabinets are made of high quality materials which make them quite heavy and durable.

Another great feature of TV lift cabinets is the extensive wire management system. TV lift cabinets have wire management slots and holes that allow for easy passage of wires between compartments. Wire clips are also installed to keep any wires away from the moving parts of the mechanism. By keeping everything neatly routed, there is no need to worry about safety as the wires are mostly contained inside the cabinet.

Lastly, when your TV is not in use, simply lower it into the cabinet and you can be sure that it is safe, protected and secure.